Passwordstate 5.3 Released

Hi All,

Click Studios is pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.3 of Passwordstate, which includes 13 new features, 8 enhancements & 12 bug fixes. Notable changes are:

  • We’ve introduced a new feature called Emergency Access. This access is only meant to be used when other forms of user authentication are not possible i.e. AD is unavailable, or users are unavailable
  • Recycle Bin for deleted passwords. You can now restore deleted passwords from the recycled bin if required
  • You can now specify which users (all, none, individuals or security groups members) can create Password Lists, Password Folders, Administer Password List Templates, or request access to passwords
  • Provided the feature whereby you can link passwords copying them between Password Lists – all details are synchronized between Password Lists
  • Multiple Password Generator options are now possible allowing you to assign each Password Generator to different Password Lists
  • User can now choose exactly which email notifications they would like to receive or suppress
  • You can now synchronize the enabled/disabled status of an Active Directory account in Passwordstate
  • When an Active Directory account is deleted, you can now either choose to delete, disable or ignore the matching user account in Passwordstate
  • Modify permissions for Password Lists now has the following options – Add, Edit or Delete passwords
  • When users has ‘Guest’ access to a Password List, you can now choose to allow them to also create new password records
  • You can now choose to receive a Daily Audit Report via email showing the past days activities for the Password Lists you have access to
  • Provided the option to disable the feature which allows you to purge all auditing records
  • Provided option to View or Email another user a direct link to a Password record

You can download the latest release from this location, and upgrade instructions are included in the download.

Click Studios


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