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  1. Right now, we have the following optional icons on Password results/favourites depending on what additional attributes the records have: Favourite Status Additional Notes Individual Password Permissions Documents attached It would be great to have an icon that lets users know to look within the password entry for "One-Time Password Authenticator" information, as sometimes our users forget to check. Thanks for reading and considering!
  2. Hi Support, Just wondering if it would be possible to allow the scheduling of updates? For our team, it would be fantastic if we can have the option of telling Passwordstate to handle pending updates at a set time on a daily or weekly basis, just like we do with automated backups. Many thanks. PS: This might have been suggested before, but I had issues finding an existing thread due to the frequency of key word use.
  3. +1 This would be a really great feature to have. Thanks for the work you do!
  4. Hi Support, Thank you for taking my call today regarding this request and your most recent response. Apologies if my reply came across as a bit harsh; All of us are passionate about IT, the products and services we use - Generally speaking we really enjoy using Passwordstate, but the notifications area needed some additional work to be as awesome as the rest of the product. To that end, it's great to know that Click Studios are going to action this feature request and I very much look forward to seeing this feature request being delivered in a future release. Regards, BH PS: More than happy to delete the emails myself, but it would be exceptional if you guys could look at that feature in the future.
  5. +1 I'd like to second this request. Our organisation has three security-related staff approving passwords and a relatively low volume of password access requests. Right now, the notifications area is a useless feature that distracts and agitates our security administrators, mostly because any time a notification has appeared, you can be 99% sure that someone has already handled whatever pending access request notification is there, hours ago. Of course, they have to click there each time on the assumption that there might be a pending request, which 99% of the time wastes time and lowers productivity. Please implement the automated removal of stale notifications... It should have been done in the first place.
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