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  1. Just tested again and it looks like it's working as expected now. Thanks!
  2. The URL was in the password record as https://unifi.example.com:8443. I tried changing it to the full URL for the login screen (https://unifi.example.com:8443/manage/account/login?redirect=%2Fmanage) but it then no longer filled in the account information.
  3. Hi, We're seeing some odd behavior with the browser plugin filling in unexpected fields in Ubiquiti's UniFi Controller software. I have the latest browser extension installed in Chrome, and the Auto-fill setting in the extension set to disabled. On the UniFi login page the Passwordstate extension icon shows a matching login, and I'm able to click it and login successfully. If I look at the record in Passwordstate at that point and go to the "browser form fields" tab, it shows 'username' and 'password' for the field names (which matches what's in the form.) So far so good. However when I browse to Settings -> Wireless Networks in UniFi, and edit an existing wireless network, the original SSID pops up for a moment, then it's replaced by the username from the record in Passwordstate. This is happening even though Auto-fill is disabled. Also, if I open the record in Passwordstate at this point, the browser form field names have changed to 'wirelessNetworkName' and 'wirelessNetworkWepKey'. If I look at the password change history, nothing shows up even though the browser form fields are now different when I view the record. This has caused some problems - if someone goes in to change a setting, other fields get overwritten that they weren't expecting. Any thoughts what might be going on? Thanks!
  4. I was reviewing our IPS logs and noticed that my computer was making connection attempts to all sorts of devices I wouldn't normally access (switches, printers, UPS management interfaces.) I looked at the processes generating the traffic (netstat -atbfn) and it was all coming from Chrome. The connection attempts were repeating every 45-60 seconds. After disabling the new browser extension beta the connection attempts stopped. It seems like the new plugin is repeatedly trying to access the URLs listed in any password entries. Is that the expected behavior?
  5. OK thank you. For users that we add in the future, is there a way to have the automatically created private password list linked to a template?
  6. Hi, We enabled the setting Administration / System Settings / Password List Options / "When a new User Account is added to Passwordstate, automatically create a Private Password List for the user" and added users to our system. Unfortunately we didn't realize that those lists wouldn't be connected to a template. We've setup a User Account Policy to link any private password lists created in the future to a template, however we haven't been able to find a way to modify the existing private password lists. Is there a way to administratively modify the settings on the private password lists created as part of adding a user to the system? (Some of the out of the box settings like prohibiting weak passwords are causing problems for users adding existing credentials to the system and we'd like to disable those settings.)