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  1. I recently experienced the same issue as "OMO ITC" when attempting to export the existing Passwordstate 8 database from an SQL Express installation to an Azure SQL instance. What made it particularly difficult to troubleshoot/debug was the lack of error messages or logs entries: No details on the error was shown on the errorpage Nothing was logged to the DebugInfo table of the database (which was suggested on the errorpage) Nothing was logged to the Windows eventlogs of the webserver or the IIS errorlogs ("%windir%\System32\LogFiles\HTTPERR") Nothing was logged to the Azure SQL instance by default After enabling diagnostics settings for the Azure database and retrying, there was finally indications as to what had gone wrong. It was initially attempting to insert a row to the auditing table with a null-value in the id column, but that column does not allow null-values. It then attempted to log this error to the DebugInfo table, but the exact same problem occurred. After inspecting the tables, I found that there were settings missing on the tables (primary keys, identity specification(is identity) and possibly more). I had attempted various methods of exporting and importing the database. The only method found that seemed to include the above settings was when using Microsoft Data Migration Assistant. After performing the migration through DMA, adding the SQL user, modifying the connectionstring of the web.config and restarted the passwordstate and iis related services, it was finally possible to login to PasswordState without errors. Hopefully this post will help anyone in need of performing migrations to Azure SQL in the future =)
  2. Thank you for the reply =) I know that it's possible to generate a csv template, but the general usage of csv import functionality is to import records from other systems, where there might not be a direct match in the types of records between PasswordState and an export from those systems. Instead of being able to use the exported data directly (regardless of the amount of columns and their order) by simply renaming some of the header-names in the exported data to the names that PasswordState expects, you have the manipulate and copy/paste between multiple data-sheets/csv files. I feel that PasswordState is a great product. This is an area that I believe could be improved a bit though to ensure that new or potential customers will have the best possible start to using PasswordState. I think the import process would be greatly simplified from a customer perspective, if PasswordState ignored the amount of columns (and their order) and instead looked at header-names, importing only those specific ones that match with the name in PasswordState.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum. I do apologize if it should have been posted elsewhere. During testing of PasswordState functionality, I initially had some issues with the csv file imports, where it would not import the data correctly. I don't know if this is a bug or intended behavior, but it seems to ignore the csv headers/field-names. Instead, it expects the data to be served in a specific order (eg. the title first, then the username, then notes, etc.). From the instructions, it sounds like fields that are not marked as required can be skipped, but if PasswordState only looks at the order of rows, you would still have to include the ones you are not interested in, to make sure that it imports any subsequent ones correctly. Is this intended, a bug or did I completely misunderstand something ? While trying to understand how the Remote Sessions works, I found the license file (if the default website location is used: "C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\hosts\gateway\license") of Remote Spark. When opened in a text editor, it mentions "end_support 2019-03-11" (I don't know if the format is yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-dd-mm), but I assume it's the former, meaning it expires in just over a month from now. Will the expiry have any impact on the functionality of Remote Sessions - and if so, how is the license updated ? (eg. through a new PasswordState release or another method)
  4. I'd like a copy of the document as well - or a link, if it has already been published, thank you =)
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