Passwordstate 5.0 Update – Build 5006

Hello everyone,

We have a few updates for Passwordstate, with the following changes:

  • Fix – The Image dropdown list was cutoff at the bottom of the browser when adding or editing Password Lists. Only effected small screen resolutions
  • Fix – When an unregistered users browses to the Passwordstate web site they receive the error – ‘Incorrect syntax near…. DEFAULT’
  • Fix – When exporting data to csv, some non-english character sets where not being translated correctly
  • Fix – Improved memory consumption for w3wp.exe process (IIS Worker Process)
  • Updated – Updated to the latest version of ASP.NET Ajax controls
  • Updated – Updated logout screen to provide the option to log back in

If you are experiencing these bugs and wish to upgrade, please follow these instructions:

  • Download the latest copy of Passwordstate from here –
  • Backup your passwordstate5 database
  • Take a copy of the web.config file in the root of the Passwordstate folder
  • Take a copy of the files in /images/lookupimages and /App_Data/RadSpell (only required if you’ve added new Account Type Images or added custom words to the Editor’s dictionary)
  • Uninstall Passwordstate from Control Panel (please note your database will not be touched during the uninstall)
  • Once uninstalled, reinstall Passwordstate
  • Replace the web.config and other files file from steps 3 & 4
  • Restart the Windows Service ‘Passwordstate Service’
  • If you have modified the standard ‘passwordstate’ cname DNS entry for the web site, or configured the web site to use a SSL certificate, you will need to redo these steps

Click Studios