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  1. Hi All, We will have an option for this in the next build - due in a few days. Regards Click Studios
  2. We've had a customer request the ability to have a second two factor authentication option to be available to be used when SAML2 is the primary option. Currently SAML2 only works on it's own and an example of this feature would be you could choose SAML2 with Google Authenticator. If you think this is a feature you would like to see in Passwordstate, please cast your vote! Regards, Support.
  3. support

    Error in application Log.

    Hello Joakim, Can you check three things for us: On the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous tab, is your Base URL field here correct for your Passwordstate URL? On this System Settings screen, if you click the 'Save' button, can you report the actual error it comes back with And in IIS, if you look at the Passwordstate web site (expand the site in the tree), is the 'SelfDestruct' folder configured as an 'Application' in IIS - this should have a different icon from most other folders? Thanks Click Studios
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    Hello, Could you please follow those on screen instructions and let us know the outcome? Thanks Click Studios
  5. support

    Account 'S-1-5-18' was found

    Thank Mi Ke, We will try to reproduce this this week, and will report back here if we can. Appreciate the information you provided. Regards, Support
  6. Certain brands of Anti-Virus software installed on your Passwordstate web server can cause issues with sessions in IIS (Internet Information Services). These AV products can kill sessions in IIS, causing the general error screen to appear in Passwordstate, and the following types of errors in the Error Console screen: It appears the user's session in IIS has been prematurely ended, causing the following error Object variable or With block variable not set Error Code = Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DEFAULT' Error Code = Thread was being aborted There was an issue validating both the AuthToken session variable and cookie If you see any errors like this, please exclude the Passwordstate folder from any active scanning, as well as the w3wp.exe process, which is IIS. Some of these errors can also be caused by using multiple instances of Passwordstate open in different browsers, or different tabs, and upgrading to the latest version will fix these errors. Regards Click Studios
  7. support

    Error Console Errors Due to Anti-Virus Software

    Thanks for letting the community know
  8. support

    Hide unapproved Authentication Options

    Coming in the next build
  9. support

    HTTP Security Headers

    Hi Guys, We've added the mentioned security headers in build 8600. Regards Click Studios
  10. support

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Okay thanks
  11. support

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Hello, Have you tested our new version of the Self Destruct Message feature, where the site can be deployed separately to your main Passwordstate web site? And this deployed site does not need any access back to your Passwordstate API at all? We don't have any features in our API right now to send Self Destruct Messages, but it may be something we look into in the future. Thanks Click Studios
  12. support

    Account 'S-1-5-18' was found

    Hi Mike, Sorry it's not fixed. It is quite difficult for us to test this sort of fix, when we cannot reproduce the issue ourselves. This returns 'System' for us every time, and we're not sure how to replicate what you are seeing - would you have any ideas what we need to do to this scheduled task to replicate it? Thanks Click Studios
  13. support

    Account 'S-1-5-18' was found

    Hi Mike, We're not sure why your scheduled tasks are reporting n/a like this - we've never seen this before. Can you try the attached script again - we've added this in as an exclusion as well. Get-Dependencies.ps1 Regards Click Studios
  14. Hello IdlOr, We're really sorry, but Passwordstate is only designed to work with Active Directory store, and not the other two directories you've mentioned. Regards Click Studios
  15. support

    Account 'S-1-5-18' was found

    Hi Mi Ke, We are very sorry, we did actually forget to follow this up. I've taken a look at this today and here's some information to consider: In our discovery job, we are excluding the discovery of "System" as per screenshot below, but we cannot understand why on your systems this isn't working: We found out that the Profile of the System Account has the unique profile registry key as S-1-5-18 So we've now added this to our exclusions in the Account Dependency Script, tested this and it seems to be working: For this to work for you, can you please do the following on your Passswordstate web server? 1. On your Passwordstate web server, download this file: Get-Dependencies.ps1 2. Place it in C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\setup\scripts, and overwrite the existing file 3. In Passwordstate, go to Administration -> Powershell Scripts -> Account Discovery Scripts and restore the default Windows Account Dependency script from the Actions Menu: Now try your Discovery Dependency again, does this fix the issue? If it does, we'll include this new script in the next build of Passwordstate we release. Regards, Support
  16. Hello, Passwordstate should work fine with TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled – we’ve tested this ourselves, and other customers have disabled these protocols as well. Could you please try the following, on both your Web and Database Servers: 1. Using the following IIS Crypto Tool, click on the ‘Best Practices’ button, then close the application - https://www.nartac.com/Products/IISCrypto/ 2. Follow the instructions again for changing the registry keys, as IIS Crypto may have updated them. You can refer to this document for that https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/3135244/tls-1-2-support-for-microsoft-sql-server, in the section ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ 3. Now reboot both servers Hopefully this should resolve it for you. Regards Click Studios
  17. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your request. For your Basic Level request, that is possible right now. But for your Complex Level, we will be honest here in saying this is not a feature we will be working on - technically we're not sure how we could even achieve that, and the Agent is not designed to allow traffic through it, only to push/pull traffic from your Passwordstate API. Regards Click Studios
  18. support

    copy-paste in hosts

    Hi everyone, You can copy text in the clipboard to a remote session from your local PC, and from the remote session back to your local PC, but the same cannot be done for files. Files can only go one way, which is from local PC to the Remote Session. If Spark are ever able to include this feature, we will implement it in our software and notify all users in this thread, plus in our changelog. Regards, Support
  19. Hi Everyone, This feature that Dan mentioned above is now included in build 8600. Thanks for all your input:) Support.
  20. support

    storing ssl certs with password

    Hi Bobby, Yes, that is what a lot of our customers do to store SSL certificates. Your other option is to select the SSL Certificates template when creating a Password List, and this will configure a Generic Field to store the 'text' value of your certificate in. Regards Click Studios
  21. Hi Everyone, We've now published a document at the link below, and will update this if necessary: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Passwordstate_Open_Port_Requirements.pdf Regards, Support
  22. Hey guys, we're really sorry we missed these two comments. We're going to try to publish the Ports document in the next couple of days. We'll put a link to it here as soon as it's ready:) Sorry again and we'll be in touch soon. Support.
  23. support

    Bug discovered

    Woops - sorry
  24. support

    Bug discovered

    Thanks for letting us know, and we will correct this spelling in the next release. Can you let us know what you mean by "application is unusable"? Even though this is spelt incorrectly, the report runs fine for us. Regards Click Studios
  25. support

    CSV Import & Remote Spark

    Hi Ecp, Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate it. We'll need to look at technically how we could achieve this in a future release. Until we're able to work on this, you should be able to rename the header-names in your existing spreadsheet, and then simple re-organize the column orders in Excel - you can quickly move columns around in Excel, and it shouldn't take that long at all. Regards Click Studios