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    Well, that was easy. Look forward to the new features, looks like quite the overhaul.
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    You're right. It works now! Thanks :)
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    Hi, Thanks for reporting this, and we believe we know the cause of this. If you edit the properties of this Password List, and then click the 'Save' button, does this resolve it for you? We believe the Password List itself might still be configured to use the user's personal Password Generator Policy, but it's not showing because you've enabled the System Setting to hide it. This is possibly the case also for any Password List Templates, which you might be using as a basic for copying settings when creating new Password Lists. So you might want to open all Password List Templates as well, and click the 'Save' button. This can be done from the screen Administration -> Password List Templates. Regards Click Studios
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    Multiple URLs in URL field

    Hi Sebastian, Unfortunately this is not possible, and you will require separate password records for this. Regards Click Studios
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    Advanced editor for host notes

    Hi Click Studios Support, Build No: 8729 Server OS: Windows 10 Enter enquiry/issue here, and screenshots if applicable: Using Google Chrome I would like to add a detailed description to each host in my Hosts folder, similar to the folder guide: As alternative I am currently using the notes tab of each host, but with the textarea here i can't really format the text: Would it be possible to get the FolderGuide editor on every textarea field in passwordstate?
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    I think I found a workaround. 1. Administrator creates a shared list with permissions only to themselves and the intended user and calls it something like "onboarding accounts for <first> <last>" 2. Administrator loads the list with the temporary passwords 3. Administrator removes their access to the list 4. Administrator converts the list to a private list Do you see any issues in my process there? It seems to work on my trial install.