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  1. Is there away to get the client side remote client to connect to IP address (internal or external) instead of Hostname?
  2. I am trying to use the API to add a host, then a password and then link it to that host. I want the account to appear as the "RDP linked Credential" I first check if the host exists, if not it gets created. This works fine and I get my HostID. I then create the credential, I am specifying "HostName" which is a match for the Host object that I created. If I now try to delete my Host, it will tell me that there is a linked account. So in my mind, this has worked. However, from the RDP Linked credentials drop down, there are no items found and I still n
  3. I am testing importing a KeePass XML, I'd like to be able to clear the database before each one. Do you have a script I can use?
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