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  1. Hi Gagan, We actually have this UserID field in a later build of Passwordstate - see screenshot below. So you will need to upgrade in order to use this feature. If needed, you may also need to upgrade your Portal install as well, and the following document will tell you how to do that, and whether an upgrade of the portal is required - see section '10. Upgrade Dependency Matrix' https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf We hope this helps.
  2. Hi tburke, With these environments where WinAPI is not configured like this, can you tell us if these are old environments that you've upgraded from version 7? If so, we provided some post upgrade instructions for what's required here, and you can find them in the User Manual under the Help Menu - see screenshot below. If you did not upgrade from Version 7, can you let us know so we can investigate? Regards Click Studios
  3. support

    Security architectural diagram

    Hi tburke, We're working on a document at the moment for this, and I can email you a draft copy now. We will eventually publish this on our web site, and include it in downloads. Regards Click Studios
  4. Hi Marek, No it is not sorry. We do not have the ability to have live replication of the SQLite database. Regards Click Studios
  5. Hi Tbourke, Can you open IIS and check to see if your Windows API is configured similar to my screenshot below? It should look like a website icon, not a folder icon. Can you also look under the Application Pools to ensure there is one for the WinAPI and also who is it running under? Is it Network Service or some other account? Regards, Support
  6. HI tburke, Thanks for confirming, and Anonymous Authentication being enabled is the default for a new install, so you must have disabled it? If you enable Maintenance Mode under a certain account, you need to log back in with that account after the first phase of the upgrade is complete. So disabling Anonymous Authentication here has caused this issue for you, as you could not longer log back in with this 'Forms' account you're referring to. Regards Click Studios
  7. Thanks for your suggestions tburke - we appreciate it.
  8. With the new request access to passwords feature, the approver can only reject or approve a request. It's up to the requestor to set a date and time for when he/she will have access to the record. A customer has requested that the approver should be able to modify that time during the approval process. Regards, Support
  9. support

    API for export all KeePass encrypted zip

    Hi Tburke, We generally recommend High Availability for disaster recoveries, as exporting all passwords does not export Private password lists. Unfortunately, we do not have an options in the UI to zip a file or password protect it sorry, so a custom script would be the best way to achieve this:) Regards, Support.
  10. Well this has been a long time in the reply and we're sorry we haven't reported back here earlier about this, but converting Private Password Lists to Shared Password Lists is now disabled by default as of Passwordstate 8. If you need to convert a Private List to a Shared one, please see this forum Post: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2398-how-do-i-take-ownership-of-a-private-list/ Regards, Support
  11. Hello. We've just made a change for the next release, and you won't need to manually enter this blank GUID1 string in the file - it will work as expected and do this for you. Regards Click Studios
  12. Hello, Do you have Anonymous Authentication disabled for the site in IIS - this is the only think I can think of where it would present this screen to you, as Passwordstate is detecting your accessing it using a different domain account? You can clear this in the database if you like, by running the following command using SQL Management Studio: USE Passwordstate UPDATE SystemSettings SET MaintenanceModeUserID = '' Rergards Click Studios
  13. Hi tburke, Can you let us know what you see on the screen at the moment? If you enabled maintenance mode before the upgrade started, then you need to log back in with the same account to finish the second phase of the upgrade, which is to upgrade the database? So there are two stages to the upgrade: Upgrade all the files Upgrade the database Thanks Click Studios
  14. Hi tburke, Thanks for pointing this out, and we need to update our documentation here a little bit - what you will need to do is add the following line in your web.config file: <add key="GUID1" value="" /> Once this is done, and browse to the site, you will be prompted to enter your Emergency Access password to register the web server properly. It seems to be adding a duplicate GUID1 setting when doing this, bit does work - we will look into why this is doing this. Sorry for the oversight, and we will update our documentation now. Regards Click Studios
  15. support

    Using Browser Extension - Auditing Concerns

    Hello, Yes, we are aware of this issue and have fixed it for the next rounds of releases for broswer extensions. We did not want to release so late in the year, as these new extensions when they automatically update in your browser, will force you to also upgrade Passwordstate if you want to continue using the extensions - there is a dependency change in the API needed here. So we will release these updates at the start of next year. Regards Click Studios