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    Password Expiry Notification

    Hi Frank, Possibly you could set up a scheduled report for the Expiring Password, which can be found here: One the actual password itself, what kind of things are you hoping to configure other than the expiry date? You could force the use of a strong password to be set? Or there are other options you could consider which are on the Password List Edit page: Or perhaps you could add in some extra fields if you need to store more information about the password, rather than just the standard fields like username and Password? Does this help at all? regards, Support
  2. support

    SAML Infinite Loop after Windows Update

    Hi Pongsatorn, I can request this information from our lead developer and will post back here when I know more. he is on holidays at the moment, (quietest time of the year for us), so it may take a bit of time before I can get hold of him. I can confirm that there definitely were some code changes though, I just don't know what they were. regards, Support
  3. support

    Bulk Password Domain Configuration

    Hi PaulCa, The two options I could suggest would be to either use an Active Directory Discovery job, which will find the accounts in an AD container and automatically import them into the Password List with the appropriate domain selected. Or You could use a script to loop through a csv file that has the account details, and add them into the Password List which will be using the API. The Discovery job would be easiest if you the accounts were all in one OU, or one Security Group, or if they all had the same name. I hope this helps but please let me know if you had any questions about this? Regards, Support
  4. Hi Mike, I'm going to have to try to replicate this, and then pass it on to our developers of the extension to see if they can fix it. I'm fairly certain we have one of these devices I can test on. What format do you have the URl stored as? is it a base URL like https://name.com or do you have something appended to the end of the url like https://name.com/login.aspx ? Regards, Support
  5. Hi Sus, When searching for a user to send an Self Destruct message to, by default it will look through any users that you have listed under Administration -> User Accounts. If the users on that page do not have a email address associated with their username, then they will not show when searching for them in a Self Destruct Message. When sending a Self Destruct message, it's possible to time bomb the message so it gets deleted after a specific amount of time. I'm wondering if it's possible your user is not reading the message quick enough? Under Auditing, can you check these two auditing events and see if they help understand if the message was sent and if it was read? Regards, Support
  6. support

    Where to download Safari browser extension

    We understand Jeff and it's very disappointing for us also. We've invested a lot of money in Safari only for Apple to completely make our years of development redundant. If we get more interest in the future we'll certainly consider this again. Regards, Support
  7. support

    Where to download Safari browser extension

    Hi Jeff, We've taken a look at the whole process that Apple recommended for us to convert our extension over. What they made sound like an easy convert is actually a complete rewrite of our extension so it is an App on the desktop. We've installed the LastPass app from the extensions store and can confirm that this doesn't even autofill anymore, without downloading a separate version directly from the LastPass servers. For the amount of work this will be and combining that with little interest in using the Safari extension, unfortunately we will not be looking into developing an App for this at this point in time. We will be removing reference to the Safari extension in our next build of Passwordstate that we release. When installing the LastPass app, it highly recommends installing their extension for Chrome, so users get a seamless and easy experience. I'm hoping that this will be a good work around for you and your users too. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but we just can't justify developing a brand new app for this, at this stage. Regards, Support.
  8. If you do not intend on accessing Passwordstate from outside your network, the best type of free certificate you can use is one that is generated from an internal Certificate Authority. A Certificate Authority is easy to set up, and is just another "Role" that your Domain Controller provides. Below are some instructions on how to set up a Certificate Authority on your Domain, if you do not already have one: All steps below are performed on your domain controller. Open Server Manager, and Add a new Role: Click Next Click Next Click Next Select Active Directory Certificate Services Click Add Features and then click Next Click Next Click Next Select Certificate Authority and click Next Click Install When Feature Installation finishes, click Close Click Notifications and select Click Configure Active Directory Certificate Services Ensure the user you are logged in with is an Enterprise Admin and click Next Select Certificate Authority and click Next Select Enterprise CA and click Next Select Root CA and click Next Select Create New Private Key and click Next Select SHA256, Key Length of 2048 bits, and click Next Leave all the fields as default, and click Next Choose 5 years for the validity period, or what’s relevant for your organization, and click Next Leave defaults and click Next Click Configure Click Close Now reboot your domain controller, and your Certificate Authority is now configured. You can now create a wildcard certificate that can be used for your Passwordstate website, which will mean any computer joined to your domain will automatically trust the certificate making for a nicer end user experience. You can also use this certificate for your Browser Based Gateway, if you intend on using that feature inside Passwordstate. For detailed instructions on how generate a certificate from your Certificate Authority, see this forum post: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1952-generate-a-new-certificate-from-active-directory-certificate-authority/ If you are changing the certificate, you may need to also change the URL of your Passwordstate website. To be completely trusted, the certificate name needs to match the bindings in IIS, which also needs to match the DNS record you have for your site. This forum post describes how to change your URL: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1465-changing-the-passwordstate-url/ Regards, Support
  9. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8850, which includes 5 new updates, and 1 bug fix. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  10. support

    Stuck in Maintenance Mode

    Hello Kelvina, That message you are seeing in the UI is not related to Maintenance Mode, so there is something going on with the restore you have done. If you want to turn off maintenance mode, then you can run the SQL Statement below with SQL Server Management Studio: USE Passwordstate UPDATE SystemSettings SET MaintenanceModeUserID = '' Do you remember what the issue was with the upgrade? If you go into the Upgrades folder in Passwordstate, is there a upgradelog.txt file in there, as it might have logged the error? I'd recommend using SQL Server Management Studio to test database connectivity, using the database credentials you see in the web.config file - located in the root of the Passwordstate folder. Also, in the following manual (https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Passwordstate_User_Manual.pdf) page 255 -> 258 shows how to restore your database. Regards Click Studios
  11. Passwordstate has a feature called "User Account Policies", which are similar to Windows "Group Policies". The idea being you create one or more rules, and apply them to a group of users. This forum post describes how you can use a User Account Policy to force all users to enable the URL field when they create a new Private Password List. Step 1: Under Passwords Menu, add in a new Password List Template Step 2: Give the Template a name, choose an icon, and also enable the URL field Step 3: Create a new User account Policy under Administration -> User Account Policies, give it a name, and choose the Template you have created in Steps 1 and 2: Step 4: Apply the Policy to All Users and Security Groups, or choose a custom Security Group to apply the Policy to: Now when any user attempts to create a new Private Password List, the template will be selected for them automatically: ** TIP #1 ** If you want to use a User Account Policy to create a Shared Password List, you can also set the permissions to be based off the permissions you set on your Password List Template (Setting ID #E2) ** TIP #2 ** If you choose the option to Link the User Account Policy to the Password List, (Setting ID # E3 or #E5) then anytime you make changes to settings on the Password List Template, this will automatically update all inked Password Lists in the system ** TIP #3 ** Under Administration -> System Settings -> Password List Options, there are several settings that control the way User Account Policies can behave if using one in conjunction with a Password List Template. Consider reading the setting on that page and decide if they will help you control your environment Regards, Support
  12. support

    New Audit User

    Hello Mcsirl, That's correct - the Reporting And Password Lists screens in the Administration area is for all Shared Password Lists, but they could just filter out the results in the export. If you don't want them doing this, then unfortunately your only options are to either continue with the process you have, or give them access to the individual Password Lists. Regards Click Studios
  13. support

    Licensing question

    Hello McJack, System Administrators and end users can use our software - it really depends on who you wish to make the software available to. We have many customers who offer the software to both types of users. Regards Click Studios
  14. support

    Licensing question

    Hello, Thanks for your enquiry, and each user who needs to log into Passwordstate and use the software requires a license. Regards Click Studios
  15. support

    New Audit User

    Hi Alan, If you've assigned them the Reporting role, then they can run the reports regarding permissions on the screen Administration -> Reporting. Can you confirm if they have access to this? Regards Click Studios
  16. support

    Separate user icons for disabled users

    Hello, Would it be better to instead just not show disabled user accounts? Then other users would not need to differentiate between different icon types. Regards Click Studios
  17. support

    Site path for Browser Extension

    Hi, Thanks for clarifying. For the extension to be configured for use, you need to login to Passwordstate. Once logged in, the extensions communicate to the API in Passwordstate, which is the URL of /API after your normal URL. Regards Click Studios
  18. support

    New Audit User

    Hi Alan, There are a couple of Security Administrator roles that you could assign to assist with this i.e. to give them access to the Auditing screen in the Administration area, and maybe the Reporting screen. Each of the Nodes in the Navigation Tree in the Administration area are separate roles for Security Administrators. The one which is not possible is Password History - you must have access to the Password List in order to view the history of changes to records. There is auditing data for 'Password Updated', but that does not necessarily mean the value of the password has been updated - it could be other fields as well. Regards Click Studios
  19. support

    Site path for Browser Extension

    Hi tboggs13. We're sorry, but we're not clear on the question you are asking. Do you mean the path to the Passwordstate web site for it to function, or are you referring to external web sites? Are you having an issue that we could possibly help with? Regards Click Studios
  20. support

    User Default Domain - Remember Selection

    Hey Sarge, We should already have a cookie which remembers this - are your cookies disabled possibly? Regards Click Studios
  21. support

    YubiKey Howto

    Hello, Yes, we have information for this in our Manuals under the Help Menu: Security Administrator's Manual -> System Settings -> Authentication Options tab User Manual -> Preferences -> Authentication Options tab We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  22. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8844, which includes 4 new updates, and 2 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  23. support

    Where to download Safari browser extension

    Hi Jeff, We're currently working on it at the moment. The whole process has changed, and they require you to also make coding changes, so we're not exactly sure how long it's going to take. Have you checked our the new Chrome extension, which you can use on OSX - it is far better that the Safari one we have? Regards Click Studios
  24. Hi Guys, We might look into this for version 9 of Passwordstate - which we're currently working on. Regards Click Studios