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  2. LDAP over SSL

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  4. Hi Buckit, Yes it will - we keep track of the last Audiit record sent, and if it errors it will just start from the last successfully sent record. Regards Click Studios
  5. LDAP over SSL

    That's great! I love that you've added this!
  6. Awesome sauce! But does this also mean that PasswordState will hold onto any messages it could not send because the host was down?
  7. Hello TJ, We've released Build 8256 today, and added support for your request above. This can be changed on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Password Options tab. Regards Click Studios
  8. Hello All, We've released Build 8256 today, which allows you to now specify TCP for sending Auditing data to Syslog servers. This can be enabled on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Proxy & Syslog Servers. Regards Click Studios
  9. LDAP over SSL

    Hi Everyone, We've released Build 8256 today, which now supports LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for communicating with Active Directory. This can be enabled/disabled per domain, on the screen Administration -> Active Directory Domains. Regards Click Studios
  10. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8256, which includes 10 updates and 4 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx Regards Click Studios
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  12. Problems to Start Passwordstate

    Hello dkraklan, The only time we've seen where the SSL certificate is not bound to the site in IIS is when the operating system is not set to English - is this the case for you? Below is a screenshot of where you can find the bindings and place to select the certificate. Regards Click Studios
  13. Hello dkraklan, At the time of installing Passwordstate, it does not check what version of SQL Server you are using at all - and you can use any version of SQL Server, from 2012 and above. Did you end up having some success with the install - we've never actually seen the installer hang like this? I saw some other posts from you this morning, so possibly you have it working now. Regards Click Studios
  14. SSL redirect

    Hi dkraklan, Are you also using Load Balancers as well? If not, there should be no need to turn of SSL redirection. If you are not using Load Balancers, can you share screenshots of your bindings in IIS, and what certificate is being used? Thanks Click Studios
  15. Problems to Start Passwordstate

    Hello, I'm experiencing this same issue, could you elaborate on what I need to exactly do in the IIS manager for the password safe site? I've found the cert but not sure what I need to change.
  16. SSL redirect

    I ran into this problem tonight, however I had to runn the following query SELECT ForceSSL FROM SystemSettings then change the value from True to False , not sure if you guys are using the numbers anymore or if that is something SQL studio does but running your command did not work.
  17. One thing I did notice is that the only download I can find for SQL express 2016 is R1 which is not what shows in the guide, would this cause an issue? EDIT: It seems like with the R1 it provides many more feature selections, so I unchecked everything that was not needed and made sure the ones in the guide are checked, hoping this reolsves it will keep everyone posted.
  18. Hello, I followed the instructions for installing on 2012 R2 , however it seems to be a bit outdated because in the SQL setup there was some pages with alot more options however I left these default and changed what was outlined in the guide. When I go to run the passwordstate.exe i get to the point where I click install and then it just sits at this window for hours. https://i.imgur.com/NUqsctP.png I've tried running it as admin, starting it over, but no matter what it just keeps doing this, I let it run for 3+ hours and it still was doing this. I'm not even sure where to start to debug this or if there is even install logs. Any advice is welcome.
  19. Column order templates or folder policy

    Thanks very much for your request Peter - we appreciate it. Regards Click Studios
  20. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    Hi Sarge, Sure, that makes sense. It will take us quite some time to work on this request, and maybe in the meantime you could suggest the following process improvements to mitigate against this issue you had: Your CIO always has a delegate Your Change Advisory Board support 'Emergency Changes', if they don't already. Regards Click Studios
  21. Hi, We would like to have the possibility to arrange the columns of the password lists in a whole folder. Now it is possible to change the order on one list within a folder but then i need to do that for every list within the folder (we have 400 lists in a folder) for every user. It would be nice if it could be part of a template or something to arrange it for all the lists in the folder. Thanks in advance, Peter Fleurkens
  22. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    Certainly an option, but that would require an RFC and the associated paperwork/waiting time - just to log back in.
  23. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    Okay sure. Another option in case the CIO doesn't have a delegate, is to clear the QR Code from the database, and then it will prompt you to create a new one when you try and authentication. If you need some instructions for this, let us know. Regards Click Studios
  24. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    Yeah I know. I could have logged in as our primary security administrator account as well, but both those methods require the CIO - who was on leave at the time as well. (since it was Christmas and all).
  25. Bulk Move/Copy

    Hi Sarge, Yes, you can do this from the screen Administration -> Password Lists. From the 'Perform Bulk Processing' dropdown list. Regards Click Studios
  26. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    Hi Sarge, Thanks for your feedback. If you do lock yourself out again for any reason, you can use the Emergency Access Login to authenticate, and then reset or email yourself the QR code again. Regards Click Studios
  27. Bulk Move/Copy

    I've had a quick search of the user manual but wasn't able to find this option. Is there a method to bulk move/copy/copy & link passwords? I've deployed an instance for my own personal use and have about 200+ passwords to move from my the list containing my imported passwords to another list - and one by one it's taking me forever lol
  28. Resend Authenticator QR via API

    In this vein, it would be nice for users to send themselves their QR code through some kind of password reset process. It's not a huge deal, however it's recently occured to us (before Christmas) that I had to reset my phone, and the other security admin was on holidays - meaning I had no access to passwordstate during this time. If there was a method on the 2FA screen to say "Don't have access" and then carry out some other form of verification (Security question combined with SMS codes or email codes comes to the top of my head) it would be a huge help. I agree with support that doing this programmatically via the API doesn't seem to be all that useful unless you are dealing with 10s of resets a day. But perhaps a reset option like my suggestion above takes it out of the hands of administrators and into the hands of the users. (I maybe going crazy, but I got deja-vu typing this. So if I've previously requested this ignore it lol)
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