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  1. Hi everyone; Im having a problem with the results of the script in passwordstate. I can see all the folders but i cant see the passwords. This is the message im receiving. "It appears a data integrity issue has been detected for the database table 'PasswordListsACL'. This issue can caused by your session on the Passwordstate web site prematurely ending (which may indicate an issue on your web server), or possibly by modifications being made directly to the Passwordstate database (outside of the Passwordstate application). Debug Information: Method = QueryPasswords Table = PasswordListsACL Field = PasswordListACLID FieldID = 259 Please contact a Security Administrator of Passwordstate, or a support team member of Click Studios to investigate. Please Note: Your session on Passwordstate has been deliberately ended, and any further activity will cause errors to be displayed on the screen." We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you in advance.
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