Why Role Based Access Control is Crucial to Your Organisational Security

In today’s modern workplace, most if not all important documents, information and sensitive data is kept on a computer system, readily accessed at any point in time. While this offers a convenient way to store and retrieve files, a lack of role based access control (RBAC) can leave them susceptible to the snooping eyes of internal employees. When your organisation has the right RBAC system implemented however, access to network resources and computer networks is purely based on the roles you assign to individual staff within the organization or business. This means that your data is not open for all to see, and any breaches are more easily narrowed down to the person at fault. For this reason, implementing an effective RBAC system is crucial to your company’s data secutrity.

 The advantages of RBAC

  • RBAC implementation regulates access to your systems and networks by only allowing certain people to view, edit and create particular files.
  • The ability to access data, documents or information will be defined based on the authority you assign to the person, their responsibilities in the organisation and resource needs based on their role.
  • It is simple to create, change or discontinue a role according to the changing needs of your organisation and its employees.

RBAC through Passwordstate

RBAC software, such as Click Studio’s Passwordstate, increases your organisational network security by providing a number of roles that you can assign to your employees based on their position within the company. This can be regulated by a list of passwords that unlock certain roles when signed in. Passwordstate also gives you the ability to use 15 security administrator roles, covering all bases when it comes to the privacy needs of your organisation and its computer systems. These features provide the framework for a system where only authorised personnel are permitted from viewing or editing sensitive information.

Some of the security administrator roles provided by the software include

  • Emergency access
  • Auditing
  • Password generator
  • Security groups
  • Licensing
  • User accounts
  • System settings

Implementing RBAC?

Many find implementing RBAC highly challenging. However, Passwordstate makes it easy to adopt this method for your professional security. While operating systems such as Apple iOS and Windows do provide basic RBAC systems for security purposes, a commercial software option is always your best bet when it comes to the security of your company’s sensitive information. Investing in a specialised, custom RBAC program that works for your company will give you peace of mind knowing that any sensitive data on your network is safe and secure.

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