PS5 Update – ScramblePad Authentication

Hi All,

In version 5 of Passwordstate, we will be introducing a  second-level authentication called ScramblePad Authentication (see screenshot). Some of the features relating to the ScramblePad Authentication are:ScramblePad Password Authentication

  • It can be enabled by Security Administrators for all users, or individual users can choose to use it for their own account – it’s an optional feature
  • A ScramblePad pin number will be assigned to your account, and you must type in the corresponding letters when you log in
  • The letters displayed are randomly generated every time, which is particularly good to mitigate against key loggers – as what you type in for your pin number will be unique every time

We also intend to introduce an option for forms based authentication in the next release. With forms based authentication there will be no reliance on Active Directory, and users will need to type in their username and password to authenticate.

We hope you like the new feature when its released, and we’d love to hear your feedback regarding it.



  1. This looks like a great feature as do all the enhancements for the new version .. I guess there is just one question left – WHEN WILL IT BE OUT ?? I CANT WAIT 🙂

  2. clickstudios says

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the feedback – we love to hear this sort of stuff from you guys. We’re hoping to have the next release out within the next 6 to 8 weeks, and we can’t wait too 🙂


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