Passwordstate Compliance

Passwordstate on its own cannot make your organization compliant to any regulatory compliance acts (such as Sox or PCI DDS), but it can help your organization reach compliance in the following ways:

  • Access Management – Passwordstate has granular role based access, so segregation of access is possible. Read, modify and administrator permissions can be granted to Password Lists and individual Passwords, either to individual users or users who have membership within a Security Group. Security Administrators (who administer the whole system) have 12 different roles which can be applied
  • Password Length and Complexity – As users administer passwords in Passwordstate, they’re provided visual recommendations for how strong the password strength is based on policy set by the Security Administrators
  • Compliance reporting – Passwordstate has 32 different types of reporting available, based and the majority of events being audited as they occur. You can see a complete list of audit reports here –
  • Tracking and reporting of password resets – each password within Passwordstate can have an expiry date set, with reporting and email/visual reminders as a result
  • Password Reset Recommendations – when a user’s access to passwords is removed, a recommendation email is sent to each of the Password List Administrators recommending they reset the appropriate passwords
If you have any queries for specific acts, please contact us via our web site and we’d be only too happy to assist.
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