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  1. Ok, i will post a support case and provide you guys with an sample file. And i yes, i am following the import instructions. My xml-file from keepass (with swedish characters) looks fine but when i run the powershell script it looks like it does not get the special characters, im starting to think its something in powershell, if you look in the ps-script you will see it using UTF-8 here (Line 56): } $jsonBody = $Body | ConvertTo-Json $PasswordstateURLFull = "$($global:PasswordstateURL)/api/passwordlists" If ($global:PasswordstateWhatIf -e
  2. Hello again, Im able to add notes, comments etc with with swedish characters, but maybe its another thing to do an import with the utf-8 characters.
  3. Hi All. Im trying to use this powershell script to import from keepass but it will not take our swedish characters (UTF-8). I have checked the XML-file from Keepass and that looks correct, but when i import it to passwordstate it will get all strange. Any ideas how to correct this? BR Tobbe
  4. Hi all. In my Company we have one two seperate networks one for production and one for testing and development. Now to the issue, for some reason in the testing enviroment someone installed an Enterprise license were we only needed like 10 licesens. Can we move the Enterprise license to our production enviroment without reinstalling etc? BR Tobbe
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