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  1. Hey Support, U2F is slightly better than Yubico OTP see https://www.yubico.com/authentication-standards/fido-u2f/ Also there is no need for any fields on the website, because the Browser communicate directly with the U2F device. Best regards
  2. Dear Support, where should we found the implementation for U2F? There are only OATH(TOTP/HOTP) and yubico OTP, but no U2F or similar. I asked some time ago, but got no answer from support https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/5232-full-yubikey-support-with-webauthn/ Best regards
  3. We are looking for an option to use our YubiKeys for 2FA with the WebAuthn/FIDO2/U2F protocol. This support would make it easier for users to login with 2FA. Many services on web support it already like Office 365, Google, dropbox and of course other manager for passwords like 1password or keeper. Are there any plans to support WebAuthn soon?
  4. OK that was quick, the problem is solved. But when I add new users to a group, the search result always show all users. Maybe its better to hide users they are already in the group.
  5. In admin panel no security groups are shown, even if I add one. When I add a new user, I can see the groups. Are there any known problems? Version: V8.8 (Build 8835) clean and fresh install
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