PS5 Update – Improved Role Based Access and Permissions

Hi All,

We’ve been busy during the holiday period making improvements to Role Based Access and Permissions (small screenshot below). Here are a few things you can expect to see in the next release:

•    3 levels of assigning access – View, Modify & Admin
•    These 3 levels can be assigned to an entire Password List, or just specific passwords within a Password List
•    Time-based Access – access to passwords or Password Lists can automatically be removed after a set period of time, or the next time when a password is changed
•    Security Groups – Access to Passwordstate, Password Lists and individual passwords can now be achieved through security groups. These can be either local security groups created within Passwordstate, or synchronized with Active Directory security groups
•    We’ve also added another method by which access is approved, but we’re not revealing that one yet – it’s kind of cool ?

As always, love to hear your feedback.

Password List Permissions