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    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Hello, Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate it. To have an offline version of this, it would be a complete new module for Passwordstate. And as we've discussed, there would need to be some sort of process for constantly updating this DB. At this stage we're not sure what the interest is from the community on this, so we will need to wait to see how many customers would like it. Regards Click Studios
  2. support

    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Hello, Yes, the API call being used is https://api.pwnedpasswords.com/range/ We did download the database ourselves, and when you extract the zip file it's about 30GB. Would you want to host something that big? And this database is constantly being updated as well. We'd need to figure what high performance DB we would use for this as well, as you wouldn't want to overheads of SQL Server for this sort of functionality. Regards Click Studios
  3. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8397, which includes 1 new update and 8 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  4. support

    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Hi Everyone, Happy to report back here that we now have Pwned integration in our software, in our standard Passwordstate Vault and also in the Password Reset Portal module. After upgrading to 8388 or higher, you will see this option under Bad Passwords: Then, as long as Bad Passwords is enabled on the Password List, when a user goes to add or update an existing password, it will perform a Pwned check and deny them setting the password if it has a match to the online Pwned API. Thanks for the suggestions! Support.
  5. If you need to import all of your data from PasswordSafe into Passwordstate, this is the preferred process due to the below Powershell script keeping the correct format of your KeePass database. We'd like to thank one of our customers Fabian Näf from Switzerland for writing this script for us. He did a great job and it's helped out many of our customers. Process Start: In Passwordstate, identify and note down your System Wide API key from Administration-> System Settings -> API and you will find it under “Anonymous API Settings & Key” Create a Password List Template under the Passwords Menu -> Password List Templates. On this template please set the following options and then save the template: Disable the option to prevent the saving of password records if they are found to be a “Bad Password” (screenshot 1 below) Uncheck the option so the Password field is not required, and the URL field is enabled (screenshot 2 below) Identify and note down the TemplateID by toggling the column visibility (screenshot 3 below) In PasswordSafe, open your database and export the contents to a XML file. This can be executed from File -> Export to -> XML Format Download the script from: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/import-passwordsafe-xml.zip Extract this zip file and open with Powershell ISE or the straight Powershell shell, if you prefer You will be prompted to answer 5 pieces of information: The username of your Passwordstate Security Administrator Your Passwordstate URL Your System Wide API key Your PasswordList Template ID It will ask you to browse to your Exported XML file That’s it, the script will now run through and automatically read all of the information out of the XML file, and import it into Passwordstate. From here, there are a few other things you might want to consider doing after the script has run successfully: You may want to rearrange your folder structure. Ie possibly you might want to create some new folders for each of your teams, and then drag and drop existing Password Lists/Folders inside of them Once you are happy with your Folder structure, you should start applying permissions to either Password Lists or Folders using the following video as a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBJE_xD185U Best practices are to use Security Groups to apply permissions, instead of individual users, if possible Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: Regards, Support
  6. support

    discover domain accounts

    Hi rene_p, We do have a forum post here which outlines how to manually set up a Password Record: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1733-active-directory-password-reset-example/ Alternatively, there is documentation in Passwordstate for this under Help -> User Manual -> KB Articles -> Password Resets -> Resetting Active Directory Passwords. Hope this helps! Support
  7. support

    discover domain accounts

    Hi Rene_p, The 'Windows Local Admin Accounts' discovery job is only designed to discover Windows accounts, not Active Directory ones. For your AD Accounts, you can instead use the 'Windows Dependency Accounts' discovery job, and it will find on your hosts where AD Accounts are being used for Windows Services, Scheduled Tasks or IIS Application Pools. If you're are needing anything more than this for AD accounts, you will need to add this records manually into Passwordstate - either via the UI, or our API. We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  8. Hello again, I've just found the bug for this, and we will have an update in the next release - sorry for the inconvenience in the short term. We'll update this post once the new build is available. Regards Click Studios
  9. Hi Roger, For the 'Reason' request on the mobile client - this is by design. It would be quite challenging to implement all the features we have in the full UI in the mobile client. After the test this morning was working, it also doesn't seem to be working for me anymore in emailing users. I will need to investigate this further to determine what the issue is - sorry about that. Regards Click Studios
  10. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8388, which includes 16 new updates and 11 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  11. Hi Roger, I've just done a code review of this, as well as tested the functionality, and it seems to be sending emails for us okay. Have you deployed the mobile web site separately, or are you using the embedded site within your main Passwordstate web site? Can you also check your Passwordstate Windows Service is started, and that no Email Notifications are disabled. These can be disabled in three places: Administration -> Email Templates Administration -> Email Notification Groups Preferences -> Email Notifications And the user accounts also need to have an email address associated with them on the screen Administration -> User Accounts. Regards Click Studios
  12. support

    Scheduled backup zip is empty

    Hi Guys, We did notice a small difference between the manual and scheduled backups today, so we've now fixed this and you can open the zip file from both in Windows. It still seems to take a while to open in Windows Explorer, which is really odd, but other zip programs seem to be fine. We'll have this fix in the next release. Regards Click Studios
  13. support

    Scheduled backup zip is empty

    Hi Fabian, We're using a pretty copy zip library for this feature. If you use 7-zip does it work as expected? We'll see if there's an update to this library we can apply. Regards Click Studios
  14. support

    cannot browse active directory

    Hi rene, We just updated that other post with an interim fix for this bug. Thanks very much. Regards Click Studios
  15. support

    Scheduled backup zip is empty

    Hello, Sorry you're having some issues with this. This is very unusual behavior, and we've never experience this before. Can you tell us what build of Passwordstate you're using, and what Zip program - maybe try something like 7-zip to see if that makes any difference? Regards Click Studios
  16. support

    New type: "Dumb" password

    Hi Thomas, I think the Generic Fields on Password Lists would be the best option for this. You don't need to enable the List for resets, or associate with any hosts, and the Generic Fields gives you different data types and encryption options as well. Do you think this is a possibility? Regards Click Studios
  17. Hi Simon, Generally all that's require is: Change the Port binding from 9119 to 443 Change the Host Name binding to match the DNS entry you've created Select the new certificate for the HTTPS binding And make sure there is no firewall blocking 443 It sounds like you've done everything correctly, but can you please double check the items above. If they look correct, please contact us via our support page, as we might need to see some screenshots to figure out what's going on. Regards Click Studios
  18. support

    Remote Session launcher and Novell Clients

    Hi Findus, We've never had any customers mention this to use before, so we're assuming our launcher will not work with - it's really designed for standard RDP and SSH access. Hopefully someone in the community can share some insight though. Regards Click Studios
  19. support

    Single password / password list recovery

    Hello Pferree, We do not have a Recycle Bin for Password Lists at this stage. The user is prompted twice to confirm the do wish to delete the list, so hopefully no-one will do this by accident. Regards Click Studios
  20. support

    Host Discovery Failing

    Sorry about this Rene - we should have a new build available by the end of this week. Regards Click Studios
  21. support

    cannot browse active directory

    Hi Rene, Sorry you're having some issues. When you say "I cannot search and select the ou that the servers are sitting in", are you getting some sort of error here, or does it just not find any ous when you click on the 'Look Up' button and search? We might need you to log this call via our support page, as we may need to see some screenshots of your AD Domains - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx Regards Click Studios
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    Hi Dave, Thanks for your kind words You can change this setting on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous tab. Look for Inactivity Time Out (mins), and you will need to restart your browser after making this change. If you are being logged out before this timer, then typically Anti-Virus software on your web server can cause this, so you might need to exclude the Passwordstate folder from scanning. Regards Click Studios
  23. Thanks, and I can see the issue now - I just tested this also: You have your Invoke-RestMethod inside the json object - although you probably have moved this out by now And the GenericField1 and Description fields do not have a double quote before the single quote for your PowerShell variables i.e. should be "GenericField1":"'+$ServerName+'", instead of "GenericField1":'+$ServerName+'", I know it's hard to see in this forum, but cut and paste the text above and you will see what I mean. Regards Click Studios