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    + 1. It would be great to have API access for sure or a means for bulk self destruct messages with different passwords that are generated based on the policy defined (selected). When we provision new users it can be a large number and manually trying to do this is not feasible with Self Destruct. Having this capability would be great for automation and security of course.
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    Hi! We are trying to automate processes more and more and I wonder if it would be possible for you to create an API for the Global address book? (Our need is primary a way of adding new users, but I guess also removing and updating entries would be useful for us and other customers) And to make it all the way... an api for the self destruct message portal would be nice to have. That would allow us to have our user creation process completely automated. Right now the only manual action we have to do is to go in manually and send the self destruct message. Kind regards, Jasper Metselaar
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    Hello GL Support, Can you tell me if you restarted your Browser once you added the Private Password List - the extension needs this to pick up the change? If you did, do you have more than once account in Passwordstate - maybe you configured the browser extension with a different account, compared to the one you created the Private list with? Regards Click Studios
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    Passing the password to an application

    Hi Thorsten, Yes, you could use our API for this. If you have a look under the Help Menu, you will see Web API Documentation - there are two API's that you could make use of. Regards Click Studios
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    Passing the password to an application

    Extract them via the API and pump them into SAP via its API.
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    +1 to the Address Book API. At this stage we wouldn't use it, but I can certainly see its benefits.
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    Fabian Näf

    Approve Check Out

    Hi Joshua Passwordstate gives you the possibility to request an access to a password or passwordlist by clicking on the passwords menu (the first icon) on the lefthand side. Through this option you can request an approval from admins of the Passwordlist/Password. Permissions can be get only for a certain time window or can need a handshake approval (two person). There's also an other feature which could be interested for you: When you have an account properly setup with password rest options you can use the checkin/checkout feature. This will show a Password only after it has been checked out by the user. After the work has been done, the password needs to be checked in again. Then the password reset comes into play, it will immediately generate a new password and set this new password on the related system. So no one (expect passwordstate) will ever now the current password and the user can't write it down. Best regards, Fabian
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    Identify Current List In Copy/Move Dialog

    Hi Sarge, For now, and if it helps, if you hover over the Password Lists it will give you a tooltip with the description of the Password List - assuming these have been specified, and are not the same also. Regards Click Studios
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    Build 8488 and Firefox Issues

    In build 8488, we've upgraded to jQuery 3.3.1, due to security issues in prior versions. This now seems to have caused issues with the Add/Edit Password screens in Firefox - all other browsers work without issues. The error relates to this post on the Telerik Forums https://www.telerik.com/forums/firefox-typeerror-access-to-strict-mode-caller-function-is-censored and we have logged a support call with Telerik to determine if it's a bug with their ASP.NET Ajax Controls. We will report back here once we have some more information on how to solve this issue. For now, and if possible, please try using a different browser. Regards Click Studios
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    External user access

    Won't be long before new build is out....few hours maybe:) Get that RFC rockin again Sarge!
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    External user access

    Hi Everyone, We hate to say it but we've introduced a bug in the latest build with the Self Destruct portal that was completely our fault! If you don't have your email source in the address book, then you won't be able to send the self destruct. ie, you can't just type in an email address manually and click Send. This was working and tested, but in a code change post that testing we accidentally introduced this. We're sorry and we'll be patching it soon. We're going to go hide in the corner now. Regards, Support.
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    External user access

    Hi Everyone, We've now released Passwordstate 8488 which includes this new Self Destruct Portal. We intend on getting a video out soon explaining how it works, so please keep an eye out on our Youtube channel for the release of this: https://www.youtube.com/c/ClickStudiosPasswordstate After you upgrade, you'll see some more details under Administration ->System Settings -> Self Destruct Messages, including links to the install guide and the source files to install this portal separately. You'll also be able to do some custom branding on this same page, as well as configure a global Passphrase which can help protect your messages. You might also want to take a look at the new Address Book feature, which you'll find under your Preferences Menu on the left hand pane. There are two address books, used to store contact which you can in turn use to send Self Destruct Messages to - Personal and Global. Permissions of who can edit the Global Address book can be set under Administration -> Feature Access -> Miscellaneous tab. Thanks for your patience with this, and we hope you like this new feature! Regards, Support.
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    Hi findusHai, After setting up our systems like yours, we agree that the postgreSQL accounts shouldn't be showing as a available account to do a remote session with. We'll work out the best way to folter these out and will have a fix in the next build. I'll report back here when this is released:) Thanks for your patience and we'll speak soon! Regards, Support.
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    Thanks for your request Josh - we appreciate it. Regards Click Studios
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    One time usage links

    Hi Guys, We should have the new Self Destruct Message feature available next week Regards Click Studios
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    Fabian Näf

    One time usage links

    Hi Passwordstate has a function, that should exaxtly cover your need. It's called "Self destruct message", you should find this in the menu on the left hand side. They're also currently developing a way to install only this self destruct messaging part on a separat computer, e.g. in a DMZ. Best regards, Fabian
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    Need help with Mail Notifications

    Hi Peter, The only thing I can think of at this stage is your Passwordstate Windows Service is stopped. Can you check that and let me know if that's the issue. Just to clarify, when sending a test email, it does this directly through the website, but all scheduled emails are processed via the Windows Service. Also if you restart the service, and you wait about 10 minutes, do any errors then come though to the Application event log? Hope this helps:)