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  1. Update: It's not working with these folder-options: Load on Demand and/or hide all Passwords in Navigation Tree. Because we have many folders loading takes 5 seconds. A fix would be great
  2. Hey there! Here's my updated version with some new features Fixes: UTF8, Check for Folder, htmlsafe notes, a litttle bit errorhandling New: Importing additional KeePass Fields with customized mapping New: Adding not handled additional fields to the Notes field New: Support for File-Attachments New: Support for enabled rights propagation and Linked Templates (not setting rights to an admin) Due to the increased number of options you are not longer prompted for them, instead fill in all options at the top of the config file (see also below) Thanks to Fabian for the initial version. Kind Regards Folke The configuration section looks like this Import-KeePass-XML-2018-08-14.ps1
  3. Hi! I've got an important question on this: On V8.4 when opening a permalink (List or Folder) the three does not open the appropriate folder. Bug? So currently using the permalink on the left side you see the closed tree and on the right side you can only see "search", "documents" and "folder properties". Also it would be great to see on the right panel of an opened folder all parent Subfolders and Passwordlits and maybe an folderlevel-up-button. Kind Regards Folke
  4. Grüezi Fabian, many thanks for sharing the script. Meanwhile i've figured out exactly the same way using MSSQL directly. Sure, it's dangerous, but i tink they will not change the DB-Structure the next releases and maybe i can rewrite my PasswordStateUpdateFolder() function to use the API and not MSSQL a couple of releases later. Grüße in die Schweiz aus München Folke
  5. Hey Click Studios, Thanks for your instant response. Yes, i want to make changes to existing PasswordLists and Folders. And this is not a one time import job, i want to have a permament one-way synchronosation between a list of our customers and the PasswordFolder in Passwordstate. Kind Regards
  6. Hi there! I'm adding to this topic because we have the same issue: I'm currently testing Passwordstate and overall everything is fine and the product suits well to our requirements. My plan is to synchronise an external customer-database with passwordstate by adding a folder for each customer. The API works well but it's not possible to change some attributes: * changing name and description * changing parent folder (move folder) * nice would be: getting just one folder by Id (currently not possible) Not having that features would be a show stopper. And by the way: I've added a few functions to Fabians Import-KeePass-XML.ps1 which now supports configurable mapping of keepass' addidional fields to Passwordstate generic Fields, adding not handled fields to the description, UTF8 Ümläüte fixed, and support for files/attachments. Works very smooth now. If anyone is interested i can provide it here Kind Regards Folke
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