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  1. Hello, Yes, if you are wanting Passwordstate to also backup your database, then you need to modify the Windows Services for SQL Server as instructed - as well for SQL Server Express. There are some changes coming in version 9 which will change this requirement, as long as you are backup up to a Windows Share - if backing up to NAS or SAN Storage, then the requirements will be the same in version 9. Or you can also take your own backups of SQL Server as well - it's not necassary for Passwordstate to do this. Regards Click Studios
  2. Below is some information Click Studio provide to customers when they request some information on moving Passwordstate to an Azure environment: If you intend to move to the cloud, please ensure you keep your current on premise version running, and only shut that down once you have confirmed that you can successfully access your new instance in Azure. The first thing you’ll need to do is determine which kind of database you’ll be using in Azure. You can either install SQL on a Azure Windows Server (just as you would on an On-Premise server), and move your database to it
  3. If you see error codes in the Error Console that contain "Error Code = Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion", then this is caused by Windows patches being applied, and a reboot is required to finish the patches. This can affect the Passwordstate Windows Service and various functions within the website. Rebooting your Passwordstate web server will fix this issue. Regards, Support
  4. This feature request was completed in Build 8925. Regards Click Studios
  5. Hi Guys, We're moving this request to Closed, as the Manual Permissions options is being deprecated in version 9, and new Permissions Models of Standard and Advanced are being introduced - with advanced, you can disable inheritance from upper level folders, so we will ensure this setting is added to the API. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hi Guys, We're moving this request to Closed, as the Manual Permissions options is being deprecated in version 9, and new Permissions Models of Standard and Advanced are being introduced - with advanced, you can disable inheritance from upper level folders, so we will ensure this setting is added to the API. Regards Click Studios
  7. Hello, Generally the Domain Name field is used for Exhange internally, and you specify your NetBIOS portion of the domain i.e. bygecko.com. If you're not using Microsoft Exchange, can you try removing this? Also, if you've not selected TLS, then the port number is generally 25 for email. Could you try that also? Regards Click Studios
  8. Hi Than, Thanks for the information. Generally we do not recommend installing Passwordstate on the same server as WSUS or Sharepoint, as removing these roles uninstalls components of IIS which are required for Passwordstate to function. We're not exactly clear on what it removes which breaks Passwordstate, and we have had a look in the past. If you would like to move your Passwordstate install to a different server, you can use the following articles for this: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-database-server.aspx https://www.clickstudios.
  9. Hello Marcin, Yes, you can import via CSV in two ways: Directly to a single Password List - under the List Administrator's Actions dropdown list beneath the grid, you will see the Import menu Of into multiple Password Lists at once - although you need to know all the PasswordListID values. You can do this from the screen Administration -> Password Lists -> Perform Bulk Processing We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  10. Hello Technic, Yes, it is completely free for 5 users without any time limitation. Regards Click Studios
  11. For any other customers reading this post, we've managed to fix the issues - the two issues were: Disabling Anonymous Authentication in IIS was not working, because Windows Authentication was also disabled - which is not the default setting The customer had the Audience Restriction in Passwordstate set incorrectly - it needs to match the “Identifier (Entity ID)” field in Azure AD Regards Click Studios
  12. Hi Robert, We've sent you an email response with a few questions we need answered, and hopefully this is just a configuration issue because we have many customers using Azure AD and SAML Authentication - the error of "was not found in the directory" sounds like something is not configured correctly. Regards Click Studios
  13. Hi SampoS, Those errors that IIS Session has been prematurely ended can be caused by either Reverse Proxies, AV software on the web server, or possibly a Load Balancer in front of your website. I'd assume the only one of these things that might be applying to you could be AV software, would that be right? If so, could you please disable AV temporarily, and then reset the installer, and run through the initial config again? Resetting the Passwordstate Set up process can be found here: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passw
  14. Hi Robert, If I understand your request properly, then we cannot import user accounts from Azure AD - we only support On-Premise Active Directory. Are you getting rid of all your On-Premise Domain Controllers? If not, then you can still sync Security Groups and User Accounts from your local domain controllers, but then authenticate to Azure AD using SAML Authentication - we have full documentation in the Security Administrator's manual, under the section Authentication Options for how to enable SAML and authentication to Azure. Below are some screenshots of how you enable SAML
  15. Hello Lockbresnar, Sorry for the late reply. If you have purchased some licenses, you can always get a quicker response if you log support calls via our Support page here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx And to answer your question, whilst our software is designed to provide full functionality, in theory what you're asking should work i.e import required security groups and users, but don't assign them to any Verification Policies. It should still send email reminders, as based on the pwdLastSet attribute for their account - and obviously they need an ema
  16. I'm sorry sorry Chris - I did link the wrong article, but have corrected that now. We'll have a look at the results as soon as you send them to us. Regards Click Studios
  17. Hello cjohnston, The 500 error you reported has nothing to do with importing passwords - a Server 500 error generally means some sort of configuration issue in IIS. Please contact support as the per the suggestion above, and we will try and figure out the issue with your API. Regards Click Studios
  18. Hello cjohnston, It doesn't sound like you have missed anything. Can you please follow the instructions in this forum post, and send us the results via our Support page on our web site - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2518-passwordstate-support-information-script/Click Studios
  19. Hello, Do you know if your API in Passwordstate is functioning, as this is what's used for the Browser Extension? If you append /api to your normal URL, do you get the documentation page, or do you see an error? Regards Click Studios
  20. Hi Alex, Can you please follow the instructions on the screenshot below, and send us the code via our Support page on our web site. Regards Click Studios
  21. Hi Johan, What you've pointed out is a good point if you do not know the document name. I think we'll need to add another method to the API to retreieve the document name separately, but below is how you can do it for the moment - update the filename path as appropriate, and IDs and API Key. $PasswordstateUrl = '/api/document/password/<DocumentID>' #Read and output key to file $result = Invoke-WebRequest -Method GET -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Header @{ "APIKey" = "$Apikey" } $contentDisposition = $result.Headers.'Content-Disposition' $fileName = $conte
  22. No problems - glad it's all okay for you now.
  23. Excellent - thanks. It's a bit weird that it only happened after an upgrade though, unless you've recently installed some AV software as well. Regards Click Studios
  24. Thanks for your request Mickael. We do have the ability to delete password records, but not Password Lists or Folders. Regards Click Studios
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