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    SeSchi reacted to support in YubiKey Howto   
    Yes, we have information for this in our Manuals under the Help Menu:
    Security Administrator's Manual -> System Settings -> Authentication Options tab User Manual -> Preferences -> Authentication Options tab We hope this helps.

    Click Studios
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    SeSchi got a reaction from support in Update not working   
    Good hint with the admin group
    Works now.
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    SeSchi reacted to support in Update not working   
    Hi Sebastian,
    Under Administration -> Backups and Upgrades -> Settings, you will have previously set a domain account on this screen, and this is the account that needs to have permissions to write to that file.  It does a bunch of other stuff too, like deleting old files and copying in new ones,  and the easiest way to fix this is to make it a member of the local administrators group on your web server.
    If you start the upgrade again, hopefully it goes through this time, if everything is ok.  If you run into any issues, click the Test Permissions button on that Backup and Upgrades page and this will give you more information.  Password may be incorrect, or locked out etc.
    Hope this helps,
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    SeSchi got a reaction from support in Default Password Policy not working as expected   
    You're right. It works now! 
    Thanks :)
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    SeSchi reacted to support in Default Password Policy not working as expected   
    Thanks for reporting this, and we believe we know the cause of this. If you edit the properties of this Password List, and then click the 'Save' button, does this resolve it for you?

    We believe the Password List itself might still be configured to use the user's personal Password Generator Policy, but it's not showing because you've enabled the System Setting to hide it. This is possibly the case also for any Password List Templates, which you might be using as a basic for copying settings when creating new Password Lists. So you might want to open all Password List Templates as well, and click the 'Save' button. This can be done from the screen Administration -> Password List Templates.

    Click Studios
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    SeSchi reacted to support in Multiple URLs in URL field   
    Hi Sebastian,
    Unfortunately this is not possible, and you will require separate password records for this.

    Click Studios
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