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  1. Hello, it would be helpful, if we can allow user with modify permission to edit PasswordList Properties. like the delete permission in "System Settings => Password Lists options".
  2. Hello, to manage alot of PasswordLists and Passwords it is mostly better to Manage Folder and PasswordLists with propergated Folder, but if a third group need permissions for part of this Lists you must add them to every Password on a list. This is a lot of work. it would be helpfull if it possible to add seperate permission on an sub Folder of a propagated Folder. If Folder One have Folder 1 => group1 have modify and group2 view permission -> Folder 1.1 = > only the permission of the upper folder -> List 1.1.
  3. hi thank you for your answer. currently we have more than 3000 PasswordList with 8000 Passwords. We can't disable email notifications for this Password list because we need the mails for deleted Passwords. We have currently disabled the "Password Viewed" in "Email Templates" Regards Tobias
  4. Hi ClickStudios Team, is it possible to create an email template to send a notify mail only if an Password viewed with a "reason" to PasswordList Admins? For us it isn't importent that the the PasswordList Admin get for every view an mail. We have many of views per day and this mails spam the colleagues. We have PasswordLists where the user must write a reason. For this Passwords is it important that the Admins get directly a mail. Can we create this template self? We tried to create a "schedule Report" but then we get the mail to late or to often. Hope you
  5. Hello support, Currently we use ManageedPermissionsFolder on upwards levels. But it isn't not easy to manage all upwards level folder permisions for all Teams ^^ I hoped it is possible. Thank you. It would be great if this will be possible in the future. Regards Tobias k.
  6. Hello, if I add a Folder with Propagate Permissions into a normal Folder (image 1) and grant an other user to acces to this Propagate Folder, this user can't see the Folders over this. This User see this Propagate Folder only in the root. We organzie thousends of PasswordLists in hundrets of Folder with "Propagate Permissions Downwards" and it is easier to order them in normal Folders. Is it posible that all user with permissions for Propagate Downwards Folder can view the Folder tree upwards too? If we do the same with normal "Managed permission" Folder it works fin
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