Passwordstate Now Fully Integrated with AuthAnvil Multi Factor Authentication

We have some great news for customers who already use, or would like to use, Scorpion Software’s AuthAnvil Multi Factor Authentication solution – Passwordstate is now fully integrated, providing a fourth two-factor authentication option.

As per the other authentication options in Passwordstate, AuthAnvil two-factor authentication can be used in the following ways:

  • Initially authenticating to Passwordstate – using just your AuthAnvil Username and Passcode, or Active Directory account details and AuthAnvil Username and Passcode
  • As an authentication option for the Passwordstate mobile client
  • As an authentication option if Passwordstate is accessed from an IP Address which is not specified in the ‘Allowed IP Ranges’
  • As an additional authentication step prior to accessing passwords in a Password List

In order to use this authentication option, there are a couple of settings/steps which needs to be looked at first:

  1. On the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Authentication Options tab, you need to specify your AuthAnvil URL and various other settings
  2. The user must specify their AuthAnvil Username on the Preferences screen – by default it is populated with the same Username as used in Passwordstate, but can be changed if require

Once these settings are configure, then you’re ready to start using this new authentication option. As always, audit records are added for authentication attempts, which can be reported against on the screen Administration -> Auditing.

A couple of screenshots of AuthAnvil’s software token, and an authentication screen in Passwordstate, plus for the mobile client:

We’d like to personally thank the Scorpion Software team, as they were a pleasure to work with, and provided us with great support while we were integrating the two products.

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