Passwordstate Version 5.1 Released

Hi Everyone,

Click Studios is very pleased to annouce the availability of Version 5.1 of Passwordstate. We can’t thank our customers enough for their feature suggestions, and working with us to development a better product for everyone.

To upgrade to version 5.1, download from here, and follow these instructions –

Please Note: Version 5.1 introduces the feature of continuous sharing of the Password Lists Navigation Tree with other users who have access to the same Password Lists. Because of this change, this upgrade will remove any nesting of Password Lists in the tree view which you may have created, and this will need to be redone once the upgrade is complete.

Changes in this version are:

  • New – Password Lists can now be organised within folders
  • New – The navigation tree structure for Password Lists is now shared with all users who have access to the Password Lists
  • New – The notes field for passwords is now searchable across all screens
  • New – Added an option to add one password after another, instead of returning back to the Passwords screen every time you add a new password
  • New – Added an option which allows restricting of searching for users (when applying permissions) to only users who are in the same Security Groups as the person granting the access
  • New – Provided 3 authentication options when using Integrated AD Authentication:
    • 1. Pass through authentication from your web browser to Passwordstate (does not require use to type user name & password)
    • 2. Require users to enter user name & password after they have manually, or been automatically, logged out of Passwordstate
    • 3. Require users to enter user name & password every time they wish to use Passwordstate – including after they have been logged out
  • New – Added option whereby Security Administrators can be alerted to failed login attempts into Passwordstate
  • New – Added the concept of ‘Bad Passwords’, whereby users are informed a password they are trying to add/edit is deemed to be bad – and the appropriate strength indicator is shown
  • New – Added two new options to the Password Generator – 1. Insert Word Phrases randomly into Alphanumeric passwords, and 2. Provide ‘No Separation’ option between Word Phrases
  • New – Added the option for the Password Generator to ensure passwords meet a minimum password complexity
  • New – Added ‘Access Notes’ for when granting permission to passwords, so reasons can be journaled if required
  • New – Optional timer for automatically hiding passwords when a user views them in the password grid view
  • New – Optional timer for automatically clearing the clipboard after passwords have been copied to it (Chrome and Firefox users are presented with a button they must click on the clear the clipboard)
  • New – Added the option for Security Administrators to enforce the same Password Generator options for all users
  • New – Added the ability to create templates for Password Lists, where preferred options can be reused when creating new Password Lists
  • New – When creating a new Password List, you can now base all the settings on an existing Password List, as well as copy the permissions if required
  • New – Within the ‘Screen Options’ for Password Lists, you can now choose to apply the visibility of columns to the current Password List, selected Password Lists, or all Password Lists
  • New – On the ‘Passwords Home’ page, we’ve added the option where you can choose which columns are visible for the ‘Search Results’ and ‘Favorite Passwords’
  • New – On the ‘Passwords Home’ page, you can now hide ‘Favorite Passwords’ if you do not wish to see them
  • New – Provided the option whereby users can request access to Password Lists or individual passwords (actual passwords are not displayed). Either of these options can be enabled or disabled
  • Update – Update to the most recent version of ASP.NET Ajax Controls
  • Update – When scrolling down the page and clicking on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ graphic, no longer are you returned to the top of the page – scrolling position isn’t affected
  • Fix – User’s were able to save the expand/collapse state for the Password List navigation tree nodes when using the High Availability module
  • Fix – When exporting Passwords from the ‘List Administrator Actions’ dropdown list, removed the Favorite Password indicator column
  • Fix – If the ‘Description’ field for a password record had double quotes in it, an audit record was not being added when a user copied the password to the clipboard
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