Passwordstate 5.5 Released

Hello Everyone,

Click Studios is very pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.5 of Passwordstate with 30 new features, updates and bug fixes in total. Notable changes are:

  • Added Authorized Web Server functionality whereby you must now specify which web server names are hosting the Passwordstate web site. This mitigates against database theft, and hosting in an untrusted environment
  • A new Delta Permissions Email Notification report which alerts Password List Administrators of prior and post permission changes to Password Lists
  • You can now choose to send all Auditing data to a syslog server
  • Enumerated Password Permissions Report which shows access for all users accounts, even if permissions were applied via security group membership
  • Secondary authentication options for securing access to Password Lists and navigation Tabs
  • User must provide reason for accessing password value – either copy to clipboard, or view on screen
  • One-Time Access is now possible for password records – as soon as a password is viewed or copied, the user’s access is removed

You can download the latest release from here –, or watch the following short video showing some of the new features.

PS5 Update – Logical Grouping of Password Lists

Hello Everyone,

Quick update on how we’re progressing with the development of Passwordstate version 5. We’ve now added the feature whereby you can logically group Password Lists in the navigation tree, as per the screenshot in this blog entry. Other things to note about this:

  • Any user can reorganise the grouping by simply dragging and dropping the tree nodes, and the changes are saved in the database
  • Each user can have their own view of how the navigation tree is organised
  • You’ll also notice the ‘Quick Navigation’ feature – if you have a lot of Password Lists, this allows you to quickly search and navigate to the correct one. This feature can also be turned off if you don’t want to see it.
  • You can also associated images with the tree nodes, and Security Admins of Passwordstate can add more if there is not an appropriate image for you to select from

As always, we welcome as much feedback as possible.


Passwordstate 4.1 Released

Hello Everyone,

Available immediately is version 4.1 of Passwordstate, which includes 10 bug fixes and 3 new improvements since the release of version 4.0. More detail can be found here –

For customers wishing to upgrade from version 4.0, please follow these instructions:

  1. Backup your Passwordstate4 database
  2. Download the latest copy of Passwordstate from here –
  3. Take a copy of the web.config file
  4. Uninstall Passwordstate from Control Panel (please note your database will not be touched during the uninstall)
  5. Once uninstalled, reinstall Passwordstate
  6. Replace the web.config file from step 3
  7. Restart the Windows Service ‘Passwordstate Service’
  8. If you have modified the standard ‘passwordstate4’ cname DNS entry for the web site, or configured the web site to use a SSL certificate, you will need to redo these steps
  9. Navigate to Passwordstate in your web browser, and run through the wizard to upgrade to version 4.1

We hope you enjoy the new version of Passwordstate, and we thank you for your kind support.

Kind Regards
Click Studios