Passwordstate 5.0 Available

Hello All,

Click Studios are pleased to annouce the immediate availability of version 5.0 of Passwordstate, which can be downloaded from

As version 5.0 requires a new registration key, all existing customers will be emailed shortly with their new key.

Passwordstate 5 Beta

Some of the new features in version 5 are:

  • Complete new user interface
  • New and improved home page for searching across all Password Lists, quick access to favorites, and statistics for most active users and passwords
  • Improved role-based access – read, modify and admin permissions to Password Lists and individual passwords
  • Logical grouping of Password Lists in a navigation tree
  • Customised fields per Password List
  • Time-based access to passwords and Password Lists – either at a specific date, or when someone changes a password
  • Handshake Approval for access – two List Administrators must approve access before a timer elapses
  • Copy or move passwords between Password Lists
  • 32 different audit items are now tracked and reported
  • Active Directory or Forms-Based authentication
  • Two-factor authentication for Active Directory authentication – ScramblePad
  • Local or Active Directory Security Groups can be used for assigning permissions
  • Synchronize access via Active Directory Security Groups membership
  • High Availability module available – read only copy, using SQL Server to replicate data
  • 12 different roles for Security Administrators of Passwordstate
  • Word phrases added to the Password Generator
  • Set expiry date on user accounts registered in Passwordstate – useful if someone was leaving your company
  • Password reset recommendations when someone’s access to Passwordstate or Password Lists is removed
  • Test import feature – allows you to validate your data prior to importing

If you intend to upgrade from version 4.5, please follow these instructions, and be aware of the following:

  • Instructions for upgrading from v4.x to 4.5 can be found here –
  • Audit records will not be imported across, as the structure has changed
  • The concept of Personal Passwords is not available in version 5, but we do import Personal Passwords from version 4.5. Security Administrators can remove these if they do not wish to allow Personal Passwords for their organisation
  • When upgrading from version 4.5, you cannot change your authentication method to Forms-Based Authentication – you must continue using AD authentication.

Click Studios truly appreciates your support over the years, and your suggestions for making Passwordstate the product it is today.

Mark Sandford

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