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    I would like to enforce a time limit for how long (in minutes) the contents of the SDM is available when opened. With the current configuration settings, recipients might forget to close their browsers, leave their computers without locking etcetera. With internal users this is normally not a problem as we can both train and restrict them using either technical or HR policies, but with the new (great) functionality in SDM more and more messages are sent to external parties.
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    Hi Guys, Just letting you know that we've released build 8627 today, which includes your request mentioned above. Thanks for the suggestion - we appreciate it. Regards Click Studios
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    Hey BH, No issues at all, and maybe we shouldn't be so sensitive ourselves. We're only a small company, and the hundreds of outstanding feature requests we have can be quite stressful at time, as we want to keep all customers happy - but this is our issue not yours. I'm happy to report that we've now finished this fix for you for the next release, which is scheduled for early next week. I'll post back here again as soon as we release the next build. Thanks again, and have a great weekend. Regards Click Studios
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    Does anyone have any information on leveraging passwordstate with kubernetes
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    We have a high availability setup in Azure for Passwordstate that consists of a Traffic Manager, and 2 sets of App Gateway load balanced clusters in different regions. We have encountered and issue with what happens when the DB is unreachable from a single region. Currently in Azure, the load balancing health checks available only look for "good" HTTP status codes and strings to determine health for the backend pools. In the case of Passwordstate, if one of the redundant servers/clusters behind the load balancing loses the ability to connect to the DB, the webserver still produces a good code, the health probe doesn't fail , and requests are still sent to the available server/cluster. There doesn't seem to be a way in Azure to probe, for example, a 200 webserver code and match a string from the DB error page to have the load balancer trip (again, it only operates on good results for a health check). Any thoughts on how to solve for this? The limitations are in Azure, but I'm wondering if it makes more sense (or can have an option) to throw a true HTTP error code for that condition? A 500 or a 503 (I'd settle for a 418 just to get past this), just something outside of 200-399 range which is the default "good" range for the Azure App Gateways and Traffic Managers. I'm digging into a string match, but as we use SAML and AAD for authentication, the number of redirects makes it difficult to determine what would be a consistent string in a page that won't be on the DB Error page that gets served. This is probably doable but seems like a long way to go. Anyway, appreciate any thoughts here. Thanks.
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    This is an excellent point and I hadn't considered it for our own HA implementation. We use F5s across two DCs rather than having Passwordstate in Azure, but we'd have the same issue. A 503 should be thrown, with a custom error page detailing the exact nature of the failure. IE: "Application is up, database is down". Suggest this be moved to feature requests for implementation.
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    Hi Kurt, We've seen this a couple of time before if customers have tried to install the launcher more than once - because a configuration file is changed during the install, the uninstaller does not remove it unfortunately. Can you uninstall the launcher, manually delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher, and then re-install the launcher again. This should fix it for you, but please let us know if it does not. Regards Click Studios
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    Hello, At the moment it is not possible, but it is coming in new versions of the browser extension - we should have a Chrome beta available soon, with Firefox being worked on whilst the Chrome beta is underway. Regards Click Studios
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    Hi ParrishK, We've just updated this in one of the latest builds, and the secret is no longer visible to Security Admins. Please see screenshot below. Security Admins can now clear the key, which will generate a new QR code the next time the user logs into Passwordstate. We've made this change to YubiKey, One Time Password and Google Authenticator authentication types. If you can perform an upgrade this issue will be fixed:) Regards, Support
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    Hi Greg, Sorry, but this is not possible - we only support the two fields for now, but are planning on looking into this in the future. Regards Click Studios
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    Scheduled backups not running

    Yes, at least one of your servers should always be set to 'False', otherwise the Passwordstate Windows Service will not perform any processing. Can you please change this, then restart your Passwordstate Windows Service, and this will fix it for you. Regards Click Studios
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    [API] Search for documents by name

    Can we get a search function for documents similar to how we can search for passwords? Currently when you upload a document via the API you get an ID back but after that there is no way to search for the document you uploaded to retrieve it.
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    Hi Greg, This is the first time we've seen an issue like this, where the URL field is configured in such a way. If we see more instances of user's making this sort of error, then we can definitely look into it. You can also leave the URL field blank if you do not make it mandatory, or deselect the URL field altogether on the Password List. Thanks Click Studios
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    Hi Support, Thank you for taking my call today regarding this request and your most recent response. Apologies if my reply came across as a bit harsh; All of us are passionate about IT, the products and services we use - Generally speaking we really enjoy using Passwordstate, but the notifications area needed some additional work to be as awesome as the rest of the product. To that end, it's great to know that Click Studios are going to action this feature request and I very much look forward to seeing this feature request being delivered in a future release. Regards, BH PS: More than happy to delete the emails myself, but it would be exceptional if you guys could look at that feature in the future.
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    HTTP Security Headers

    Hi Guys, We've added the mentioned security headers in build 8600. Regards Click Studios
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    Security architectural diagram

    Hi Everyone, We've now published a document at the link below, and will update this if necessary: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Passwordstate_Open_Port_Requirements.pdf Regards, Support
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    Passwordstate 8.6 (Build 8600)

    Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8600, which includes 20 new updates, and 7 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
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    Hi Jeff, As the exports are a password protected zip file, the standard unzip functionality in Windows does not support this. Can you try something like 7zip instead? Regards Click Studios
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    ScreenConnect/Control Integration

    Any plans to integrate with ConnectWise ScreenConnect/Control?
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    You can also save your credentials in a variable ($credVariabke = Get-Credentials) and pass this to the Invoke-Rest Powershell command. So I assume, there could be a way. I also can imagine, that you could pass your credential to a REST-call header from another system (e.g. bash script) to authenticate, but I'm not familiar with bash scripts.
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    Hi, sorry to respond to this old post but are there any updates on that feature? Is it planned? I'm desperately trying to have the same password linked to multiple URLs (ILO Interfaces in that case) and I don't realy want to create multiple entries with the same password. It would be awesome if you could create one entry and have somehow multiple URLs linked to it which are recognised by the browser add on. I understand that you can create custom fields on a password list, would that work? But I don't want to have every entry in that list to show multiple URL fields, only the ILO specific entry. Creating a list just to add one entry seems a bit unneccesary, doesn't it? Also you can only create 10 additional fields, which is not enough. Is there a way to achieve this? any help is much appreciated thanks
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    MFA - "Remember Me" Option

    +1 This certainly has its uses when you have a busy day with Passwordstate and you keep getting idle timed out every 10 minutes.
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    Yubico Integration

    There are a lot of password solutions that have Yubico integrations: https://www.yubico.com/solutions/# Any chance this is on its way for PS? https://developers.yubico.com/
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    Mario Härdi

    Azure MFA Authentication

    Dear Clickstudios, actually we are Installing Passwordstate for our internal Services and also one of our Customer. For both Installation we would be able to add Azure MFA as an additional Authentication Option. Actually there are some multi-factor provider available, but we would like to Implement it with our Existing Azure MFA instead of Implementing another third-party authentication. Is it Possible to Implement this feature? Hope someone else is also missing this feature. Thanks in Advance and Best regards, Mario