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  1. Its Fixed !!!! I got the access to a new release as part of a trouble ticket and my NETBIOS / FQDN problems are gone. Hopefully support release it quickly. Happy days, one less reason for our staff to call the helpdesk Thanks Mark and Lee for your support.
  2. I'm running PS 8573 with v1.3.0 of the WCP, still no joy. I'll wait and see what the team come back with tomorrow.
  3. Same issue here as well. In our case, we are deploying it via OSD Task Sequence and after its installed, it changes the domain name on the W10 login screen to use the FQDN rather than the netbios name, but seems to drop all the separators. So instead of my.domain.com I get mydomaincom Ticket logged with support about it. I checked my DNS suffixes, the setup in the reset portal, searched the registry on the client, no luck. If I then uninstall the provider, my domain details return to normal. I think there is something in the provider logic switching it to using the FQDN, but maybe separators are missing somewhere (dunno, not a code monkey ! ). Would love to deploy this, so happy to do remote sessions to try and figure it out.
  4. Want to add, I've ran into the same problem. Our login is AD + Google Authenticator so we normally have Anonymous authentication disabled. I got the same message as detailed above. I was logged in locally using the Security Administrator account and also, it logged me out when I stopped watching it for a moment. Enabling AA did not work for me. I had to run the SQL command, then I got to Upgrade Step 2, it completed and then logged me out.
  5. Is there a way to recover private passwords? Our security team have somehow managed to delete me and wiped out 5 years worth of passwords that I used for various services. If I can find the date when it happened, is there a way to pull the information from a restored database?
  6. Hi Mark SQL change fixed it. I can now see the image internally and externally. Muchos gracias
  7. Hi We are evaluating the reset portal. We have a custom image that we use as corporate branding on the main page. It was uploaded via the System Settings branding and internally it works. Externally, I just get a little box with a question mark. I then copied that image (named logo.png) to the C:\inetpub\PasswordstateResetPortal\Content\assets\images folder, iisereset and tried again. Same issue. Read through the Security Admin manual and I've done what it suggests. Do I have a PS issue, or is my firewall or Brocade LB to blame?
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