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  1. Hello Chuck, You are seeing this because of the option you see below being enabled on your Template or Password List - someone must have checked this, as the migration/upgrade would not have done this. We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  2. Feature request: HSM support

    Hi Buckit, Yes, we do plan on HSM support at some stage - just working though many feature requests at them moment. We also have other protections in place to mitigate against what you've suggested, and we generally don't recommend keeping an export of your encryption keys. As long as you have a backup of your Passwordstate folder, and database, this is all you need to recover. And you can encrypt the web.config file settings, have your database on a different server, and then you would need two elevated breaches to get access. And there is also other controls in place as well. Regards Click Studios
  3. More verbose access log

    Too true 'Buckit'. We received support calls quite often where customers have enabled an option, but then completely forgot about it later on
  4. More verbose access log

    Thanks Azkabahn - we appreciate it.
  5. Permissions for generating API key

    Hello Valentijn , The link in the Help menu is visible to all users by default - you must have changed this in the Feature Access menu in the Administration area? Regards Click Studios
  6. Backup account: use a managed account

    Hi Guys, Just letting you know that we've released Build 8204 today which includes this feature request - thanks for the suggestion Regards Click Studios
  7. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8204, which includes 17 updates and 7 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx Regards Click Studios
  8. Hello HA4g3n, Private Lists are configured with the URL selected by default. Also, there is the following System Setting below (under Password List Options tab) to automatically provision a new Private List for all new user accounts added into Passwordstate. Regards Click Studios
  9. Bug report: API vs WINAP in examples

    Well that's embarrassing We'll get that fixed for the next release. Regards Click Studios
  10. Permissions for generating API key

    Thanks Buckit
  11. Bulk Password Resets

    Hi, Yes, that is correct. You can do Host filtering in your Account Discovery Job, but with 4600 workstations to interrogate, it will take some time - especially if some are turned off, as the script first needs to timeout before it moves on to the next Host. Regards Click Studios
  12. Tagging, flagging, or sharing passwords

    Excellent - thanks.
  13. Hello, None of the browser developers allow this anymore unfortunately - event in IE 11. They done this for security reasons. Regards Click Studios
  14. More verbose access log

    Hi Guys, At this stage it is not possible. We would need to figure out some logical manner of reporting on changes, as there are quite a few options and fields which can be changed. "And sometimes the user will try to actively hide what they've done" - sound like someone might have some staffing issues Regards Click Studios
  15. Reporting: hosts without password objects

    Hi, If there is some sort of error happening when scanning the hosts, the email report you get back should highlight this in Red. Are you seeing this? Regards Click Studios
  16. Sure, we understand. Maybe we can look at a popup or something in a future release.
  17. Reporting: hosts without password objects

    Hi Bukit, Sorry, but we do not have any reports for this sort of thing, but we can look into it in a future release. Shouldn't all your Windows Hosts have at least one Local Admin account - do you think there is some sort of issue with our Account Discovery Job? In the next release we've added an option for the Discovery Jobs, as per the screenshot below - so this might help troubleshoot any issues with this. Regards Click Studios
  18. Bulk Password Resets

    Sarge is correct:) If you have a failed reset, in the event the server is turned off for example, the Expiry date will not change and the Passwordstate Windows Service will retry the reset again the following day at the same time. It will do this every day until the reset is successful, at which point it will then recalculate the Expiry date for another 90 days (or what ever you have it set at). Hope this helps:) Support.
  19. Temporary access

    Thanks Buckit:) We hope it helps !
  20. Tagging, flagging, or sharing passwords

    Hi Craig, I think our software can do everything your asking. You can share a Password between Password Lists, but not if the password is configured for resets - select 'Copy or Move to Different Password List', and then you will see the first screenshot below. For your other two requests, our Generic Fields on a Password List should help with this - second screenshot below. You can select different Field Types here, so hopefully one of the options available will be appropriate. Regards Click Studios
  21. Bulk Password Resets

    Hello, You can either set this up manually, but that would be an enormous amount of work that many workstations, or you can use one of our Discovery Jobs for this, which can automate the whole thing. If you go to the Tools menu, and then Account Discovery, you will see you can add a Discovery Job called 'Windows Local Admin Accounts'. The screen should hopefully be self explanatory, but please let us know if you have any questions about the settings and filtering options. Also, you can enable Simulation Mode initially if you just want an email report of what it finds, and also consider the requirements for this in the following document - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Password_Discovery_Reset_and_Validation_Requirements.pdf - basically you will need PowerShell Remoting enabled on all Workstations, and the documentation also shows how to do this via group policy if required. Regards Click Studios
  22. Permissions for generating API key

    Hi Valentijn, Did you not see this when searching in our Security Administrator's manual - screenshot below?
  23. Hi Valentijn, Thanks for your request. You can actually add notes now manually, via the menu you see below. So you can either add notes before or after making changes to the user's access level. Regards Click Studios