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  2. Having an API-call to make changes to folders would be a great option, especially changing the parent folder.
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  4. Hi Dave, Yes, we've considering a flag like you've suggested, and that was our first choice. But due to the amount of code that references the PasswordLists table, there would be a significant amount of work to change all SQL queries throughout all modules i.e. the User Interface, the Passwordstate Windows Services, both API(s), the mobile client, and the Remote Site Location agent. We wish this was easier to implement, so we will look into it at some stage, if enough customers vote on your requets. Regards Click Studios
  5. I would throw one other thing out there that you've probably already considered, but I'll say it anyway. I've worked in a lot of data sensitive worlds where the rule was that you never really deleted anything. In those cases (as it might apply here), the various data points (folders/lists/items) never went away. Instead the "delete" functionality would set a flag, sometimes called "archive" or "hidden". This was nothing but an additional field per row. Normal users would never see an article that had that flag set, but with a certain privilege (like administrator), you could toggle showing or hiding those. That authority could then toggle the field off, restoring it if needed. In this case, it wouldn't have to replace the delete functionality, as you already have the ability to set that per group anyway. Like I said, you've probably already considered that option, but if not, please toss it around. It really is a good product.
  6. That's what I was afraid of. I understand the complication, believe me. This being said, I now have to try to figure out a way to work around it without compromising the security we are using the product to provide, which to me looks pretty complicated too. I do consider this to be the first major flaw in what has otherwise thus far proven a great, well designed system. Thanks for the clarification anyway.
  7. Hello Dave, When deleting a folder, it does not delete any nested Password Lists beneath it. When deleting a Password List, the user is presented with the screen below - so hopefully no-one will accidentally delete a Password List. If they do delete the Password List, then a database restore is required in order to get the list back - which can be done to a test environment if needed. Trying to provide a Recycle Bin for Password Lists is quite complicated, due to the amount of different tables the Password Lists reference - so it is unlikely we will work on this sort of feature. We hope you understand. Regards Click Studios
  8. I've found some older requests and discussions about this here, but I'm hoping there is something new I'm just missing. I have a team that uses a sub-folder structure to store team-specific data. Users are requesting the ability to delete folders they have created, due to changes or errors. The challenge is that it appears to me that their is still no way to recover data from deleted lists and/or folders. I hope this is incorrect, and readily admit I may well have missed something easy. This is a major issue to me, as even well intentioned "cleanup" can create nightmares later if circumstances change or were different than the user understood at some level at the time. I have seen older discussions referring to use of backups, but over many years I've seen countless circumstances where an issue wasn't discovered until significantly later, and the game of trying to figure out which backup might have the lost data can take tremendous time, and even be fruitless, if backups are pared down during archival, and the needed data only lived between the remaining recovery points. Please, tell me I'm worried about nothing, and this is handled within the system. If not, please accept my request to add permanent archive of data (or at least administrator-only granular cleanup), rather then permanent deletion. thank you.
  9. support

    Privileged Account Management

    I just checked our code as well for this upgrade, and if you had Handshake Approval enabled for a Password List, then we set the number of approvers to 2 for you. Regards Click Studios
  10. support

    Privileged Account Management

    Hello, If you have a look at the main Passwords menu, you will see 'Request Access to Passwords'. This is what customers now use for approval to passwords, and as per the screenshot below. you can specify a Password List needs more than one approver if required. The advantage of this is that both approvers do not need to be online at the same time to approve/deny. Regards Click Studios
  11. jandrewartha

    Privileged Account Management

    What's the replacement for the handshake approval feature now it's been deprecated and removed?
  12. I think this is a very good option. Let me check that and update. Thank you
  13. Hello Chetan, For security reasons, we do not allow modification of the URL's like in your example unfortunately. We do have permalinks for Folders, Password List, Password Records which might help though, as they don't need to search in this case - see screenshot below. Regards Click Studios
  14. Hi, Currently, I am sharing the specific search phrase or folder name for users who want to get access. For example: Assuming that I have put all keys related to Product -1 under Folder-1, Product-2 under Folder-2. If anyone wants to get access to Product-1, I am sharing the name of folder "Folder-1". And the users will log in to password state and search with specific string or folder by name "Folder-1" Is there anyways I can share a direct usable URL like "https://passwordstate.mydomain.com?search=Folder-1" ,so that a user can access "folder-1" if already logged in (or user will log in to see the relevant folder) One option is using API, but that would put a lot more of work on security, as it adds a lot of overhead for just providing relevant URL rather than search string. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Chetan
  15. Right now the Host Discovery Search Criteria has two options: Discover hosts with the following Operating Systems: (drop down list) Only discover Hosts where the Last Logged on date is greater than or equal to: (select specific date) With “Only discover Hosts where the Last Logged on date is greater than or equal to”, we have to select a specific date. Would it be possible to modify this field to allow Last Logged in the last number of days? (i.e. 30, 60, 90, 120, or custom). This would allow us to automatically exclude devices that have not been seen by Active Directory after a given number of days. Thanks, Eric
  16. support

    Access Request notifications

    Hello, Sorry, but this is not possible in version 8. You can specify additional approvers, on top of the existing Administrators of the Password List, but the requestor cannot choose who the approver is. Regards Click Studios
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  18. Hello Is it possible to select Access Request approver, like in old Passwordstate v7? I can’t find such option on Request Access to Password Record window in version 8. The goal is to send notifications only to one available administrator and limit the number of email notifications to all 10 password list administrators.
  19. support

    Can you share a private password?

    Hi Mike, That's correct, you can't apply permissions to any other user to a Private Password List, or for a password inside a Private List. Doing what you suggest which is to copy an link to a shared list with View access would be perfect in this scenario. Regards, Support
  20. fdenin

    Feature Request: Available languages

    Hi, same interest here for translation. French people don't usually speak well foreign languages and having translations would probably help us extend the usage of the product inside our company. Best Regards,
  21. Just wondering if this is possible for 1 off usages. My function of "View Individual Permissions" is currently disabled, but I'm not sure if this was because I changed an administrative setting, or how the system is built. If we wanted to "share" a password, I was thinking that our best practice would be to copy a password into a shared list with view permissions only, thus the "owner" could control and update. Would this work?
  22. support

    Custom images - HA instance

    Thanks Robert Please let us know if you require any further help with the HA trial. Regards Click Studios
  23. RobertRaschke

    Custom images - HA instance

    Hi Support, thanks, I have just confirmed that the Service account (MS Group Managed Service Account) did not have write Access to the Passwordstate Folder. This was on both Servers, so I am not sure why the initila Primary Server could write the custom Images, but now it is resolved. I have added the account to the NTFS ACL of the Folder on both servers. Btw.: we are currently trialing HA. Thanks Robert
  24. support

    Custom images - HA instance

    Hi Robert, The Passwordstate Windows Service for your HA instance should create these images on the disk for you - it might take 5 to 10 minutes to do this though. Can you check if the Windows Service is started, and whether or not there are any errors in the Windows Application Event Log? Can you also confirm if you are trialing, or if you have purchased, our High Availability module - as far as we can tell, we cannot see this for your company? Thanks Click Studios
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