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  1. We already worked around the problem so we don't need this update, but it is great to see the quick response. BBB
  2. Support, Thanks for the quick reply. The domain we are using is oddly long at 12 characters (don't know why - inherited.) My username is FirstName.LastName which clocks in at 19. Adding the backslash to put it all together makes it 32 characters. I was curious to know what the AD limits were so I did a quick search. It looks like 15 characters for the domain name and 20 characters for the user name, so the combination would be 36. That's actually less than I would have guessed. BBB
  3. When installing Passwordstate (build 8600), you come to the "Create Admin Account" page that asks for the UserID, First Name, Surname, and Email Address (page 14 of the Quick Install Guide.) The UserID field on this page does not allow more than 30 characters. My domain\userid is 32 characters. When entering the UserID, I didn't notice that it truncated the last two characters. The installation finished, but when I tried to log in, I couldn't authenticate. I then logged in with the emergency administrator role, saw the problem, added my correct account, but could not add this as a Security Administrator because that is a restricted feature. I couldn't find any way to get the existing Security Administrator account to authenticate, so I uninstalled, deleted the database, and started from scratch. I created a dummy domain account just to use as the first Security Administrator account in Passwordstate that was, when combined with the domain, less than 30 characters. In the Add New User page, the limit for the UserID is 100 characters. Questions: What did I do wrong? What am I missing? I can't be the first person to have an active directory domain\userid longer than 30 characters. Why is the First Admin Account UserID limited to only 30 characters? Was there a way out of this without uninstalling or requesting the restricted feature unlock (changing UPN or something)? Shouldn't the First Admin Account be validated (like AD Domain Read Privileges account) before completing the installation so you are not put in a system that cannot be administered? So, even though I have things up and running, I think I must have really missed the boat here and would like someone to clarify for me what the real problem was. Thanks in advance.