What Problems Does Password Management Solve?

A password is an imperfect solution to the problem of information security. Stronger passwords can be hard for individual employees to remember, leading to them potentially reusing the same string of characters across multiple private and commercial services – meaning if a hacker uncovers one password being used, they could potentially have access to multiple web sites and systems.

This said, the right password management infrastructure can mitigate many of the negative aspects of relying on alphanumeric passwords for access to your computer system. Discover how Passwordstate can help you.

Prevent the use of weak passwords before they compromise your system

Ensuring that every password used to access your system is complex and difficult to either guess or brute force is a crucial aspect of a security administrator’s job. There are going to be some employees who’ve never suffered a data breach who will merrily use ‘password’ or ‘1234’ to get into their work terminal unless you make this impossible.

Passwordstate allows security administrators to define what is and is not allowed in a password. Simple rules like raising the minimum character count to 12, or forbidding a password ending in a number (automatically putting a stop to anyone ending a password with their birth year) can dramatically increase your organisation’s data security. Having passwords reset after a certain period of time also ensures that even if a password is leaked and a third-party has access to your system, they don’t have long before they’re locked out.

Secure, flexible access control

If you’re required to share your data with someone outside the company for a short period of time, Passwordstate can ensure that you’re not giving them too much power. Security administrators can set different read, modify and access permissions to different password lists and even individual passwords.

If you’re having a company scrutinise your financial documents or performing maintenance on your secure server, giving them read only access or administrative priviliges on select systems can be a smart idea. Don’t give away the keys to the kingdom; Passwordstate helps you limit what people outside your organisation can access.

Ensure your business is fully compliant with relevant industry standards

Many organisations live and die by their ability to maintain compliance with stringent industry-wide data security regulations. For example, if you’re a merchant handling Visa, Mastercard, American Express or any major branded credit card, you’ll be required to abide by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to protect your customers from credit card fraud. Failing to comply with these and other similar regulations can result in payment of large compensation amounts, lost revenue and legal action.

Passwordstate offers comprehensive reporting and auditing options that can help you achieve compliance. If a security breach were to happen while you were not PCI DSS compliant, you could be up for additional, expensive penalties including fines.

Investing in an enterprise-ready, scalable password management solution like Passwordstate is a smart, cost-effective decision for any business. Protect your customers and your business with Passwordstate.

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