Passwordstate 4.4 Released

Hi Everyone,

Available immediately is version 4.4 of Passwordstate, which includes the following changes:

  • New – Added feature whereby you can quickly filter the grid columns by pressing the Enter key – as opposed to selecting one of the filter types from the dropdown list (Ref 44.01)
  • New – Added feature whereby the filtered state of grids is maintained across multiple pages (Ref 44.02)
  • New – Added improved notification for saving grid layouts, and when passwords are copied to the clipboard (Ref 44.03)
  • New – Added feature where you can bulk update passwords in a Shared Password List (Ref 44.04)
  • New – Added two additional reports (formatting improvements) (Ref 44.05)
  • Fix –  Fixed issue where proxy servers were caching some page content (Ref 44.06)
  • Fix –  Fixed bug in ‘User Access to Passwords’ report whereby a user’s firstname or surname may not have been displayed if the previous user’s firstname or surname was the same (Ref 44.07)
  • Fix –  Fix bug introduced in 4.3 where the characters < > & weren’t displayed correctly when viewing passwords in the grid view (Ref 44.08)

For customers wishing to upgrade, please follow these instructions:

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