PS5 Update – Logical Grouping of Password Lists

Hello Everyone,

Quick update on how we’re progressing with the development of Passwordstate version 5. We’ve now added the feature whereby you can logically group Password Lists in the navigation tree, as per the screenshot in this blog entry. Other things to note about this:

  • Any user can reorganise the grouping by simply dragging and dropping the tree nodes, and the changes are saved in the database
  • Each user can have their own view of how the navigation tree is organised
  • You’ll also notice the ‘Quick Navigation’ feature – if you have a lot of Password Lists, this allows you to quickly search and navigate to the correct one. This feature can also be turned off if you don’t want to see it.
  • You can also associated images with the tree nodes, and Security Admins of Passwordstate can add more if there is not an appropriate image for you to select from

As always, we welcome as much feedback as possible.



  1. Kevin Muller says

    Thanks for this excellent tool. Actually I installed it today on my server, and I was telling myself that the only thing the software lacks is actually the capability to group the passwords (with N level of groups).
    So I am pretty glad to discover that this feature is planned for the next version.

    Do you have any idea when the next version will be ready ? I am really looking forward to it.

    One more suggestion is that it would be interesting to have a shortcut to the permissions directly from the passwords view. So it would be possible to manage directly the access permissions from the same password page, more user friendly.


    • clickstudios says

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback. At this stage we’re not exactly sure of the release date for the next version (hopefully the next few months) as we have to re-write a lot of code to support a more granular permission structure. With this more granular permission structure, you will be able to view the password permissions as you’ve suggested.


  2. Thats great news about the grouping of passwords. When I suggested that I never thought you would get it done soo quickly. Its great to see user feedback being implemented. Do you have the security model associated with that in a similar fashion to inheitance in NTFS , where you can inherit and break permissions as well as assigning by user and group ?

    I have been looking to implement password state for the last 12 months and it really looks like a greate product.

    If I implement passwordstate 4.3 now rather than wait for 5, will it be easy to then move the existing password list to the folder structure available in PS 5 ?

  3. clickstudios says

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your feedback, and to answer your questions:

    – Security Model – In the next version you will able to assign permissions via local security groups within Passwordstate, or synchronized with Active Directory Security Groups. Read Only, Change and Admin roles will be available, and can be assigned at the Password List, or individual password.

    – When upgrading to version 5, it will import all the Shared Password Lists and show them as a flat structure in the navigation tree. All you need to do then to organize is drag & drop for logical grouping, and assign images if you wish.

    Thanks again for your feedback Steve.


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