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  1. Hi there, is it also possible to add the certificate as file to this templates? We need this I guess almost always, because of the different format types. So we would like to store: Plain Certificate as PEM Text Plain Key Text Additional PFX as File Is that possible too? Kind regards, Constantin
  2. Hi Support, i'm having the same issue trying to reset the local administrator account with the local administrator accounts as privileged account. Just getting this as error: Executing for Host 'hostnamee' at 04.03.2019 17:31:47. Failed to reset the local password for account 'administrator' on Host 'hostnamee' as the Privileged Account password appears to be incorrect, or the account is currently locked. Also trying .\Administrator or Hostname\Administrator does not work. Heartbeat works well.... Anything new on this? Kind regards, C
  3. In several OTP Apps they show the logo as icon. I could imagine that those images are related to the app recognizing the otp link - or is it possible to base64 embed an image in the otp generated link?
  4. Aswell it would be nice to add an image/logo - which has been specified under branding ;-)
  5. I'd a look in the API Documentation, of course we can export all Passwords there. But a bit easier it would be if you would add an Method to call the "Export All Passwords" function (for example) with KeePass Compatible Format aswell as the option with to add or remove the "Add one Password Viewed" Audit Record. is that possible? Within the current API it is not possible to set a flag that there is no audit record added for viewing the password. So this export method would spam the audit records, right?
  6. Yes I've seen this. But If we allow the users to choose their own authentication method via preferences, they could also set this to just "Manual AD" and bypass the second factor. And this would be an security risk. There must be an enforcement to have them choose an second factor option. On the other hand there is the disadvantag for users creating password lists and enforcing the password list to have the authentication method Manual + AD and SecureID for example. But what happens when a user without this method enabled - tries to access the password list? It shows the authentica
  7. Yes you are right, from technical view maybe this could be done with an check like: Which 2-FA Option is enabled for User XY? --- RSA --- OTP Multiple 2-FA Options detected -> Which one is set as Prefered? --- RSA Then display login form/window for this 2FA method. When only one 2FA Method is activated by the user then the prefered step is not needed and it is directly choosen.
  8. Hi there, i've seen this but this does not fit with our needs. For example I have a team of about 10 users. 2 are using google authenticator 1 is using rsa secure id 4 are using OTP 1 is using email and so one..... With the policy's I can force a user to use one specific authentication option. So i would have to manage 4 different user policys and add the users per their need to the right user policy based on their choosen second factor application. I would like to have the option to specify that the users have to authentication with A
  9. Hi there, in password lists an for web authentication its possible to specify manual ad authentication and some other factor authentication. With many users and many other options like (Google, OTP, Mail, SMS, RSA) it is sometimes not nice to handle because we have to agree on one option. It is possible to specify "Manual AD Authentication + Any other Authentication Method" so we ensure that we have a 2-Factor Authentication but it does not matter which second factor option is used? Edit: Sorry this Thread should go to 8.X Support not 7.x.....
  10. According to this thread: and this thread: it would be nice to get the ability to schedule the "Export all passwords", to make an automatic export of all passwords for example every day with an predefined key. (This should be something related to the backup function) Thanks for any help :-) Kind regards, Constantin
  11. +1 for that Feature Request :-) Have the same need to have some specific people informed on password viewed events (or maybe password checked out). Other PasswordStores have that function called like sth. "sealed" or put a seal on a password - and inform if a user when the seal was broken. Kind regards, Constantin
  12. Hi there, i heared about the emergency access which makes it possible to access the store if the AD is not available. We would need an "real" emergency access which means, if the AD and the SQL Database and/or the IIS Webserver is down. We could use the backup function to get the iis webpage and sql database backuped, but in a case of downtime of the systems we have a backup but could not access the passwords. So it would be great to have a rudimental way to access the passwords as real backup. Maybe a small HTML Webclient, or maybe there is an automatic export to Ke
  13. This feature would be aswell for us very needful. Of course you have to change your programming style, but the translation itself is not the problem. There are several community translation tools available, which would be an option to get rid of the translations of each language. For example for german, i' would participate ;-)
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