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  1. support

    Multiple Authentication Types

    Hi Rob, I do not believe this will work if all you're doing is closing the tab - sorry, but this is outside of our control unfortunately. Regards Click Studios
  2. support

    Multiple Authentication Types

    Hi Rob, I think the issue is your Step 5 above. I asked what happens if you close your browser, not close your tab. The only way to kill your sessions in IIS is to log out of Passwordstate, or close your browser altogether. Just closing the tab will not do this. Regards Click Studios
  3. support

    "add to home screen"-icon for iOS Safari

    Hello, Thanks for your request. We did try getting this to work some time ago, but were not successful, but we will give it another go and see what we can do. Regards Click Studios
  4. Hello, Sorry you're having some issues. If you have uploaded a logo of the exact same name, then yes this would be the issue. I've attached the default logo for you, and you will need to save this into the folder C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\images\logos Regards Click Studios
  5. Hello Constantin, As we don't have the sort of feature you need, we recommend not configuring a Password Lists with Authentication options which users cannot use. In the unlikely event somebody did this, Security Administrators can always turn it off/change it via the screen Administration -> Password Lists. For authentication into Passwordstate, all we can suggest for now is multiple User Account Policies - this will enforce it for you. If possible, and we certainly understand if it's not, but consolidating the number of 2FA methods you use may help as well - we find most of our customers try to do this as it does simplify things, and reduces your support costs. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, but we think this approach would be problematic. We auto-populate a lot of the Authentication fields on users Preferences screen, even if they are not using those Authentication options i.e. SecurID Username is populated for all accounts. Do you know users can chose their own Authentication Method on their Preferences screen? I think this might be a better option for you, as you then would not need to worry about all those User Account Policies. Regards Click Studios
  7. Hi Constantin, Thanks for the clarification, and no that is not possible sorry. I'm not sure if we would consider this as a feature request sorry, unless we had many customers interested in it - an no-one has expressed an interest before. Technically we're not sure how this would event work - would we just randomly present a 2FA option to the user - what is they don't use SecurID, as an example. Regards Click Studios
  8. Hi Constantin, With the user of User Account Policies, found under the Administration menu, you can have different authentication options for different sets of users. Can you investigate this, and let us know if this is what you need. Regards Click Studios
  9. support

    Issues adding passwords via webapi

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your help, and patience, in trying to troubleshoot this, and we can confirm we see the same thing if the Password List is for a Remote Site Location. So we'll look into getting this fixed for the next release, and test all other methods as well to make sure there are no other issues. Thanks again. Regards Click Studios
  10. support

    Improved Branding/Customisation

    Yes, that would work
  11. support

    Improved Branding/Customisation

    Thanks Sarge. Per page CSS would require us to update all 492 pages in Passwordstate, so this is unlikely to happen sorry - unless we have a lot of customers who also need this level of customization for all pages in Passwordstate. Regards Click Studios
  12. support

    Improved Branding/Customisation

    Actually, maybe for the login screens we could change the name of the css from BaseColor to LoginScreenBaseColor, and then you can have different css for these screens as well. Also, did you know you can now also use a background image on all logins screens - this would negate the custom css on these screens if you would prefer to use that. Regards Click Studios
  13. support

    Improved Branding/Customisation

    I've just done some quick testing in the main site, and this should be possible with us adding one line of code into one of our classes. So if you were to include your own css file called /App_Themes/custom.css, then this would apply to all pages in the core product. You will need to include the '!important' rule on all your css attributes so they take precedence over ours, but it seems to work nicely. If we add this in though, it would be one css file for the whole site - so if you were to change the base color, it would change for all pages, just not the login screens. Trying to provide custom css for each individual page would be a considerable amount of work. The Self Destruct and Reset Portal would be the same concept with this custom.css file. Because you add this file yourself, no upgrades will touch this. Regards Click Studios
  14. support

    Improved Branding/Customisation

    Hi Sarge, Thanks for your request. Could you provide an example of the CSS code you are modifying here? When you refer to "Currently the base colour", are you referring to the Self Destruct or Password Reset Portal still, or the logins screens in Passwordstate? Thanks Click Studios