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  1. Custom Email notifications per password list

    Any chance this had made it onto the road map for a future release?
  2. We use Shared lists extensively and having the ability to set custom notifications per list would be very helpful. For instance, when users provide a Reason they view a password, have the ability to send an email to the List Administrators containing the reason. Or for specific lists, email list admins if passwords are added or removed.
  3. It appears that the Email notification groups function on a global level. Is it at all possible to setup customized notifications per password list? I have a shared list and would like to have a single user get an email notification anytime someone views a password on that list, but I do not want it to apply to all of the password lists. Trying to figure out if this is possible.
  4. User Access Question

    Is it possible to setup security on a password list such that a user would be allowed to change passwords on that list, but not be allowed to see what they are? Investigating a potential security/audit role where a user would be allowed to change a password on a service account without having access to use the account.