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  1. support

    SAML2 Azure Logout

    Hello, This feature is not available as of build 8806. Regards Click Studios
  2. support

    Creating an Audit User

    Hi, Your screenshot below shows they have LastPass installed - I can see three icon overlays for it. Can you try disabling it please, or maybe get them to test with a different browser so they don't have to disable it. Regards Click Studios
  3. support

    Creating an Audit User

    Hello, If you're using has been given access to this screen, then they should see all data - there is no filtering we apply here by default - so this behaviour is very strange. I'm not sure it would be affecting the filtering, but can you please try disabling your LastPass extension and see if that helps at all? Thanks Click Studios
  4. Quick update to say we are working on some more fixes for the Passwordstate Chrome Browser extension to accurately form fill usernames and passwords. We're almost finished porting all changes to Firefox too. We are expecting to release a new build for Chrome this week, and a brand new version for Firefox in a few weeks. If you are using the Chromium version of Edge (still in Beta), the you can use the new Browser Extension right now. Regards, Support
  5. Hi, We're making some improvements to the form filling, and should hopefully have an updated extension available tomorrow - at which time it will automatically upgrade in your browser. Please let us know if you have any issues after this upgrade. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hello, In Passwordstate, can you let us know if you have created one or more Password Lists which have the URL field selected? If so, if you go to the Help Menu in Passwordstate, and open the Web API Documentation - then click on 'Standard API' does it load the documentation page okay? We also have had no reports of the extension logging you out of gmail - we use gmail ourselves, and have not see this. Let's see if the information above helps with the gmail issue - although, the extension is designed only to form fill, and not simulate clicking buttons on screens at all. Regards Click Studios
  7. support

    Browser Extensions fills wrong fields

    Hi Fabian, Quick update to say we will hopefully be releasing a new build soon that should fix this:) Maybe 1 - 2 days. Regards, Support
  8. Hi Mark, We've found the cause of this, and it's due to us trying to update the Fields ID's on the 'Browser Form Fields' tab automatically, if we detect that they are changing. So we are going to have to remove this feature, and customers will just need to manually update these ID fields if they ever change for the logins screens. So this means that for your Fortigate firewalls accounts, they will be incorrect after you are navigating around the internal pages. So after we do the next release, we will probably have to update them manually in Passwordstate. I hope this all makes sense. Regards Click Studios
  9. Hi Mark, Thanks for reporting this, and we also see the same thing on Fortinet firewalls - so we will have to review this form filling functionality, and figure out why it's filling these fields. We'll let you know as soon as we've been able to figure out a solution. Regards Click Studios
  10. Hi tboggs, Can you tell us if this is a publicly accessible site we can look into? Thanks Click Studios
  11. support

    browser extension not filling fields

    Thanks Fabian - we are discussing this internally, as we did change the behavior in the latest build. We'll let you know once we have an update. Regards Click Studios
  12. support

    Browser Extensions fills wrong fields

    Hi Fabian, Do you know if it's possible for us to create a login for this site to test? Thanks Click Studios
  13. support

    browser extension not filling fields

    Hi Fabian, Yes, that is correct - and sorry, we should update the documentation to reflect this. Or maybe we'll discuss with the team whether this should be changed or not. To confirm, if you've already saved the credential, you should not be prompted a second time to save it - is this happening for you? Regards Click Studios
  14. support

    Potential Issue with New Browser Extension

    Hi Beau, I did create my own account for this site, and did notice during this account creation process that about 30 records where added. But since then, and it doesn't matter what I do in the UI, I cannot reproduce this unfortunately. Can you see if you can reproduce this in Incognito mode with our extension enabled, to see if possibly there is some sort of interaction happening between extensions? Are you Or, if you can reproduce this consistently, can you add this URL to the 'Ignored URLs' on the screen Administration -> Browser Extensions settings, to see if that will help - this is only a work around until we can reproduce the issue ourselves. You will need to log out of your extension after adding this, and then log back into Passwordstate to configure your extension again. Regards Click Studios