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    New Browser Extension (8765) Beta Feedback

    Hi Fabian, Thanks for testing the new extensions for us. You do a lot of testing and we really appreciate it:) To answer your questions: 1. I'll raise with this our main developer of the new browser extension, and I'll report back here to see what we can do. 2. Can we ask what environment is your Passwordstate server in? Workgroup or Domain? What we've heard previously, although we cannot replicate it ourselves, is a user that hosted Passwordstate in a Workgroup, that was using his router for DNS, was getting logged out of the extension randomly. After he moved to a domain, with an AD DNS server running, his issue went away immediately. 3. We managed to replicate this search box issue on one of our sites. But in a majority of sites we've tested against we haven't seen this error. Thanks for reporting it, we'll get it patched before we release the production version of this build. 4. Sure thing, and good idea. I'll also see if we can make the cursor take focus on the search box when clicking on the extension. Not sure if we can do this yet but I'll run it past Udit (our primary extension developer), and will report back here with more information about this. Hopefully in 24 to 48 hours I'll have a bit more information about this:) Thanks again Fabian, good to see you are still using Passwordstate, we haven't heard from you for a while:) Regards, Support.
  3. support

    Browser Extension default password list

    Just a quick message to say the beta version of the extension is available now:) Regards, Support
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  5. support

    change license key

    Hello Tobbe, Could you please contact us via the following page so we can look up your licensing details - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx Thanks very much. Regards Click Studios
  6. Hi Fabian, Thanks for the information, and our code should be stopping the service prior to trying to upgrade files. We'll do some more testing to see if we can somehow replicate what you are seeing. Regards Click Studios
  7. support

    cant connect to the sqlexpress

    Hi Jamie, There must be some sort of configuration issue here, as the 'sa' account has the privileges to do this. Can you please log a support call via the following page https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx and provide screenshots of the details you are entering into the setup screen? If you need to re-initialize the installer for any reason, you can follow this article for that. https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/ Regards Click Studios
  8. Hi Guys, this morning I've just seen the blog about the new browser extension and I couldn't wait to install it. I really love all the new features, it improves the extension so much! During my first tests I remarked some things I'd like to report back. I tested with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (64-Bit). Wait until logged in Like a half year ago (or more?), the old extension got a big improvement: The extension turned white (logged in) when the Passwordstate page started to load. Before I always had to wait until the whole Passwordstate page got loaded. This was very usefull when you work in a slower network (like WiFi) or if your server is on the slower side. With the new browser extension unfortunately it's again like, that I need to wait until the whole Passwordstate page finshed loading to get logged in. You can notice the difference very good, when you have the now and the old extension working in parallel. Unexpected logged out I also had this issue with the old extension as well: All of a sudden I'm logged out of the extension, before the timeout has been reached. While testing I had the old and the new extension activated in parallel (don't hope this was causing the issue). Like 10 minutes after I started testing, all of a sudden I was logged out from the new extension, but still logged in with the old extension. This is just a first report after some less testing. I'm going to monitoring this a but more... Search when multiple passwords available When I go to a website, where I have multiple credentials (2) matching. There is this new fantastic icon overlay, where I can choose between the credentials. In this overlay there's the search box. First of all, the search box is not visible (no border). If I would'n have read about this on the blog I wouldn't have noticed this function. When I type in this search box, searching is working and filtering out the not matching credentials, but I don't see anything typed in this box, I can't see what I've typed. (tested with www.gmx.ch) Curser directly in search field This is just a suggestion, but would improve the usability a litte bit and making your workflow a bit faster. With the new extension you can click on the extension icon and search through all your available passwords, what is absolutely genious! I really really love this feature. In my opinion it would also be great, when the cursor would be placed in the search field directly after I clicked on the extension icon too. So I could click on the icon and directly start to type without needing to put the cursor there first. Thank you guys so much for developing the new extension! All the best, Fabian
  9. Fabian Näf

    Upgrade Error SparkGateway.exe in Use by Another Process

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the very very late answer with this topic! Now if finally got the chance to check the state of the services during the update progress. After the process told me "- Stopping Passwordstate Windows Service....." (and was downloading then) I checked the service states: Passwordstate Service was stopped, but Passwordstate-Gateway was still running. This time I stopped the Gateway service manually and I didn't get the error. I don't have any monitoring system which could restart the service. Both my services are running under Local System. Here are some more information about the configuration of the Gateway Service: PS C:\Users\[...]> Get-Service Passwordstate-Gateway | fl * Name : Passwordstate-Gateway RequiredServices : {Afd, Tcpip} CanPauseAndContinue : False CanShutdown : False CanStop : False DisplayName : Passwordstate-Gateway DependentServices : {} MachineName : . ServiceName : Passwordstate-Gateway ServicesDependedOn : {Afd, Tcpip} ServiceHandle : SafeServiceHandle Status : Stopped ServiceType : Win32OwnProcess StartType : Automatic Site : Container : Regards, Fabian
  10. I have enables sa, and created user 'root' both can create db in visual studio but neither work in the setup software
  11. Tobbe

    change license key

    Hi all. In my Company we have one two seperate networks one for production and one for testing and development. Now to the issue, for some reason in the testing enviroment someone installed an Enterprise license were we only needed like 10 licesens. Can we move the Enterprise license to our production enviroment without reinstalling etc? BR Tobbe
  12. Today we've released Build 8765 of Passwordstate, which includes support for the beta version of the new Chrome extension we have been developing recently. For more information on this new extension, please see the blog post linked below. Anyone is welcome to test out this beta extension, and for any issues or queries about it, please email Click Studios support. We are currently building the Firefox version and anticipate releasing this and the Chrome version to the relevant store in mid September. Our new Edge extension will be released later this year, when the Chromium version of Edge is released by Microsoft. We hope you like the new extension with all the new functionality! https://www.clickstudios.com.au/blog/new-chrome-browser-extension-for-passwordstate/
  13. Last week
  14. Hi Everyone, Today we have release build 8765, which includes 3 new updates, and 2 bug fixes. Full changelog can be found here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/passwordstate-changelog.aspx. Regards Click Studios
  15. Having a password with a URL parameter, there is a globe link to open the URL in my default browser. I often need to copy the value to the clipboard instead, because I need the value for other purposes than just to open the URL in my default browser. The globe link is nice, but an additional copy button would be even greater ☺
  16. If you are having issues when trying to send Self Destruct Messages, please refer to the following questions/suggestions, and please provide this feedback to Click Studios when logging a support call: Please provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing Are you using the Self Destruct Message web site which comes embedded with your normal Passwordstate web site, or have you installed this site separately? With the error message you see, is the URL being reported accurate? If you are using the embedded site, the URL used is the Base URL field you can see on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous tab. If you have installed the site separately, then it's the URL you have specified on the screenshot below Do you use any Load Balancers or Reverse Proxies in your environment? As per the screenshots below, can you confirm the encryption key is set correctly in the file C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\selfdestruct\web.config – this path will be different if you have installed this site separately Regards Click Studios
  17. support

    cant connect to the sqlexpress

    Hi Jamie, When you say you can create a DB, do you mean outside of Passwordstate? In the information above, you seem to be using the account called root - this is not standard in SQL Server, and have you specifically created this account - and does it have permissions to create databases? The default admin account in SQL Server is called sa. If everything is okay with the 'root' account, can you provide a screenshot of what values you are specifying on this setup screen? Thanks Click Studios
  18. I can create a DB without any issue but I cant get anywhere using the setup software
  19. I have installed the product but cant connect to the sqlexpress. When using the server (same server for both) ip address Resolving host name of database server... Executing creation of temporary database... Login timeout expired A network-related or instance-specific error has occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. Server is not found or not accessible. Check if instance name is correct and if SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. For more information see SQL Server Books Online. SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF]. When using the server name Resolving host name of database server... Executing creation of temporary database... Login failed for user 'Root'. I can connect to the database with ssms what do I need to do?
  20. Hi, Is it possible to implement the following feature : Possibility to rename passwordlist without admin right For example, a non admin user can create passwordlist, add password but if he want rename it, it's not possible. He have to create a new one, move password into and delete the old one. Thank you for your help.
  21. A great feature would be the ability to apply branding to the Browser extension and be able to make a custom css for it. This way, our company could make the background our company's signature color and have the same title as our Passwordstate main page and authentication screens, with our company's name in it.
  22. Hello, If you are referring to the 'Recent Passwords' grid when you click on Password Home, then yes this is how it's functions - it shows the most recent record based on auditing data. So if you keep accessing the same record over and over again, then it will keep showing here. Regards Click Studios
  23. Issue: As a Passwordstate Security Administrator, you receive an email from the system advising that the Active Directory Sync process was still running at the time the next sync process began. This could mean that not all members of the security groups you have added into Passwordstate are synchronizing properly. Sync Process Behaviour: The Passwordstate Windows service attempts to synchronize any Active Directory Security Group on the schedule you have set under Administration -> System Settings -> Active Directory Options. It will also attempt to synchronize the following attributes for each user account in Passwordstate, regardless if they are a member of a Security Group or not: Display name Given name Surname Email address User principal name Sam account name Department Physical delivery office name Enabled status Click Studios has tested synchronizing 4500 user accounts, and this process took 6 - 7 minutes. Steps to Troubleshoot: Suggestion 1: How many Security Groups and Users do you have in Passwordstate? If you have several thousand, consider changing the Sync time to be longer, under Administration -> System Settings -> Active Directory Options. Restart your Windows Service after making this change which is no disruptive to your system Suggestion 2: By default, Passwordstate uses the Read Active Directory Security Groups and User Accounts privileged account to query Active Directory. To find out which account you have set to query your Active Directory, look under Administration -> Active Directory Domains and look for the name of the Privileged Account on that screen. Then, under Administration -> Privileged Account Credentials, open the relevant account and this will show you the domain account used to query Active Directory. Try elevating the permissions of this account in Active Directory to be a Domain Administrator, and allow a couple more sync processes to occur. Does this fix the issue? Suggestion 3: Are there any exceptions in the Application Event log on your Passwordstate web server, for the Passwordstate Service that indicate errors with the sync process? Suggestion 4: Are there any errors in the Administration -> Error Console which help diagnose the issue? (Send to Click Studios Support if you need help understanding these errors) Suggestion 5: Do manual syncs of each Security Groups work? Try to systematically isolate the problem to one security group, by manually synchronizing each group, one at a time. This can be performed under Administration -> Security Groups as per below screenshot: Suggestion 6: Do any of your Security Groups have users from other domains? Although this could work, it's not officially supported at this time. Adjusting permissions for the privileged account may help if you do have members from other domains. Click Studios will add more fixes/suggestions to this post if we can gather more information. If we can replicate the issue on our own test environments, then possibly we could make some changes in our software to fix the issue. Please contact Click Studios if you'd like to discuss your failed sync process further. Regards, Support.
  24. My recent password list is flooded with the last password I keep viewing, is there anyway to have this only show once in the list? I've had a look in the manual and done some forum searches but couldn't find a way to do it. Or is this the way the recent password list functions?
  25. tboggs13

    Browser Extension default password list

    Well, that was easy. Look forward to the new features, looks like quite the overhaul.
  26. support

    Browser Extension default password list

    Hello, This is coming soon in our new Chrome browser extension, and other browsers after that - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/blog/new-chrome-browser-extension-for-passwordstate/ Regards Click Studios
  27. Is there any way to set a default password list per user? It looks like the extension presents them in alphabetical order, which puts my personal list near the bottom of a long list. I would rather make a mistake and put it there than put personal information a public list.
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    Possibility to block acces to 1 secret or not view password

    Poll added :-)
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