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    Hi, I played a lot with the PS Remote Session Launcher and it's integration with applications via the PSLauncher.ps1 script. There is, as of yet, 5 choices only (RDP, SSH, TeamViewer, Telnet and VNC) The Telnet one, in my opinion, can be dropped because Telnet shouldn't be used in any way. Here is the improvement proposal: These 5 choices should be at least 10. (and an infinity if possible, like a + button to add a new one) There is plenty of applications that uses passwords and that are cli compatible to launch. (Like the many VPN clients out there) The choices should be fully customizable. The 5 defaults could be pre-configured The 5 (or more) following could be user defined The PSLauncher.ps1 script doesn't need any modification since it already is customizable. This comes from our usage, which is RDP, SSH, Teamviewer and VPN clients mostly. Since the VNC and Telnet options are not used they have been reconfigured in the PSLauncher.ps1 script to be mapped on 2 VPN clients. Have a nice day!
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    Hello, Actually when enabling the notifications we receive both for our own actions or other actions in a shared password list. I would like to be able to remove notifications for my own actions because I don't need to be notified that I did an action but only want to know when others use the password list. Ideally we should be able to select this option by notification so we can keep some notifications for our own actions as to detect suspicious activity but remove it for other more banal notifications. Thanks in advance to consider the request. Kind Regards,
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    Azure DevOps has extensions for retrieving secrets from Key Vault to be used in deployment pipelines. It would be awesome if clickstudios wrote one for passwordstate and published it in the marketplace.
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    Right Click Password List > Add Password

    Not sure how I missed this option! Thank you for showing me, this is exactly what I was looking for.
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    User selectable MFA option

    Hi Tyler, If we have enough interest from customers for this sort of feature we will definitely consider it. Maybe log a feature request in the 'Feature Request' section of our forums, so others can also vote on it. Regards Click Studios
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    Right Click Password List > Add Password

    Hi Tom, If you go to your Preference screen in Passwordstate, you can also chose to have the button buttons displayed on the top of the screen. The setting is called 'Show the 'Actions' toolbar on the Passwords pages at the', and you will find it under the Miscellaneous tab. Hopefully this will help also. Regards Click Studios
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    User selectable MFA option

    Hi Tyler, Sorry, but we do not have a feature for this. Users can set this on their Preferences screen, or you as a Security Administrator can do this on the User Accounts screen in the Admin area. If you have concerns about Internet connectivity, you can always log in with the Emergency Access Login account, and change authentication options. Or, do not use authentication options they rely on the Internet Connectivity i.e. use Google Authentication, or One-Time Passwords as an example. Regards Click Studios
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    Feature Request: Available languages

    Hi, we just bought the passwordstate enterprise edition for our company and are very satisfied. Because we are a german company i would like to ask if there are any plans for adding the possibility to change the language to for example german. This would be a great feature and would help us to find more user acceptance. Thank you. Kind regards Achim
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    Azure Installation

    We are running the latest version V8.7 (Build 8729). For deployment we use the deploy to azure option within SQL server. For creation of the user we use (in master DB): CREATE LOGIN "passwordstate_user" WITH PASSWORD = '<password>' GO and assigning the db_owner rights (in individual DB): CREATE USER "passwordstate_user" FOR LOGIN "passwordstate_user" WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = dbo GO EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'passwordstate_user' GO Using the ODBC tool on the webserver I can connect to the Azure SQL database succesfully. If I only change the server/database/user information the connectionString in the web.config it looks like this: <add name="PasswordstateConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=<sqlserver>.database.windows.net;Initial Catalog=passwordstate;User ID=passwordstate_user;Password=<pwd>" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> If I restart the IIS site it shows a passwordstate error occurred, please check the debuginfo table, bla bla. Nothing else, I can't find any logging (local or in event log) and it doesn't log error to the database. Not that it matters much, but we use the serverless SQL database version (preview).