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    No Setup content displaying on 1st install

    Hi all No worries. I installed Chrome on the server and it works a treat. Now to deal with my next issue.... Thanks
  2. We're starting our first install of PasswordState on to servers, having a few issues. The server is local corporate image of server 2016 with IE11 as the only browser, some white-listing and anti-virus software. Otherwise, it's mostly standard configuration (from what I can see / find out). The dB is a separate SQL cluster (SQL 2014). 1. After the install is complete (a few variations from standard), I can open the root site in a browser, it changes to the /setup folder and then doesn't display any content except for the header bar (as per p12 of the Installation Instructions). 2. I'm getting Event Viewer error messages about not connecting to the database (though I haven't been able to config the dB as yet). Am I missing something in the Installation Guide? Is IE11 supported? SQL Error.txt