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    In March 2018 we will be releasing a new Remote Session Launcher - Includes support for RDP, SSH, session recording, session proxy and completely web based. See teaser trailer here: https://youtu.be/JfIbKKfjihA We hope you all get some good use out of it:) Regards, Support.
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    New Remote Session Launcher teaser trailer

    I was thinking to myself, how much better can the RSL get? I mean, it's already speedy and works well. Then I read: session recording completely web based That's awesome! Of course, please be HTML5, please be HTML5, please don't use Flash, please be HTML5
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    I'd love to pitch in and help figure this stuff out, but right now my workload's a bit too much. Studying for my next exam, which is where I learned about Swagger and OpenAPI
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    Thanks Buckit - looks like we've also got a lot more learning to do
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    Hello All, We've released Build 8256 today, which allows you to now specify TCP for sending Auditing data to Syslog servers. This can be enabled on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Proxy & Syslog Servers. Regards Click Studios
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    LDAP over SSL

    Hi Everyone, We've released Build 8256 today, which now supports LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for communicating with Active Directory. This can be enabled/disabled per domain, on the screen Administration -> Active Directory Domains. Regards Click Studios
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    Sure is. Refer to page 213 of the user manual. https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Passwordstate_User_Manual.pdf You can also do it via PowerShell using Passwordstates REST API. Outdated documentation, but still relevant: https://clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version6/API/
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    It shouldn't be too hard hopefully. We might need to put in an option for this, as possibly some customers are using Syslog servers which doesn't support TCP. Regards Click Studios
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    Hi Achim, We already have a feature for this, and you can find it on the screen Administration -> Password Lists, and then from the 'Perform Bulk Processing' dropdown list you can select 'Bulk Copy/Move Passwords'. Regards Click Studios
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    Error during upgrade

    To be more specific the application is Solarwinds Orion. We use it to monitor the service and when it stops Orion will restart it. To resolve it we disabled the monitor and did a manual install of the upgrade which worked great. Thank you.
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    Hi All I just made a new versions of my KeePass and Passwordsafe-Import scripts. Difference to the old version: You need to enter your windows credential Uses WinAPI (instead of using the system wide API key) Creates private passwordlists for the specified user In general: If you like to import shared KeePass/Passwordsafe files: Use the old version (system wide API key used) If you like to import personal KeePass/Passwordsafe files: Use the new version (WinAPI used with personal permission) Terms: These scripts are free to use, it's not allowed to resell my scripts or making business with it! There's absolutely no warranty about what the scripts are doing, you use them on your own risk. For more infomation about how to use it, take a look at my first post about the first version in this thread. Best regards, Fabian PasswordsafeImporterWinAPI.ps1 KeePassImporterWinAPI.ps1