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  1. I was able to deploy there new credential provider client and this fixed the above issue. Current Passwordstate version 8.5 build 8556 with credential provider version
  2. We are currently implementing Passwordstate Credential and seeing the following: - Once we click on the Reset password/Unlock account link it re-directs to the site but it prompts you with the default "Internet Explorer 11 Setup Recommended Security settings" window Is there a way to stop this from prompting everyone initially? Once they click OK it doesn't get prompted anymore, but we'd like to shutoff that prompt initially if we can. Now what I am assuming is, that there is a backend service account that uses this, which is why that prompt comes up but here are our settings/configs: - Windows 10 Enterprise - GPO is set for that not to come up for useres - PasswordState Version 8.5 (build 8556) - Credential provider version 1.3
  3. Windows 10 build 1709 (16299.846) Unfortunately we don't use Windows 10 professional so we don't have any testing subjects we can do this on.
  4. Same thing, i made sure that both Passwordstatecp_config.ini and Passwordstatecredentailprovider.dll were deleted prior to running the .exe you provided. I ran command prompt as admin, and then ran the setup and still is missing the period. So it still looks like Haloxnet instead of Halox.net (Of course we are using our domain instead). (Tburkes Coworker)