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  1. Hello, There seems to be a couple of issues here. When you use the Test Email button from the System Settings screen, can you check if there are any errors or connections being made to your email server - maybe in the event logs, or whatever logging system your mail system provides. All other types of emails are sent via the Passwordstate Windows Service, so can you check if something is stopping that service in the middle of the night - we've seen monitoring software do this before. Regards Click Studios
  2. Hello, Can you tell us if you are using our Client Based Launcher, or Browser Based Launcher? If browser based, we do not have any configuration settings like this, so we're wondering how long it takes for your idle sessions to logout? Regards Click Studios
  3. Hi Guys, Can one of you please try testing if this will work when you use SAML Authentication in Passwordstate - we've had feedback from another customer that it does? Thanks Click Studios
  4. Hi Sean, Sorry you're having some issues, but this is a very strange error. Basically we are trying to modify the PasswordLists table here with the standard SQL 'ALTER' command, and the error does not make much sense as the table should exist. Can you tell us anything special about your SQL environment? Is it local SQL, or SQL in the cloud? What sort of account are you using for connectivity - by default, it should be a SQL Account called passwordstate_user, and it should have db_owner rights to the database. Regards Click Studios
  5. Well that is odd Have a great Easter weekend Greg. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hi Greg, If you disable our extension, does it still auto-fill - just wanted to check that no other extension, or chome itself is doing the auto-filling here. Because as you've mentioned, with auto-fill turned off, it should not be doing this. If it is Passwordstate doing this, are there any public web sites you see behaving like this, so we can test against them? Thanks Click Studios
  7. Hello Andreja, Sorry, but we do not have documentation for this, and you would need to refer to Microsoft documentation in order to achieve this. We believe it requires certificates to be used on both your SQL Server, and where you have Passwordstate installed. If you're not aware, all encryption and decryption of data occurs on the Passwordstate web server, so any encrypted data in the database is passed back and forth in encrypted format. Regards Click Studios
  8. Hi Ross, Unfortunately we do not have a feature for that sorry. If the Domain Drop Down List is visible on your login screens, which it is by default, the users only need to select the correct domain once, and then it will remember it next time they visit the site. Hopefully this will help. Regards Click Studios
  9. Hi McGreggers99, The first 5 licenses are free, so if you needed say, 10 users to log in, you only need to purchase 5 licenses. When we process the order, we'll see you are a new customer and we always add the extra five licenses on top what ever you purchase. You will need to add the Annual Support on though, but this is a minimal charge. You can see the exact cost of this by inserting some numbers into our buy it now page. We publish our prices there without the need to commit to purchase. And you can add any amount of licenses on later. In this scenario, it's best to contact us through our sales email address, as we'll co-terminate your annual support for the old licenses, with the new licenses, so it works out a bit cheaper for you. Hope this helps, Regards, Support.
  10. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8903, which includes 2 new updates, and 1 bug fix. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  11. Hi mcgreggers99, As a Security Administrator of Passwordstate, you can do this without impersonating a user in a couple of ways: On the screen Administration -> Password Lists (from the Actions menu for the releavant Password List) On the screen Administration -> Reporting (look at the various Permission reports) And when you are impersonating a user, you can see their permissions as per the screenshot below We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  12. Hi Oscar, could you try removing the < > in the username and see if that helps? ## Enable sudo rootpw for Passwordstate Privileged Account Defaults Defaults:svc_password_reset rootpw If that doesn't help then we're unsure sorry, as we do not have an environment set up to use AD accounts with Linux machines. Regards, Support
  13. Hi Mordecai, Unfortunately there's no way to currently do this, so please feel free to log a feature request and if it gets enough interest we'll include it in a future build: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/forum/38-feature-requests/ Regards, Support
  14. Hi Oscar, Can you set the AD account in the sudoers file as per section 14 of this document and hopefully this helps? https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Password_Discovery_Reset_and_Validation_Requirements.pdf Regards, Support
  15. Hello Anton, The API Key from a folder cannot be used to search for Password Lists - we've updating the wording in the latest release to make this a little bit more clear. Instead you need to use the System Wide API Key, which is found on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> API We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  16. Hi Emad, When ever we replied to your emails, it would be returned as an unknown email address from outlook.com - which is very odd. A lot of customers do use this feature for backups, so we can only presume you must have missed one of the settings, or group policy restrictions, mentioned in the Security Administrator's manual. Can you double check everything again? Maybe email as a screenshot of your backup settings screen to take a look at? Regards Click Studios
  17. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to use the Passwordstate browser extension on a machine which does not have access to the internet, but it does have access to your Passwordstate web server. Under these conditions, it's not possible to download the extension directly from the App Store, so you'll need to load up the extension manually. For this reason, you'll need to get a copy of the install files. Below are instructions on where to find a copy of these source files, which you'll need to download on a machine that has access to the internet, and then you should transfer them to the offline machine. Chrome: Download Link: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/chromeextension.zip Edge: Download Link: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/edgeextension.zip Firefox: Download Link: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/firefoxextension.zip Regards, Support
  18. Hi Jack, Yes, that is the process for modifying and restoring the scripts, but please be aware that if we ever need to update a script at any stage, it will overwrite your changes. Regards Click Studios
  19. Hi Emad, We use to have a bug a while back where it was still trying to perform a backup before an upgrade, even though you deselected the option. But that bug was fixed some time ago, and I just suggested a manual upgrade as I did not know what build of Passwordstate you were using. So I do not believe our software is trying to do a backup here, but it does use that same backup account for performing the upgrade i.e. it needs permissions to perform the upgrade. So you will need to investigate why you are seeing the error of "Authentication Failed = Please check if the UserName and Password you have specified for Backups and Upgrades is correct" - posiibly someone has reset this account's Password outside of Passwordstate. Regards Click Studios
  20. Hi Emad, This could possibly be a bug, depending on what build of Passwordstate you are using, and we would suggest doing a manual upgrade as per the section '5. Manual Upgrade Instructions' in the following document - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf Regards Click Studios
  21. Thanks Oscar. We do not have any specific support for doing this, but have you tried specifying an AD account as the Privileged Account Credential? I assume you have and it does not work. Regards Click Studios
  22. Hi Blomer545, You certainly can install Passwordstate on that OS with that version of .NET installed. .NET 4.5 is embedded in 4.7 so Passwordstate will function well on it. For all system requirements, including SQL, please see this page: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-system-requirements.aspx We'll adjust that page above to reference .NET 4.7. Regards, Support
  23. Hello Oscar, We do not have support for resetting root account with an Active Directory account sorry. Is this how you normally reset the password for your root accounts? Regards Click Studios
  24. Thanks for letting the community know Yordi - we appreciate it. Regards Click Studios
  25. Hi Yousef, Unfortunately our API does not yet support the GUI setting for "Manual Permissions" like it does the Propagating permissions setting. If you'd like to log a feature request for this, please do so in this forum below and we'll do our best to add this in if it gets enough votes. By logging it here you'll be automatically notified when this feature is added into the software. https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/forum/38-feature-requests/ Regards, Support
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