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  1. support

    Browser Extension for Edge

    Hi Everyone, No update in this certificate issue yet with Edge, but we are going to move this feature request into the closed feature requests forum, as the original scope has been completed. We have, however created a Bug fix for this internally, and we'll report back to this forum post once we find a solution to this certificate issue. The tracking ID for this bug fix is PS-2654 and if you need to you are welcome to contact us on support at clicktudios.com.au for updates on this. Regards, Support
  2. support

    New import KeePass Powershell script 2018

    Excellent, also from us, thanks for sharing too:) We have quite a few people using this script now and it's making it very easy for users to come across from Keepass to us. We appreciate it. Support, Click Studios.
  3. Hello Pjc, Thanks for your request, and yes our software can do what you've suggested above. You would need to use our Browser Extensions for this, and save the web site logins into a Shared Password List. Here is a quick video of this feature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hmjnrrt2Pg and there are also many other videos on our channel as well for you. In terms of Passwordstate cs Cyberark, we have the following feature comparison for other products - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/compare-password-managers.aspx. We don't have a comparison for Cyberak though, as we are unable to test it ourselves - they won't let us The have similar features to Secret Server, but are significantly more expensive than them. Regards Click Studios
  4. support

    Add "Notes" section to security groups

    Hi Frank, There is the Auditing activity of 'User Account Added to Security Group', but you're correct in that you cannot specify a reason when doing this. Regards Click Studios
  5. support

    Allow manually inputting 2FA/MFA TOTP secret/key

    Hi Guys, Yes, this will be available in the next release - due in about a week or two. Screenshots below. Regards Click Studios
  6. support

    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Thanks Parrishk. During imports, we do recommend turning off the 'Bad Passwords' option on the Password List, as this will allow you to import without any issues. Regards Click Studios
  7. support

    Report: Password lists (and/or folders?) without admins

    Hello, Thanks for your request. As a work around, you could run the SQL Query below. Any Password Lists with a TotalPermissions of 0, means there is no Admin on the list. USE Passwordstate SELECT PasswordLists.PasswordListID, PasswordLists.PasswordList, PasswordLists.Description, PasswordLists.TreePath, (SELECT COUNT(PasswordListID) FROM [PasswordListsACL] PSSWD WHERE (PSSWD.PasswordListID = PasswordLists.PasswordListID) AND (PSSWD.Permissions = 'A')) As TotalPermissions FROM [PasswordLists] WHERE (PasswordLists.PrivatePasswordList = 0) AND (PasswordLists.Folder <> 1) GROUP BY PasswordLists.PasswordListID, PasswordLists.PasswordList, PasswordLists.Description, PasswordLists.TreePath ORDER BY PasswordLists.PasswordList Regards Click Studios
  8. Hello, We can confirm that a Folder or Password List will not be selected in the Navigation Tree, if you have Load On Demand enabled - this is by design, because nested items do not exist in the Tree until you expand the parent nodes. Load On Demand is only generally recommended if you have 1000+ nodes in the tree - how many do you have? Regards Click Studios
  9. support

    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Thanks for the suggestions Ulf - we appreciate it.
  10. support

    Permission for Recycle Bin

    Thanks Florian
  11. support

    Multiple Authentication Types

    Hi Rob, We're really sorry, as we didn't pick up initially that you are using forms-based authentication, and we were testing with AD Authentication. So we've been able to reproduce the same issue as you now, and have also fixed it for the next release. We'll post back here again when the new build is available, in about a week or two's time. Regards Click Studios
  12. support

    Permission for Recycle Bin

    Hello Florian, At the moment, any user who has Modify or Admin rights to a Password List can empty the Recycle Bin. Instead of storing credentials in the recycle bin when they may be needed later, would it be better to move these accounts to some type of "Archive" Password List, and then you can control who has access there? Regards Click Studios
  13. support

    Initial password in password state

    Hello, With this type of discovery job, it does not reset the password upon discovery - as this would be very disruptive to services. This option is for initially setting the value of the password in Passwordstate, which will obviously be incorrect until the first reset occurs. We hope this clarifies. Regards Click Studios
  14. support

    Have I Been Pwned? Integration

    Hi Guys, This was also our concern about implementing this feature, but several customer's reassured us that it wouldn't be a problem We're not really sure what to suggest here if you want to use this feature. You could uncheck the option which prevents saving if a bad password is detected, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having this feature in the first place. We could look at the warning as you've suggested, but we're pretty sure users would just ignore this and continue to use these "bad" passwords. Regards Click Studios