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  2. Ben Claussen

    Request Password from User

    We have a use case where we need to obtain a password from an external user. The self destruct messages work well for sending passwords... it would be convenient if we could have a "reverse" self destruct where we can "request password" and it generates a unique link for the recipient to fill in the password. It would probably work best on the self destruct site (which we have separated from our main Passwordstate site).. but I assume then that would require communication back to the main site. In any case, it would be a neat feature!
  3. Mason Cooper

    Duo - auto-push notifications

    +1 Here as well
  4. Wim

    Linking Passwords in the API

    Indeed, valit request. If you use powershell, or other automated tools, this is very intressing for large organisations. +1
  5. The API should have this feature, So you can automate it complete. +1
  6. parrishk

    haveibeenpwned report

    Oh gotchya. Yeah I can see that being a benefit when the password DB gets that large...
  7. Azkabahn

    haveibeenpwned report

    Hi, yes I am aware of that. My request was that this would be done via the Administration panel. I would like to have an option to select several password lists and run the scan.
  8. parrishk

    haveibeenpwned report

    Hi @Azkabahn You do have the option to run the report on a per-list basis. Have you tried running it against individual password lists? - Kyle
  9. I'm not sure this is a feature request, seems like a bug to me? Either way +1
  10. Last week
  11. Hi mcSirl, Yes ewe think this is possible using a Scheduled Custom Report, which will trigger an email based off a keyword in your Description field of the Password Record. You should create a scheduled report based off this forum post: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2429-creating-a-custom-scheduled-report/ but make the following changes: In Step 4, make the Activity Type as Password Viewed Also in Step 4, add in a filter on a keyword you have in the Description field in the password record. try to make this keyword fairly unique so it doesn't accidentally find a second record Here's a couple of screenshots to help explain this: Hope this helps! Support.
  12. Hey Guys, Can you tell me if its possible to setup and email alert when a specific password is viewed ? And if so how to set that up ? THansk Alan
  13. support

    SSMS not launching

    Hi Derek, The thing that might be stopping this is the built in pop up blocker in Chrome. Can you allow popups for your Passwordstate URL and let us know if this fixes the issue? If that doesn't work, can you open the C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1 file, and enable logging by changing then logging variable to $true, and then try to launch a new remote session? This will create a new log file in your temp directory, which by default is C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Temp\PSLauncher.log. Can you then try launching a remote session, which will write some details to the log file, and then send me a copy of this file to our support address? (Or share it here) Here’s a screenshot of this setting: Regards, Support
  14. Hi Colombeen, Our API will always be able to have more functionality, it's just a matter finding the time to develop it. Initially we anticipated searching for an deleting hosts by hostname would have been suffice, but obviously you have pointed out a scenario where you need to get more granular which is perfectly fine. I'll move this to the Feature Requests Forum and when we get enough votes for it, we'll schedule in some time to add this functionality into our API. Thanks for the suggestion! Support!
  15. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has had success configuring the Passwordstate Gateway for use with the Browser Launcher Load Balanced using a Citrix Netscaler? I am having some trouble getting it configured in my environment. Here are the symptoms I am seeing. When the Nescaler is in place and load balancing between our two Web Servers and we attempt to launch a Browser session we see the "Web Proxy Gateway Connection Issue" page When I click the Gateway SSL Cert Test, I a message stating the following: Welcome to the Remote Session Launcher Web Proxy Test Page The purpose of this simple test page is to ensure Passwordstate has access to the Remote Session Launcher Browser Based Gateway, and that no SSL Certificate or Firewall issues are preventing access. If you're able to see this page okay, then access to the gateway is working as expected, and you can close this browser tab. If I use the host file on my computer and point it to EITHER of the Web Servers directly the Browser Launcher works just fine. We have also configured a separate URL for the Gateway, setup new bindings for it in IIS on the Web Servers and created a CName record in DNS for it. This too works fine. I have worked with support on this and they believe the Load balancer to be the issue. I tend to agree but am kind of stuck on what needs to be configured. FYI, we have the Netscaler configured to allow traffic over port 7273. We also have service groups setup for our passwordstate URL to allow traffic via 80 and 443. Regards, Kurt
  16. The current implementation of RADIUS only allows the use of tokens/passwords that do not require a challenge/response. Currently, if a RADIUS Challenge message is sent to the portal, a Password Incorrect message is instead shown. Example Scenario [RADIUS server setup to use SMS tokencodes]: User enters their PIN and clicks Next PIN is sent to RADIUS server RADIUS server responds with Access-Challenge message Password portal prompts user for next token code (or whatever message is sent back with the Access-Challenge) User enters tokencode they received and clicks Next RADIUS server respondss with Access-Granted and authentication succeed This is also useful in scenarios when using hardware/software tokens via RADIUS and a PIN rotation is enabled. The portal would need to be able chain Access-Challenge responses as there may be more than one.
  17. Derek

    SSMS not launching

    I have a new installation of PWS. I am unable to make the SSMS client launch and work through the Client Based Launcher. I have version 18.1 installed on my computer. I've ran the client based launcher installer. I've configured my browser (chrome). When I click the Auto or Manual buttons, it doesn't launch. I've searched the Chrome Preferences file and verified that the psrsl setting is false.
  18. When you have multiple entries with the same hostname (which is possible), you can't delete the items using the API because the system fails to determine which one it should remove. Why isn't this using the ID? The same question for searching. Using Build 8652
  19. Purpose: This forum post describes how to enable Anonymous Authentication in IIS. This can help stop the browser from prompting you for domain credentials when browsing to Passwordstate. Other fixes for the browser based prompt can be found here: Step 1: On your Passwordstate web server, open Server Manager, go to Tools and select Internet Information Services Step 2: Expand out your Server name, select the Passwordstate website and double click the Authentication button: Step 3: Right click Anonymous Authentication and select Enable: Regards, Support.
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  21. support

    Multi Password Types in one list?

    Hi Mike, No sorry, this is not really possible if you are asking for different fields withing a single Password List. Regards Click Studios
  22. Hello, Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find a direct answer. Is there a way to have multiple password types in one password list? I'm a part of a small organization, and it doesn't make sense to create multiple lists for multiple types, particularly when shared. As an example, there's a few passwords for facilities people. We would store a variety of items, such as Lockboxes (Box ID + Code), websites (Login + password), and maybe even a corporate card for them. As I'm working with the system, do I have to create a different password list (from different templates) in order for the data fields to fix correctly? I know I can fudge it somewhat and use the website type with username + password and forego the other requirements, but it seems inelegant. I'm used other solutions and they have this capability (one list, but different password types). Is there a trick to accomplish this?
  23. support

    storing ssl certs with password

    Hi Constantin, You can upload any type of file to a Password Record, a Password List or a Folder. To upload a certificate file to a password record, please do this from the actions menu. You'll see a little document icon on your Password Record after you have uploaded one, and your document can then be accessed from this icon, or also selecting the view Documents from the Actions menu. Hope this helps! Regards, Support
  24. CLB

    storing ssl certs with password

    Hi there, is it also possible to add the certificate as file to this templates? We need this I guess almost always, because of the different format types. So we would like to store: Plain Certificate as PEM Text Plain Key Text Additional PFX as File Is that possible too? Kind regards, Constantin
  25. bobstheword

    Linking Passwords in the API

  26. support

    Data duplication

    Hi Kurt, Sorry we have not had the time to look into this. If you need this feature, did you want to log a new forum post in the Feature Requests area, as this will allow us to prioritize it? Thanks Click Studios
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