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  1. Hi Timo, In order to test scenarios like this, we need publicicly accessbile web sites that we can test ourselves, and debug with our tools. Are these two different web sites, as the URL looks to be the same in your example above. We do only support base URL matching, so if the base URL is the same for two different sites, then we might not be able to help with this. Or if you're able to, can you use different base URLs for these sites? Also check your 'Browser Form Fields' are correct for your password record - edit the record, and you will see the tab for
  2. Hi Timo, Do you have any external sites with this behaviour that we can test with? Thanks Click Studios
  3. Hi Emil, We're not sure what this could be at this stage, we may have to get you to emails us screenshots of your discovery job to supportclickstudios.com.au so we can see how it is set up. If you run the discovery job manually, do you get the same error? To run a job manually, go to Administration -> Powershell Scripts -> Account Discoveries, and run the script from the Actions Menu: You can add one host per line when running a job manually, do you have many hosts you are querying in your discovery job? Regards, Support
  4. Hello Emil, For this discovery job, can you please check that the OU's you have specified are still valid? Regards Click Studios
  5. Hi Jean, Yes it is, but we've made some improvements to it as well for the official release. Regards Click Studios
  6. Okay thanks. With the error of "The specified network name is no longer available", possibly this was a DNS issue at the time, but it's difficult to tell, without being able to troubleshoot it whilst the issue is able to be replicated. Regards Click Studios
  7. Hello Jean, When version 9 is released, in one weeks time, we will have this feature in our browser extensions Regards Click Studios
  8. Hello Rap, Any changes to fields for the record, will trigger that email notification. Regards Click Studios
  9. Hello Rap, As we do not touch the OTP fields at all during upgrades, we would say it's a coincident. As OTP is a time-based protocol, we'd recommend checking the time on your Passwordstate web server to make sure it does not differ to much to what's being used in AWS or Azure. Regards Click Studios
  10. Hi Jeff, Version 9 will be officially released in one week's time (March the 1st), so we have closed the beta invitations whilst we finalise the release. Thanks for wanting to help test though Regards Click Studios
  11. Hi braytoth, Sorry you had an issue. We'd probably need it to fail consistently in order to figure out the cause. Was is the exact same 'Operating System' error? Regards Click Studios
  12. Hi Aaron, When version 9 is released in just over 1 weeks time, we will now have native Apps for iOS and Android - so you can have the icon that you're requesting. Regards Click Studios
  13. Hi Alan, We've reviewed the code, and we think this could possibly be a bug. Can you try updating the SQL Code below with the correct UserID, and then execute with SQL Server Management Studio - does this allow you to delete the account after that? USE Passwordstate DELETE FROM [AccessRequestApprovers] WHERE AccessRequestID IN (SELECT AccessRequestID FROM [AccessRequests] WHERE UserID = 'xxxx') DELETE FROM [AccessRequests] WHERE (UserID = 'xxxx') Regards Click Studios
  14. Uploading a QR code in an incorrect format could lead to a error below: Error Code = Character is not a Base32 character. Parameter name: c, StackTrace = at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.CharToValue(Char c) at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.ToBytes(String input) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.AnalyseOTPUri(String QROutput, Boolean FromTimerTick) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.PopulateFields() Passwordstate 9 has some preventative code to stop this from occurring, but in Passwordstate 8 you will need to clear the QR code manually. To do this, please follow these instructions below:
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