Version 3.1 Released

Version 3.1 of Passwordstate is released today, and includes various fixes and enhancements. You can download 3.1 from our website –


  • Fix – Certain special characters in the Password field was causing issues with displaying the password in the grid view and password history screens (Ref 31.08)
  • Update – Updated help file for specifying a value for the ‘Domain Name’ field in System Setting screen – explains how to specify LDAP query string for large Active Directory implementations (Ref 31.07)
  • Update – When querying users or security groups in Active Directory (when adding users), an animated progress graphic is displayed whilst the query is executing (Ref 31.06)
  • Update – Changed compare history pages so the passwords are masked by default (Ref 31.05)
  • Fix – Made various hyperlinks more apparent by setting ‘text-decoration’ property to ‘underline’ (Ref 31.04)
  • Fix – Fixed issue where granting access to a Shared Password List for a user was not displaying any search results (Ref 31.03)
  • Fix – Fixed issue when exporting passwords where a string field was being incorrectly interpretted as a date field (Ref 31.02)
  • Fix – fixed data import issue from version 2 where rogue user accounts where assigned to shared password lists (Ref 31.01)


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