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  1. Hello, I saw a request in the 5.x forums for Duo Security 2 factor integration. Have you all given that any more thought? The google authenticator works good, but we would love to have all our 2 factor authentication run through one app if at all possible. 


    Also, things have been fairly quiet lately in regards to updates. Is work on 7.x starting or something? 

  2. Re: Logged In Users?

    Yes it would! You could assume that as long as

    Current Time - Last Active time > session state time

    the user is no longer logged into Passwordstate.

    Also this would benefit Administrators as they could see how often their users are using Passwordstate.


  3. Good morning, maybe its hiding, but I was wondering if you could implement a "logged in users" section to Passwordstate?

    That way when I go to do an upgrade I can see if anyone is logged into Passwordstate before doing the upgrade.


  4. Good morning! I was wondering if you could add an option to set default password list permissions for any new Shared password list created. There is already an option under Administration > System Settings > Password List Options > "When new Shared Password Lists are created, grant Security Administrators with the selected role below admin rights to the Password List." However, when this option is turned on it adds all Security Administrators individually. I would like to add an Active Directory group of Security Administrators to each password list. Thanks! I love the product, discovered it at my last job, set it up and fell in love. Now I am demoing it at my new job and looking to deploy it! -Brett

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