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    Hi ParrishK, We've just updated this in one of the latest builds, and the secret is no longer visible to Security Admins. Please see screenshot below. Security Admins can now clear the key, which will generate a new QR code the next time the user logs into Passwordstate. We've made this change to YubiKey, One Time Password and Google Authenticator authentication types. If you can perform an upgrade this issue will be fixed:) Regards, Support
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    Hi Greg, Sorry, but this is not possible - we only support the two fields for now, but are planning on looking into this in the future. Regards Click Studios
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    Scheduled backups not running

    Yes, at least one of your servers should always be set to 'False', otherwise the Passwordstate Windows Service will not perform any processing. Can you please change this, then restart your Passwordstate Windows Service, and this will fix it for you. Regards Click Studios
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    Hello bsom, Unfortunately we have not looked into this further, due to the amount of other requests we have - and this would require a reasonably large redesign to support this. If you're wanting to use our browser extensions for logging into sites, then it will require separate password records for this, and the generic fields won't help unfortunately. For the comment above, you can store all web site logins in the one Password List - you don't need to create different ones. Sorry If I've misunderstood what you mean here. And again sorry, it is only possibly to have 10 generic fields - with 19 fields in total, we expecting this to be more than enough to store password credentials Regards Click Studios
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    Hi, sorry to respond to this old post but are there any updates on that feature? Is it planned? I'm desperately trying to have the same password linked to multiple URLs (ILO Interfaces in that case) and I don't realy want to create multiple entries with the same password. It would be awesome if you could create one entry and have somehow multiple URLs linked to it which are recognised by the browser add on. I understand that you can create custom fields on a password list, would that work? But I don't want to have every entry in that list to show multiple URL fields, only the ILO specific entry. Creating a list just to add one entry seems a bit unneccesary, doesn't it? Also you can only create 10 additional fields, which is not enough. Is there a way to achieve this? any help is much appreciated thanks