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  1. Mark Bell

    manual "check for updates"

    Is there a way to kick of the "check for updates" process manually? I know updates can be downloaded and installed manually but I'd prefer to do everything from within the Passwordstate interface and not always wait for it to check by itself.
  2. I'm seeing an issue with some sites where the Passwordstate plugin will recognize the site because the red "1" shows up in the plugin icon but it doesn't automatically populate the username and password fields. If I click the icon then "Show Matching Logins" and double-click the one that shows up, the username and password fields populate. I've tried logging out of the plugin and back in, restarting the browser, and clearing the cache for that site but still have the same problem. A specific public URL is https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/cl/cl-login.php that I'm seeing this issue with.
  3. Mark Bell

    browser extension filling fields it shouldn't be

    I'm not sure what you mean by "they will be incorrect after you are navigating around the internal pages." but I guess I don't really need to understand it. Since you've seen the same issue I'll take your word that y'all know what to do about it. :-)
  4. I have a password entry in for quite a few Fortinet firewalls. When I go to the Network Interfaces page, the browser plugin fills the IP/Network Mask field with the username of the firewall. The name of the field is "ip" so I'm not sure why that would be related to the username. So far, it's happening on every firewall I've tested and the only way to stop it is to uncheck the "Auto-Fill" box in Preferences. I don't want to do that because I do want the username and password when I log in to the firewalls.
  5. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    Is there any way to go back to the previous version of the plugin and disable auto-update?
  6. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    It's 5:00 P.M. here now and I could be available later this evening. Please e-mail me at the address in my profile, or send me a private message through the forum and let me know how you'd like to get access.
  7. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    Would it help for me to set up a remote session on a test machine so you could get in and see what it's doing first hand?
  8. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    Any idea when the next release will be? I just heard from one of my customers that they're having the same issues.
  9. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    For the Atera site, I only have "app.atera.com" in the URL field. Thinking something might be wrong with my Chrome installation, I uninstalled Chrome this morning, deleted all the Chrome folders under my profile folder, and did a fresh installation but it's still not working. I started thinking maybe there's something in my Chrome profile or one of the other extensions I'm using that's interfering so I went to another machine that's never had Chrome installed, installed it but did not log in to my Google account, installed and activated the Passwordstate plugin. When I browsed to those sites, the same symptoms occurred. As yet another test, I RDP'd to a terminal server with Chrome installed but is not logged in to my Google account, installed and activated the PWS plugin and the same symptoms occurred again. The only common thing between all these computers is they're referencing the same Passwordstate server. Could there possibly be something with the server that's causing the issue? It didn't seem likely to me since the plugin was recognizing the sites and seeing there were credentials available but like I said, that's the only common link between all these computers. What's so strange is the plugin had been working for all of these sites prior to the update to the latest build. I was so pleased with it that I had deleted all of my saved credentials from Chrome and had just been using Passwordstate and the plugin but now... :-(
  10. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    Yes, I already had that as the URL.
  11. Mark Bell

    browser extension not filling fields

    Sure! https://www.atfcu.org (behavior is different in Firefox and Chrome; screen shots attached) https://my.webrootanywhere.com/default.aspx?Result=#tab_customers https://geek-fw-1.fortiddns.com/login https://app.atera.com/Login# https://sso.techdata.com/as/authorization.oauth2?client_id=shop_client&response_type=code&redirect_uri=https://shop.techdata.com/oauth&pfidpadapterid=ShieldBaseAuthnAdaptor&scope=freight
  12. After the latest plugin update, there are some sites where it's not automatically filling the login fields. The plugin recognizes the site because the number in the red box shows up and after I click "Show Matching Logins" (there's only one) and click the login, it will populate the fields. The "Enable Auto-Fill" box is checked so I would expect those fields to populate automatically. On another site, there's a gray Passwordstate box showing the number 2 (there are two logins for this site) in the username and password fields but when I click on it, nothing happens. Any thoughts on what might be going on?
  13. Mark Bell

    Bulk update password lists properties

    Is there a way to do bulk updates for other settings, i.e. showing the URL field?