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  2. Hello HeDish, Can you confirm if you believe you are seeing the same issue because your web server time is different to your database server time? If so, can you let us know what build number you are using, and there should have been a fix for this in the release below? Regards Click Studios
  3. Hi Fabian, Below will be the change - top one is V8, and bottom one is V9. So what you are saying with button names is incorrect. We receive an enourmous amount of support calls where customers to not realise the 'Ignore' button will add the URL to the 'Ignored URL' list. So we need to change this, because it does not seem obvious to customers. Do you have any other suggestions - keeping in mind we can only use single words, because of dialog realestate?
  4. For anyone else reading this forum post, we figured out what the issue was. On the old web server, the customer had the URL Rewrite module installed for IIS, and had a rule configured in their web.config file. On the new web server this module was not installed in IIS, which was causing the issue. Regards Click Studios
  5. It takes time for us as well. Have approx 55 hosts imported at the moment. Imported 5 new host last run and than run the reset job against the host list. It took 3 hour and 20 minutes to reset the five new servers in the list... Have approx 500 more servers to import and then run the reset job against....doesn't dare to think how many days that will take...
  6. Hello, I have configured Citrix ADC VPX as reverse-proxy for our passwordstate installation. The appliance made SSL offloading and everything works fine until I try to use the Remote Desktop Gateway. I get a black screen. The network analysis told me that https is required (error 403). I've tried to disable SSL (=false) in the gateway.conf file. I've also tested without the reverse proxy with the same behaviour. Is there a way to disable SSL on the entire chain (form passwordstate server to gateway) ? Note that everything works fine if I enable SSL on the pas
  7. Thanks for your answer and explanation! I'm really looking forward to version 9 and try to follow all your blog enties and news on facebook as well :-) I'm not sure if I understood that right. You'll rename the "Close" button to "Later" and the "Ignore" button to "Never", is that right? Will there also be a change in the behaviour (except letting the icon turn blue)? If the question would still be "Add Site to Passwordstate?", answering with "Never", leading to ignore form filling, wouldn't be that obvious to me (as the question isn't about ignoring at all ;-) )
  8. Hi, The idle timer in Browser extension settings is set 0 (disable). We do have a testing and production environment and I occasionally switch between them. I now also configured the URL of our productionserver in administration --> browser extension settings. I'll keep you posted, thanks.
  9. web.config file is a copy from old web serverm i will send it to support
  10. Hello kvnpoa, I think there may be a technical issue with your browser extensions communicating with the API in Passwordstate, as you should not be logged out of the extension like this. Have you enabled any options on the screen Administration -> Browser Extensions Settings, to log yourself out of the extension? Or do you use any Load Balancers or Reverse Proxies, which may be inteferring with this? Regards Click Studios
  11. FYI Guys - in version 9 we are changing the wording of wording of the buttons to Never and Later, so it is more obvious as to what you are doing. If a site is in the Ignored URL list, the extension icon will also turn blue, to make it more visible that it's an ignored URL. Regards Click Studios
  12. Hello Ukasz, This error indicates you've made a mistake in the web.config file, and possibly one of the tags is not complete properly. Can you compare the web.config file to your original one, to see where the issue is? If you cannot figure it out, please contact us via the following page https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx and provide a copy of your file - we should be able to spot the issue for you. Regards Click Studios
  13. Hi Josep, Unfortunately this is a bug in the latest release (Build 8989). The only working around before we provide a fix, is to first authenticate to Passwordstate, and then open your permalink. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will email you once the next release is available. Regards Click Studios
  14. The browser extension could be used for other use cases than just website logins. We also store SSH, RDP,... credentials in PasswordState and the browser extension could be a great tool to quickly access those as well. My suggestions: - search all records, also those without URL - search on other fields as well like username and notes - ability to copy the password or username from the browser extension
  15. The browser extension is often logged out due to a reboot, shutting down the browser,... I have some suggestions for a better user experience: - When logged out, the extension now suggests to browse to your passwordstate tenant. It would be easier to have our server linked in that message - The idle session timer should be extendable so you only have to log in once a day - Instead of browsing to the passwordstate website in a tab, it would be nice to login from the extension
  16. We'd like to have a checkbox that allows to trust the browser when logging into PasswordState. When a browser is trusted, the end-user doesn't have to use MFA for the next 30 days.
  17. Hi Click Studios team Did you consider to add these kind of report in the meantime? In my environment I can see in the hosts tab that I have 450 hosts and 260 linked passwords. But unfortunately I didn't find yet any report to see, which hosts don't have a linked password. And before I start scripting, I would like to ask you guys if there is already something in place. Thank you and kind regards, Ralph
  18. Hi, we have same problem - first we migreted sql to new server (IIS was still on old one) - paswordstate work gr8! Next step is to move website to same new server with sql.... same error apear: HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid. Detailed Error Information: Module IIS Web Core Notification Unknown Handler Not yet
  19. Hi team! When I try to access to a password record with a permalink (https://<my-site>/pid=12345) I get the following error page https://<my-site>/error/insufficientpermissions.aspx Insufficient Privileges It appears you do not have the correct permissions to view this password record, Password List, or page. If you believe this should not be the case, please contact one of your Password List Administrators to investigate why. The site doesn't ask me for a user and pas
  20. I've Passwordstate installed on a dedicated server and accessing Passwordstate from my Laptop and from my VDI client, which both are independent from the server where Passwordstate is installed. All the best, Fabian
  21. Hi Fabian, Can we just check with you - with your Laptop, do you have Passwordstate installed on there, or are you just accessing Passwordstate from there? Regards Click Studios
  22. Thank you very much, highly appreciated! Best regards, Fabian
  23. Hi Kyle, Have you tried putting S1W or S2W into the "Host Name Filter" field? There is also the 'Hosts to be Queried' tab where you can test what Hosts the discovery job will execute against. Does this help at all? Regards Click Studios
  24. There are several sites, but we can use 2 for the sake of example. I have 2 discovery jobs Site1 with sub Ou Computers Site2 with sub Ou Computers Each site has its own computer naming convention: Site 1 workstation S1W00001 S1W00002 site 2 workstation S2W00001 S2W00002 Right now with this setup the password discovery job is adding all hosts discovered from both jobs. What would work as a wildcard for me is S1W* Or S1W????? * Anything that contains S1W of any length
  25. Hi Kyle, Our Tag field is the only real option to filter based on the Host Discovery Job. Are you specifying multiple OU's with your Host Discovery Job, and that's why you need Wildcard matching on the Account Discovery Jobs? If you are using multiple OU's, is there any part of the OU's that would be unique to each of your jobs? Regards Click Studios
  26. Hi, We have also started to use discovery jobs. I have 2 host discovery jobs scanning 2 different sites in Active Directory. Site 1 computers Site 2 computers The problem i have is when i create a Windows local admin discovery job, it is taking hosts found on BOTH host discovery jobs. How can I ensure they remain separate and keep them within their respective password lists? I was looking at host tag filters but couldn't find anything for use of wildcards for example. Any help appreciated.
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