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  1. Disable Browser Extension Prompting

    Thanks, historically I manually imputed the fields anyways and only used the popup incase I couldn't get the manual fields to stick. So far disabling myself from the administration page seems to work fine.
  2. Disable Browser Extension Prompting

    Okay ill give that a shot. I am assuming I can still "add sites" by manually filling out the URL field for a new password entry right? This works if you are a admin, but I think it would be nice if we gave the non-admin user the ability to turn it off under the "Preferences > browser extension" setting.
  3. Disable Browser Extension Prompting

    Great! Any chance the option to disable the popup toolbar could make it into a feature request for future versions? Thanks!
  4. I really like the browser extension functionality, however it would be nice to be able to toggle it's prompting to save new site passwords function. I don't add many new sites and sometimes due to website design the blue bar gets "stuck" behind web page elements and I am unable to close it. Forgive me if this is already a feature and I am just missing where to toggle such functionality.
  5. Email Notification of Soon to Expire Passwords

    That helps a little, however it would be nice if I could filter it down to a specific password list or something. Basically there are passwords that can expire with no harm and others that cannot. Ideally I would be notified for only the critical passwords which dwell in a specific password list.
  6. Hello, one of our use cases for Passwordstate is the storage of passwords for x509/SSL/TLS certs. We set the expire date of the password to the date the cert expires. I looked through the email templates, but didn't see anything that alerts of soon to expire passwords, though I could have missed it. I was wondering if we could get an email template added to alert us of soon to expire passwords. Even better would be a customizable (maybe per password list?) threshold for these email notifications. Thanks!
  7. Backup 2 Factor Authentication Method

    That would work great for us, that was what we were using before Duo. I am pretty sure it works on the 3 big platforms.
  8. Backup 2 Factor Authentication Method

    Thanks for the update! If it turns out that all Duo methods require some sort of internet connection, can you look into the possibility of a fall back 2FA method? Thanks!
  9. Backup 2 Factor Authentication Method

    Hello! Just wondering if you have looked into the Duo one time passwords, there are a number of occasions where this would have been helpful for us. A few internet issues as well as some issues within Duo's infrastructure that kept push notifications from working where the OTPs would still work.
  10. Backup 2 Factor Authentication Method

    Actually I am referring to the Duo Mobile application passcodes, http://guide.duosecurity.com/iphone They look similar to the Google Authenticator codes and they too do not require an internet connection to generate on your mobile phone.
  11. Backup 2 Factor Authentication Method

    A co-worker brought up another idea. Do the SMS or the App generated OTPs require an internet connection?
  12. Hello, we are using Passwordstate 7 with the Duo Push Authentication for our second factor. It is working great, however I have one request. This past weekend we had an internet outage which prevented us from logging into our Passwordstate install because Duo could not contact its authentication server. Unless we used the emergency code, we were unable to login. Is it possible to setup some sort of a backup 2FA method that doesn't use the internet, for example Google Authenticator? So that under normal circumstances we use Duo, but then if Duo's servers are unreachable, it falls back to Google Authenticator? Thanks!
  13. Duo Security 2FA Integration

    Oh and one other question, will there be more support for 2FA for the mobile site as well? Currently it looks like AuthAnvil is the only option for the mobile client. Thanks!
  14. Duo Security 2FA Integration

    Excellent! Very much looking forward to it!
  15. Hello, I saw a request in the 5.x forums for Duo Security 2 factor integration. Have you all given that any more thought? The google authenticator works good, but we would love to have all our 2 factor authentication run through one app if at all possible. Also, things have been fairly quiet lately in regards to updates. Is work on 7.x starting or something?