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    VMWare ESX Password Reset Example

    I've developed a script, which uses PowerCLI/API (VMwares powershell-modules), instead of SSH. SSH is by default disabled on ESXi-hosts for security-reasons, and I want to keep it that way As mentioned needs PowerCLI installed on the server (Guide can be found here https://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI/2017/08/updating-powercli-powershell-gallery.html). No privileged account needed. Function Set-ESXiPassword { [CmdletBinding()] param ( [String]$HostName, [String]$UserName, [String]$OldPassword, [String]$NewPassword ) try{ $conn=Connect-VIServer $HostName -User $UserName -Password $OldPassword } catch { switch -wildcard ($error[0].Exception.ToString().ToLower()) { "*incorrect user*" { Write-Output "Incorrect username or password on host '$HostName'"; break} "*" {write-output $error[0].Exception.ToString().ToLower();break} } } try{ $change=Set-VMHostAccount -UserAccount $UserName -Password $NewPassword Disconnect-Viserver * -confirm:$false } catch { switch -wildcard ($error[0].Exception.ToString().ToLower()) { "*not currently connected*" {Write-Output "It wasn't possible to connect to '$HostName'";break} "*weak password*" { Write-Output "Failed to execute script correctly against Host '$HostName' for the account '$UserName'. It appears the new password did not meet the password complexity requirements on the host."; break } "*" {write-output $error[0].Exception.ToString().ToLower();break} #Add other wildcard matches here as required default { Write-Output "Success" } } } } Set-ESXiPassword -HostName '[HostName]' -UserName '[UserName]' -OldPassword '[OldPassword]' -NewPassword '[NewPassword]' Regards Stefan
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