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  2. Hi Peter, I've just tested our forums as suggested above, and this is what I experienced: Generate password and copy to clipboard, so you can paste it into multiple fields - we provide this option in case this is required Fill out the rest of the details and save The browser extension pops up asking to save the login into Passwordstate Did you not see the prompt to save your login? If so, can you please check that you did not have this URL stored as an Ignored URL? Ignored URLs are stored in two locations: Per user is store on the Pre
  3. Hello Jonathan, Below was my response to your support ticket: "What if you stored these elevated privileged accounts in a Password List where 2FA authentication is enabled on the Password List, as per the screenshot below – do you think that might be an option so they only need to log into Passwordstate with a single account?"
  4. Hello Mordecai, We do not have plans for an offline version for desktops at this time sorry. Once we get some feedback from the Native App, and if there's still enough interest in an offline version for desktops, we will reconsider it. Regards Click Studios
  5. Hi @support Regarding the offline functionality I have a question/request from our company. Many of our sales representatives or IT administrators need the offline functionality to be able to work at the customer's site or at locations where no mobile/wlan connection is available (or the connection to PasswordState Server is interrupted or currently not possible). The IPhone or Android App is of course a giant step forward. However, some colleagues would like to have offline functionality for their (Windows) notebooks, since they understandably do not want to type in 20-40
  6. Can you refresh my memory on what that work around was? Drawing a blank. PS. Thank you for the answer!
  7. Instead of exporting all reports as PasswordState.xlsx append a meaningful name based on what the report is, or at least the number of the report and show the numbers in the reporting selection Passwords Strength Compliance Status Have I Been Pwned Compromises would be PasswordState22Strength and PasswordState35Pwned
  8. Try registering a new account at https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/register/&do=validating with the PasswordState extension enabled, then try it with Lastpass. Lastpass user experience is much friendlier. PasswordState select generate password and apply. It fills it in one password field, but not the confirmation field Copy the password into confirmation field Register. Log out and try to log back in. Does password state remember your password? No because you didn't manually save it. Reset password. Click Add to save t
  9. It is possible to add more variables to the auto-enrollment email for Password Reset Portal? Now the are only three variables [ToFirstName],[PasswordResetPortalURL] and [AdditionalBodyText]. We need to be able to use [UserID] variable into this email.
  10. Hello, We have had feedback from the vendor, and unfortunately it is not possible to authenticate "protected users" within browsers. There are also some restrictions in using the standard Microsoft RDP tool as well i.e. For "protected users", the local machine must be a domain member and Windows 10, 2012 R2 or later. You can not log in from Windows 7, or macOS. Regards Click Studios
  11. Hi Sebastian, I am sorry we didn't get back to you about this. We can confirm this behavior is the same in our test environments, so we have now logged a call with the vendor of the Gateway to see if there is a fix for this.( A third party develops the gateway and we integrate it with our software) We'll report back here as soon as we have more information. Regards, Support
  12. Hi Boffin, Did you also try specifying a value for "Name ID", as your output above says "Name ID format: Unspecified". If you've changed from SHA1 to SHA256, you might need to export the certificate again, and add that into Passwordstate. What build of Passwordstate are you using? Earlier this year Microsoft did make a change during a Windows Update which did cause issues with older builds of Passwordstate? There is no where in Passwordstate to get logs for this sort of thing unfortunately. Let us know what happens after your upgrade. Regards Click Studios
  13. That's prety much exactly how I had it set up (SHA1 instead of SHA256, and upn instead of email), but it fails when set up exactly the same as yours. I'm going to update our PSTATE to the latest/greatest tomorrow (hoping that also solves a problem with your Radius client sending an invalid field) Where on the Passwordstate machine can I get logs of why it thinks it should go back to Okta to get credentials when Okta has provided them ?
  14. Hi Boffin, We don't have all fields documented, as not all fields are required for SAML authentication to work. Below are some screenshots from our Okta account and Passwordstate - can you please doublecheck what you have? Can you check all fields, including the certificate type, and Audience Restriction. Your 'Name ID format' setting in Okta seems to be blank as well, and you must specify an attribute which matches "SAML Response's Name Identifier - NameID" in Passwordstate. We hope this helps.
  15. I'm having great difficulty with passwordstate talking to Okta, and the example config in the password state docs for Okta is greatly lacking (missing 80% of the config values). What happens is when I visit our local password state, it goes off to Okta, verifies, go back to passwordstate which then fires off to Okta again, etc etc etc Here is the config I currently have: What the heck am I missing? Plus where the heck in passwordstate can I see what I assume are the failed assertions? OKTA CONFIG Single sign on URL: https://in
  16. Hello KC_Brec, We're not sure if it helps at all, but you can subscribe to our announcements forum here to receive those notifications - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/forum/6-announcements/ Regards Click Studios
  17. Would be nice if Passwordstate would email security administrators when an update to or new version of the application is available. We generally only use administrator account when system administration is needed, otherwise a normal account is in use. We would prefer not to notify all users when a new version is available. If this option is available, my apologies but I could not find any information about it anywhere.
  18. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get past this.
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  20. Hi, We can choose maximum word length for generated password but not minimum word length that would be very usefull !! Can you add please this possibility on the next update ? Thank you.
  21. Hi Eric, Not sure what this is at the moment but I have a couple of suggestions: Did you try resetting the installer yet? https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/ When you browse to your Passwordstate website for the first time, can you access it via HTTPS instead of HTTP? Does this help? Could you try running your browser in incognito mode and run the through the initial set up[ again. Does this help at all? Regards, Support
  22. For anyone else reading this forum post, we found the cause of this issue. The first screenshot below was the type of Password List Templates that were missing - where the 'Enable Password Resets' option was enabled. The second screenshot below is the reason these Templates were not showing - as there were restrictions applied as to which users could create Password Lists with this option enabled.
  23. Hey everyone. I am trying to get Gsuite SAML to work with Passwordstate but I am having some odd trouble. I saw this thread but no replies. I have Gsuite SAML working with other third party applications but with Passwordstate I am getting "The <Issuer> element MUST be present in <AuthnRequest> element." I have decoded the SAML response and I see the correct IDPID in the response and <Issuer> element does exist as far as I understand. I've added a screenshot for the Google error and the obfuscated decoded SAML response below.
  24. Hi Erik, You are welcome to log a support call about this to our email address if you like, but I'll put some troubleshooting steps below for this: Can you first try resetting your installer, to see if that fixes the issue: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/ Do you have any AV software or scanning software installed on your web server, that you can disable whilst performing the Passwordstate install? If you still cannot get past this error, could you open developer tools in your brows
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