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    Hello, Actually when enabling the notifications we receive both for our own actions or other actions in a shared password list. I would like to be able to remove notifications for my own actions because I don't need to be notified that I did an action but only want to know when others use the password list. Ideally we should be able to select this option by notification so we can keep some notifications for our own actions as to detect suspicious activity but remove it for other more banal notifications. Thanks in advance to consider the request. Kind Regards,
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    User selectable MFA option

    Hi Tyler, If we have enough interest from customers for this sort of feature we will definitely consider it. Maybe log a feature request in the 'Feature Request' section of our forums, so others can also vote on it. Regards Click Studios
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    User selectable MFA option

    Hi Tyler, Sorry, but we do not have a feature for this. Users can set this on their Preferences screen, or you as a Security Administrator can do this on the User Accounts screen in the Admin area. If you have concerns about Internet connectivity, you can always log in with the Emergency Access Login account, and change authentication options. Or, do not use authentication options they rely on the Internet Connectivity i.e. use Google Authentication, or One-Time Passwords as an example. Regards Click Studios