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  1. +1 And some kind of report containing all approved or active individual permissions whould be nice as well
  2. Currently the auto-clear function is only supported on Internet Explorer. It whould be great if this works on other browsers as well.
  3. Hello Clickstudios, The RADIUS Secret is currently visible. Can this field be marked as a password field? Its not really an feature request, but it will increase the overall security of the system. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello Support, thank you for your response. Topic can be closed. Regards, Jeffrey
  5. Hi Click Studios, For Self Destruct Messages, its already possible to enforce the use of Passphrase protection for every message sent. I would like to have an option to enforce this for external contacts only. External contacts can be defined as: - Contact doesn't exists in address book - Whitelist domains which are considered as internal domains. In certain situations, we like to share passwords with customers of technical support teams. As the Password is "leaving" the corporate network, we would like to enforce this extra layer of protection.
  6. Hi Click Studios, Thanks for your quick reply. We like to use the RADIUS Authentication Policy. Regards, Jeffrey
  7. Hello Support, we are trying to implement the Remote Session Launcher in our environment. The Passwordstate is already published through a reverse-proxy and is working without any issues. However, when we try to start a remote desktop, we get an error page saying, "Web Proxy Gateway Connection Issue". We can however perform the gateway SSL Connection test without any issues. When capturing the traffic using Wireshark, we noticed that when we start the Remote Session, it switches from HTTPS to WSS (WebSockets Secure) protocol. Can you please conform that this is by design?
  8. Hi, Within the Password Reset Portal, there is no option to auto-enroll users. Also, I can't make any of the verification methods read-only. In our company, the MFA tokens provided to the users are managed by the security department and therefore, any modifications made by the users themselves is undesired (e.g. changing the email-address from corporate to private, or changing a username to a generic account so they can be shared) Is it possible to make these field read-only just like Passwordstate? It would be even better if there is integration with Active Directory,
  9. +1 For legal reasons, we need to translate certain messages into our native language. Like Jasper says, it would take a lot of time to translate the entire product. However, some kind of a translate table in the database would do the trick for me. In this way, i can be quite easy for administrators to translate words the way they like. Kind regards, Jeffrey
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