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  2. Screen Options 2-column mode for Zones

    Thanks, and we'll have a look to see if there are any options without having to completing redesign the way we do zoning on these screens - it's a 3rd party control we're using for the zones. Regards Click Studios
  3. Browser Extension for Edge

    Thanks David - we'll start working on this early next week.
  4. Screen Options 2-column mode for Zones

    I know, working in that manner right now ... but liked recent passwords also , it's pretty useful sometimes because it's hard to keep too many records in favorites. Would be great to work with asymmetric layout
  5. Browser Extension for Edge

    Certainly is (it was buried deep in the text, would have been nigh on impossible to see sorry). Happy to provide further info if it'll help.
  6. disable or restrict request password feature

    Hello, Yes, you can. If you go to the screen Administration -> Feature Access, and then click on the 'Menu Access' tab, you can apply permissions to each menu here. Basically you can hide this menu from users, but it relates to all password records and Password Lists. We hope this helps. Regards Click Studios
  7. Can I disable in anyway the request password access feature selectively or globally? The only thing I have found is When users are 'Requesting Access' to passwords, hide the following fields due to possible sensitive information being stored in them: UserName Description Notes via " Request Access to Password Lists" you can still see names of all password lists and their descriptions password list names, folder names, passwords list descriptions can be revealing also ideally I could set object level list/folder/password permissions that then allow a user of group to view names in order to request access don't really want every user to be able to enumerate descriptive names of every object in the system..
  8. Last week
  9. Browser Extension for Edge

    Hi David, Can you tell us if you are using the just released Fall Creator's update of Windows 10? We had another customer report this last night as well. If it is the Fall Creator's update causing this, and we'll do some testing shortly, then this is very disappointing from Microsoft - Microsoft only just allowed mainstream developers to release Edge extensions (like in the last month), and then their next update of WIndows appears to break everything. Regards Click Studios
  10. Browser Extension for Edge

    Just noticed it's appeared in the store. Downloaded it on two machines both running version 1709 (16299.15 and 16299.19) which I think should meet the requirement on the store (build 14393.0 or later). Seems like I'm missing a setup step - as can be seen, it appears to be "not quite right" (and I did restart the browser, enable the plugin and browse to my Passwordstate site (v8.1.8114) first): No build number shown, doesn't recognise the ClickStudios community as a saved site, none of the menu items work. Not even generating a new password :(. Still good to see it's present, hopefully we can get an update soon!
  11. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8136, which includes 1 new feature, 11 updates and 10 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx Regards Click Studios
  12. <Server> redirected you too many times.

    Thanks very much for letting us know Sean.
  13. Encryption Key Management

    Hi Clayton, Unfortunately at this stage we don't have anything like this, and to develop it would almost be a separate product, or at very least a whole new module. As you could imagine, it would take some time to plan and develop Regards, Support.
  14. Encryption Key Management

    Our organization already owns PasswordState but we are in the market for a Key Management Solution (KMS) that can generate, store, rotate, and expire encryption keys to be used in encryption processes throughout the organization. We were wondering if PasswordState supports or knows of any use cases where organizations have used it to act as a KMS system. Again, we just need a repository that does the encryption key management. All actual encryption processes will be performed by outside services that would make calls via an API to obtain encryption keys as needed. For reference, here is another vendor solution we are looking at. https://safenet.gemalto.com/data-encryption/protectapp-application-protection/
  15. <Server> redirected you too many times.

    Has been resolved with a new install.
  16. Issue: When enabling DUO two factor authentication, it is possible you might get this error: Resolution: For one of our customers, we were told that changing the User Normalization setting to Simple in the DUO console (Under Applications) has fixed this for him. Thanks to Scott for making us aware of this fix. Regards, Support Click Studios
  17. Allow MFA choice at login

    Thanks very much
  18. Auditing Use of Remote Session Launcher

    Excellent - thanks for letting us know.
  19. Allow MFA choice at login

    Version 8.1 added all of Duo's login options at the login screen. Super happy with the update, thank you!
  20. Trialing the server, setup goes fine, however upon first login I get the following error. Any ideas?
  21. Auditing Use of Remote Session Launcher

    Thanks, I had looked under the auditing reports but not via the administration area. I can now see the report I need
  22. LDAP over SSL

    Hi Gregory, Sorry, but unfortunately we do not have support for LDAP over SSL for Passwordstate yet. It is something we wish to work on, but we have many outstanding feature requests that we are working through currently. Regards Click Studios
  23. LDAP over SSL

    Hi Team, Have upgraded our Passwordstate instance from v7x.x to V8.1 (Build 8114) sometimes ago. What should I do to switch PS<->AD LDAP comms to SSL and what you would recommend to verify that it is actually working? What is recommended best practice in terms of selecting a cert for it - signed by AD or 3d party or something else? Cheers!
  24. Auditing Use of Remote Session Launcher

    Hello, Yes, if you go to the Auditing screen in the Administration area, there is an Activity Type called 'Remote Session Connection' - this will give you what you need. Regards Click Studios
  25. Is it possible to report on the use of the remote session launcher? I am planning the upgrade from v7 to v8 and it would help if I knew who was using the session launcher so I can check they have upgraded their clients. Thanks
  26. split key relationship

    Hello, The encryption keys are split and stored in two places - the database, and the web.config file. When needed, we join these two split "secrets" and form the encryption key(s) so they can be used. For further security, you can also encrypt the AppSettings section in the web.config file, and we have information on this in our installation manual - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Installation_Instructions.pdf We hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards Click Studios
  27. split key relationship

    Hey, I'm looking for info on how the (split) encryption keys are handled/used; ie the web.config file has two "split" keys in it, but the key backup produces 4 "split" keys I read all you need is the web.config and the db to recover the app, what are the two key's not in the web.config for?
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