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  1. Currently I use Freeipa to manage Linux accounts specifically for SSH and being able to manage, audit and reset these passwords would be very nice. In addition, the ability to use Freeipa as an authentication source for passwordstate would also be great. I was also wondering as Freeipa does technically involve the registering of hosts, would it be possible to implement some method of host discovery using LDAP query or the like Thanks for the interest into this, for those who cant afford windows server or prefer an open source alternative this type of support is nice to see
  2. Currently i manage a fully Linux environment that uses freeipa for ldap and ive run into 3 issues First , the account discovery works using an freeipa account but doesnt seem to correctly pull the found users passwords second, unless im doing something wrong i am unable to use the host discovery option to connect to freeipa lastly, the account discovery misses the freeipa users and thus makes it hard to use the ssh connection option as the ldap users are the only true non-service and non-root accounts so with these issues i was wondering if there has been any thought into better supporting non windows ldap for host/account discovery Thanks
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