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    Multi language support

    +1 For legal reasons, we need to translate certain messages into our native language. Like Jasper says, it would take a lot of time to translate the entire product. However, some kind of a translate table in the database would do the trick for me. In this way, i can be quite easy for administrators to translate words the way they like. Kind regards, Jeffrey
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    Title in Google Authenticator

    Hey! I will do some testing but it was either the "issuer" or the "label" that was missing and some authenticator apps did not show "Passwordstate". Ill see which one it was and report back.
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    Title in Google Authenticator

    Hi Guys, We use the issuer parameter here, as per the following: "otpauth://totp/{0}?secret={1}&issuer=Passwordstate" Are you wanting to change this from Passwordstate? If so, can we ask why as this does accurately identify the account in Google Authenticator. Regards Click Studios
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    Title in Google Authenticator

    Hey Jasper. I brought this up quite a bit ago but didn't see any updates yet. It looks like they are not including the "Issuer" parameter when generating the QR codes. Some authenticator apps use this for the Title. Others just use the Label. I have been generating my own QR codes for a separate application and this works as expected. The URI should be similar to: otpauth://totp/Passwordstate:SmithJ?secret=JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP&issuer=PasswordState https://github.com/google/google-authenticator/wiki/Key-Uri-Format