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  1. Hi Joakim, I think we are going to need to see some screenshots and data to troubleshoot this further - and I don't think that event log error would cause this. Can you contact us via the following support page, and provide the following - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx What build Number of Passwordstate you are using? A screenshot of all the settings for your password record that you are expiring - basically all the tabs on the Edit Password screen Using the following article as a guide, provide us a copy of the data in the ResetTasksQueue and SystemSettings tables - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/query-data.aspx Regards Click Studios
  2. Hi Matt, You need to have access to one or more Password Lists where the URL field has been selected, in order for those Password Lists to be used in the extension. Please edit the Properties of your Password List, and select this field. Then restart your browser, and you should be okay from then on. Regards Click Studios
  3. Hi Guys, It's unlikely we will be working on this feature, when all you need to do is log out and then back in - it's pretty quick and simple already. Regards Click Studios
  4. Hi Joakim, The Passwordstate Windows Service checks if there is anything in the ResetTasksQueue table once per minute, and should process them straight away. In your web.config file for your site, can you check the PassiveNode key is set to false? If it is, are there any errors being reported in the Windows Application Event log which might help us? If Passwordstate is in maintenance mode, then all processing like this will be halted, so please make sure you do not leave it in this state. Regards Click Studios
  5. Hi Thomas, We have not come across any customers who've been able to script resets in this manner, as MFA requires some sort of interaction to enter the OTP password. But hopefully another customer reads this and has some insights. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hi Michael, Sorry, but we do not have a feature for what you are requesting. If this is something you need, can you please log this request in the Features section of this forum, as this would allow us to determine if other customers also require this feature, and then prioritize our work based on that? Thanks very much. Regards Click Studios
  7. Issue: We've had a couple of instances where customers were attempting to add a password into a Password List, but when saving the password nothing happens. This can also happen when clicking on a Password Record. Resolution: Upon inspecting the developer tools in the browser, it was determined that when clicking the save button, or when trying to open a Password Record, and Error 413 was being thrown: This error means: “The server is refusing to process a request because the request payload is larger than the server is willing or able to process.” To fix this, the customer added a line to the Nginx configuration file that read “client_max_body_size #MB”, where # = max MB request size. Typically setting this value to 4mb should be suffice, and the default is 1mb. Regards, Support
  8. If you are an Administrator who looks after Passwordstate, you may also use additional hardware or software to protect your server and website. We here at Click Studios definitely aren't experts in all the different variations our customers use on their networks, so this is a dedicated forum where our community can come together a discuss these technologies. Technologies such are Nginx reverse proxies, Web Load Balancers, cloud based proxies and even Antivirus software are common causes of issues with Passwordstate, if the external system isn't configured correctly. If we get feedback from our customers about a specific setting that that can assist with making Passwordstate run better, then we'll post it here. We'd be very appreciative if people could work together in this to discuss configurations and things that did, or did work for them. If you come across an issue, and can confirm it's an issue with your reverse proxy for example, please log it here and hopefully someone else has seen the issue before and can provide you with an answer. If you are using something like a Load Balancer or a Reverse Proxy, our support will normally ask as a test to bypass the device and if that fixes the issue, then we know it's an issue with how the device is configured. Our support will still do our best to help you, and may be able to provide some insight into what our application is trying to do, which may help you make some changes on the external device. Thanks for your help! Regards, Click Studios Support.
  9. Hi Fabian, Can you tell us what build of Passwordstate you are using, as this appears to be working for us. In Build 8744, we have the following in the changelog "In the Hosts navigation tree, hosts will now be sorted correctly if some records are using the Title field instead of Host Name". If you are using a later build, can you give some examples of what values you are storing in the Title field, so we can do some testing? Thanks Click Studios
  10. Hi glyngy, We're glad it's fixed now, and no - this backup functionality has not changed in a couple of years. It also mentions this as a troubleshooting step in our Security Administrator's manual here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Passwordstate_Security_Administrators_Manual.pdf Regards Click Studios
  11. Hi Mordecai, Thanks for your email to our support inbox, we'll liaise with you there/. We think this might be data related but if it is an issue with Passwordstate, we'll patch it in the next build and will report back here what the issue was. Regards, Support
  12. Thanks Paul. Are either of you able to provide steps to reproduce this consistently - as we cannot reproduce it? Are you on any specific page on Passwordstate when you navigate to other open tabs? Regards Click Studios
  13. Hi Guys, We've completed this request for the next release, which should either be next week or the week after. Regards Click Studios
  14. A user has reported an issue with the browser based launcher, where after establishing either a RDP of SSH session, the tab that the session is in seems to close unexpectedly. This happens at around the 2 minute mark into the session. The customer came back to us for a fix for this, which I've quoted below. Thanks to our customer who provided this feedback, if you are reading this:) The issue with the remote session launcher closing after a few minutes of inactivity was reverse proxy related. We are using NGINX as a reverse proxy. Since your browser-based remote sessions use WSS, an upgrade instruction was needed to get the launcher working (proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade). After that, remote sessions worked, but they would close after a short period of inactivity. This timeout has been increased with the (proxy_read_timeout) instruction. These two config lines will be needed if users would like to use browser-based remote sessions with an NGINX reverse proxy successfully. Everything works great now. Regards, Support.
  15. There is certain functionality in Passwordstate where it may need to communicate externally on the Internet. This functionality is: To check for new builds of Passwordstate - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/NewBuildInfo.xml To download the upgrade file for the In-Place Upgrade feature - https://passwordstate-8665.kxcdn.com/passwordstate_upgrade.zip Have I Been Pwned API Integration - https://api.pwnedpasswords.com And the following 2FA authentication options: 1. Duo Authentication 2. Yubikey Authentication 3. SafeNet Authentication 4. SAML Authentication If required, checking of new builds can be disabled on the screen Administration -> System Settings. Regards, Click Studios
  16. Hi JerryM, If you click on the top Password List, scroll down to the bottom, hold the Shift Key, and then select the bottom Password List. This should select all for you. Regards Click Studios
  17. Hi Eric, We're not sure sorry, as we do not use WSUS. If you look at page 5 on the following document, it shows which IIS roles our software requires - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Installation_Instructions.pdf If these are still installed, then all we can suggest is logging a support call with Microsoft, and asking them what is removed from the OS when you uninstall WSUS. Regards Click Studios
  18. Hi Eric, We've had a look at our emails, but cannot find the one we sent - this customer joined the forums using a gmail account, but did not log the support call with the same email address - so it's difficult to track. Generally this is an error in the web.config file - can you log a support call via the following page https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx and email is a copy of your web.config file so we can check the details? Regards Click Studios
  19. Hi Jerry, The only other option we have for this is to create Password Lists via the API - you would need to script this using something like PowerShell. We have documentation for our API(s) under the Help Menu in Passwordstate. With the cloned folder being under Password Home, are you not able to drag-and-drop it to the location you need? Regards Click Studios
  20. Hi Jerry, The best option here would be to 'Clone' the Client A folder - see screenshot below. Does this help at all? Regards Click Studios
  21. Thanks Fabian - much appreciated, and sorry for the issue in the first place. Regards Click Studios
  22. Hi Fabian, Build 8905 is uploaded to the store, and we think this issue is now resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience. Regards, Support
  23. Hi Fabian, We're looking into this now and we think this is an issue with the latest build. We'll be doing some testing today and if all checks out, we'll upload a new build to the store which fixes this issue. I'll report back here as soon as I know more. Regards, Support.
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