PS5 Update – Forms Based Authentication

Hi Everyone,

We’ve now finished coding forms based authentication for Passwordstate, for customers who do not wish to rely on Active Directory for authentication. Essentially each user will need to specify a username and password to authenticate for Passwordstate.

With forms based authentication, Passwordstate is still fully functional except for the following features:

  • Only local security groups can be used to logically organize user accounts – no synchronization with Active Directory security groups is possible
  • ScramblePad Authentication is not available – not really needed as the user has to manually authenticate anyway
  • Adding Active Directory user accounts – obviously đŸ™‚

Mark Sandford


  1. Will the form based authentication still authenticate to the AD or must every single user has a separate password stored in the PasswordState-database?

    • clickstudios says:

      Hi Andre’

      The forms based authentication is intended for customers who don’t wish to rely on Active Directory at all, so every user will need to use a separate UserID and Password to authenticate.

      If you still wish to use your AD account credentials, but have some form of secondary authentication, you can enable the ScramblePad authentication options for all users.


  2. Mike Lendvay says:

    Have you considered enabling Forms Authentication for AD? In other words, allowing FBA to be enabled so that users can login against the active directory, but can enter those credentials into your login form rather than into the login box provided by the basic authentication method? This would be a great alternative for users who don’t have NTLM browser compatibility.

    • clickstudios says:

      Hi Mike,

      Great suggestion – we’ll investigate what’s required to facilitate this.


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