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  1. Hi folks, has anyone figured this one out yet? Currently I have to retrieve passwords from API in plain text and then convert them into PSCredential. I was wondering if there's any way I can get PowerShell to work with hashed passwords instead? Thank you
  2. Hi folks Request: This should be fairly simple to implement. Could you please let us to override AD synced fields such as email address? Or at least choose which fields to sync for a particular AD group? Issue: We are no longer allowed to use our domain user accounts to access passwordstate because "credentials are used on internet for stuff like office portal". So instead we now have to use designated service accounts that do not have SMTP associated with them on exchange. The problem is that manually adding our own email address to mail property on AD and let PasswordState sync it will cause our Azure ADSync to send warning emails every 30 minutes complaining about "duplicate" SMTP addresses used on multiple objects. These warnings can't be muted (and shouldn't be), so I am hoping you could implement something to resolve this instead. Right now, if I change email field manually, AD sync will clear it on next scheduled run Thank you
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